7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package From Istanbul

7-Day Trip Turkey Classics Tour Package

7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package – We are sure if you are reading this, you are someone who is willing to explore the classical things in Turkey.

When we speak classics, you must be imagining something ancient, or maybe something about history.

This Turkey tour package is fit for someone who loves history and anything about the world civilization.

Before we start describing this tour package, we think that it’s better for you to little bit know about the uniqueness of Turkey, especially in terms of its history.

And we are very sure after you are learning this package until the end, you will be more excited to take this 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package as soon as possible.

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A Background Of This 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package

In this section, we will more focus on describing any history that has been taking place in Turkey.

The purpose of this Turkey tour package made is to respect historical values.

Actually, there are still more historic places all around Turkey.

But if we are talking about the duration time, a 7-day tour in Turkey is the best time for having a trip.

Not too long, but not also too short.

The question is how you can visit some of the historical and ancient places in Turkey, in that range of time.

Planning or arranging a travel trip is such a challenging thing itself.

Firstly, we have to make a goal for the trip: what we want to see and learn during the trip.

Secondly, we have to link those places into one single multi-day tour with the main focus is to make the travelers enjoy the Turkey tour package.

Speaking about the historical places itself, initially, we will list the most desirable places among the travelers that have been visiting any historic places in Turkey.

And after having a long and deep discussion, this itinerary finally made.

This Turkey Classics Tour has put some regions that have some historic places into the itinerary route such us Istanbul, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and also Ankara.

For making it more clear, we will explain it in the next sections.

What You Can See: Best Places of 7 Days Ancient Turkey Sightseeing Tours.

We are sure, this section is what you are waiting for.

Content in this section is what can make you more confident to decide to join this 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package.

So, what you will visit in this tour package?

Here are the answers…

Gallipoli Peninsula.

This place is well known for the campaign of the First World War that took place here. The first world war happened from 1914-1918. And the war that took place in the Gallipoli peninsula itself had happened from 17 February 1915 to 9 January 1916.

Why we visit this place?

This place is evidence that Turkey during the first world war, had ever been tried to be weakened.

The weakening efforts itself had come from a coalition power of Britain, France, and the Russian Empire.

But the efforts were failed.

Turkey won the battle. And this moment also considered the great Ottoman victory.

This victory also noted as an huge history that starts the journey to modern Turkey.

This Gallipoli campaign was also an important spirit for the Turkish War of Independence.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the commander at Gallipoli, declare The Republic of Turkey eight years later.

He was also known as the father of the Republic of Turkey.

Troy (Truva).

In Turkish, it’s also called Troya.

Troy or Troya was a city located in the northwest of the region of Asia Minor: region known in late Classical antiquity.

Classical antiquity is a period of cultural history that centered in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Classical antiquity period was held between the 8th century BC and the 6th century AD.

In modern Turkey, Troy is known as Anatolia, and the location is known as Hisarlik.

Troy was also a setting place of the Trojan War that had been described in the Greek Epic Cycle.

The war itself has been most narrated in many works of Greek literature.

Trojan war described has a period of four days and two nights in the tenth year siege of Troy.

| Need more information? Click here for the Trojan War summary, story, and definition.

And now, this place is a popular tourist destination among travelers around the world.

Troy is one of Turkey’s national parks and also has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Entering this site, you will see the Trojan Horse in front of this archaeological site.

| Click here for the complete explanation of Troy city of Turkey.

Pergamum Ancient City.

Pergamum is also known as Pergamon.

It was a powerful and rich city of Ancient Greek in Aeolis.

This ancient city can be found 26 kilometers from the Aegean Sea: the modern coastline, and northwest of Bergama: the modern city of Turkey.

Pergamum was the major cultural center of the Greek world, that also been transformed by the Attalid dynasty to be the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon.

By the Attalids, the city was made to be the most beautiful among the Greek cities.

The transformation was held during the Hellenistic period, precisely in 281-133 BC.

Pergamon was listed as the northernmost of Seven Churches of Asia, which also quoted in the New Testament Book of Revelation.

Besides that, Pergamon had complete city structures such as the temples of Hera and Demeter, a gymnasium, and a huge marketplace. And after the city was ruled by the Roman empire, they added more facilities like a theater, an amphitheater, and a racetrack.

When Rome fall, Pergamon was ruled by Byzantines and passed into Ottoman authority in the early 14th century.

| Click here for a complete Pergamon Turkey history.


Located in three kilometers southwest Selcuk in Izmir province Turkey, Ephesus was a Greek ancient city and one of their most important cities.

This ancient city was famous for the Artemis Temple.

And the world accredited, Ephesus was admitted as one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World.

Inside Ephesus, there are two more monumental buildings that are Celsus Library and a theatre that could accommodate more than 25,000 people called Grand Theatre.

Ephesus was also well known as one of the Seven Churches of Asia. And fact said that The Gospel of John has also been written here.

Ephesus had ever been playing some important roles.

It was an ancient port and had been an important trading center in the Mediterranean region.

Ephesus is one of many ancient cities that well preserved ruins in modern Turkey.

Visiting Ephesus will make you more honoring world civilization.

Make sure that Izmir-Kusadasi is listed in your Turkey tour itinerary.


Sirince was an old orthodox village.

The village is located 12 kilometers away from Ephesus and 30 kilometers from Kusadasi. Precisely on top of the mountain.

Here you can find many wine yards and pine trees.

This village was built by people fleeing from Ephesus.

Formerly this village named Cirkince means “ugly”.

But obviously, the name given had a hidden purpose. The residents over there wanted to hide the beauty of the village, so the foreigners were not bothering them.

Little bit discussing its history, in 1920 after the Independence War, people exchange from Greek into Turks.

When we talk about shifting, it must have consequences. One of them that was happened there was a mixing culture.

The reality seen there is the environment. The house has a characteristic of Greek, but the layout inside has a touch of local Turks.

And the village still has a hidden treasure: you can find a well-restored Orthodox church in one of their courtyards.

After years, a lot of visitors are coming to the village.

And finally, they realize that the village is very beautiful.

After that, the village called Sirince means “pretty”.

One thing you should do in Sirince is tasting the wine from their local yard.

Sirince Village is a beautiful marriage between Greek and Turks culture.


Who would have thought that deep beneath inside the earth of Pamukkale lies a source of natural water heated by the volcanic lava?

Yup that’s the fact and you can witness it until now.

The water mixed with white calcium, saturated, carried out to the earth’s surface, and finally blow up outside so the water runs down across the hillside.

Pamukkale itself in Turkish means Cotton Castle.

Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) also known as Hierapolis Ancient City (Holy City).

Hierapolis was a Greco Roman ancient city built on top of the “white castle” with a dimension of 2,700 meters long, 600 meters wide, and 160 meters high.

Pamukkale now is depending on their tourism activity, with the main attraction of the natural thermal pools and ruins of Greco Roman city.

| Click here for more details of Pamukkale Travertines.


If you are curious about whirling dervishes, then this museum is what you are looking for.

It’s not just a museum. It’s a mausoleum.

It was a place for the center of studying Sufi.

A Persian Sufi: Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was invited here by the Seljuk Sultan named Sultan ‘Ala’ al-DIn Kayqubad to Konya.

At this place, Rumi was started teaching Sufism. Sufism itself is well known for the practice of seeking God from the way of love and knowledge, with the approach of direct personal experiences to God.

Visiting this place, you will witness every step that Rumi had done in order of spreading Sufism.

Rumi is buried here.

And for you who are a moslem, there is a mosque inside this historic place. So you can also pray here.


We are very sure, that every one of you is ever often heard about Cappadocia.

But mostly that you heard is about its modern tourism.

Truly, in fact, Cappadocia is one of a region in Turkey, is being a magnet for travelers around the world to visit this region.

A lot of activities and places you can visit here.

But maybe a few of you are knowing about the “classic” story of Cappadocia.

Started in around 1600 BC, the people of Cappadocia that called The Hittites has played an important role in establishing the empire of north-central Anatolia.

All their activities were centralized in Hattusa which started from that era, the area was also to be the capital of The Hittites empire.

Cappadocia has gone through several times of rules.

The last one was succeeded by the Ottoman empire that until now is remaining the modern state of Turkey.

And today you visit Cappadocia, you will feel the “classic” things as we meant.

Cappadocia is one highlighted destination for this Turkey tour package.

| You want to know some activities you can enjoy here, please click this link: Cappadocia Tour Packages.

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Firstly, you have to know why visiting this place is important for this Classics tour in Turkey.

As we all know, Turkey now is in systems of the Republic.

And Kemal Ataturk that is commonly known as Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, is the founder of The Republic of Turkey.

Not only as of the founder, but Kemal Ataturk was also well known as a revolutionary statesman, Turkish field Marshall, and an author.

He was also playing an important role in World War I as a commander which had the main duty in securing the Ottoman Turkish victory at the Gallipoli Battle.

Visiting this Mausoleum, we hope that you can more feel how Turkey was built.

| We suggest you know more about him through this link. So you can honor who Mustafa Kemal Ataturk truly is.

Why This 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package Is The Best Of Turkey Travel Itinerary for 7 days

Maybe one of you has a question why this 7 days Turkey tour itinerary is the best option for your expected holiday in Turkey.

They are many reasons why this Turkey tour package is the best option for you.

Firstly, we will talk about its tour duration.

We do understand that everyone has their own occupation. So, you must be carefully deciding how long your Turkey tour duration.

As we have known before, Turkey is a huge country. You have to be “picky” when deciding which region you will visit during your holiday.

You have to be clear about the distance among destinations you will visit.

Wrong in arranging your Turkey travel itinerary will affect your tour time effectiveness.

But you don’t need to be a worry.

This Turkey tour package has been designed well. All aspects of time effectiveness are being a consideration when designing this tour package.

Duration of 7 days Turkey tour is the fittest option to include all destinations for the Turkey Classics tour.

Secondly is about the destinations itself.

Turkey is a complete travel destination.

It has a beautiful nature and many historical places that symbolizing a world civilization.

Do you want to tour in Turkey? You are served with some options. Either you want a leisure trip, or exploring classics places in Turkey. It’s all up to you.

In this case, we are focussing on visiting the classics tour, it means that we are going to explore historical places in Turkey.

The first step in designing this Turkey tour package is collecting any story about important moments that ever happened in Turkey.

Based on many kinds of literature, and observe to the distance among its historical places, this “7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package” selects Istanbul, Canakkale, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and Ankara for its trip destinations.

So, how about the route?

Here is the explanation…

Best Itinerary For 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package.

In this section, we are going to describe the Turkey tour route for this package.

But here we are not going to talk about the details. We will only explain the big picture of this tour package.

Detailed itinerary for the 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package will be explained in another section.

Keep reading, and you will find the details below.

Day 1
Today is the first of this 7-day Turkey classics tour. We will meet in Istanbul. We will tour here and then continue our trip to Canakkale.Today we spend a night at Canakkale.
Day 2
We are now at Canakkale. We will visit some historical places and then continued the trip to Kusadasi.Today we spend a night at Kusadasi.
Day 3
Today we are going to explore some of the classics destinations in Kusadasi Turkey.We will visit some destinations, so today we will still spend the night here in Kusadasi.
Day 4
In the morning, we are going to continue our trip to Pamukkale. Here is well known for the source of naturally heated water and an ancient city.All in one place in Pamukkale.Today we spend a night in Pamukkale.
Day 5
Today we are going to continue our trip to Cappadocia.On the way to Cappadocia, we will visit a city in Turkey named Konya. Here we will witness how Sufism was initially learned and distributed.Today we spend the night in Cappadocia.
Day 6
Today we are going to explore Cappadocia. The region is full of historic and beautiful places.One day is not enough for exploring this beautiful region.We still spend the night here in Cappadocia.
Day 7
Today we are going to go back to Istanbul.On the way back to Istanbul, we will visit Ankara. Here we will visit where Kemal Ataturk buried.The tour finished when we reach Istanbul at approximately 7.00 pm.

* itinerary and details may be changed or deleted due to weather, traffic, or any other unexpected conditions.

>> For all the details, please click the link below:


This Turkey tour package is one of the many packages that people are most preferred.

Taking this tour package will enrich your knowledge of how Turkey now is being a great country.

You will be taken to the journey for some decades back, so you will understand and honor all world civilizations that started in Turkey.

This 7-Day Trip: Turkey Classics Tour Package is suitable for all of you who like to explore beautiful places and also understand its history at once.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip, and take this 7 days Turkey Classics tour package for your holiday in Turkey.

Click the button below to check its availability, and grab the package now!

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