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Recommended (At An Affordable Price) Private And Luxury Tours In Istanbul Turkey

Private And Luxury Tours In Istanbul Turkey

Private and luxury tours in Istanbul Turkey are the right answer for travelers who want to get a more personal experience when they are on vacation in Istanbul.

It turns out that not a few tourists have recently been looking for private tour packages in Istanbul, Turkey.

A tourist’s expectation of a tour package in Istanbul Turkey is now changing. They are no longer looking for group tour packages filled by many people. The main reason is that they cannot enjoy the tourist spots they visit, because they will be preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of many people who have different interests.

Cities in Turkey, especially Istanbul, are home to many historical places and other interesting activities.

Tourists now go on vacations not only to take pictures and then upload them to social media, but they now also prefer to know the stories behind the tourist attractions they are visiting. Of course, with a private tour, the opportunity to better understand the story of a historical place in Istanbul Turkey becomes more comfortable.

Not only about private tours exploring historical places in Istanbul, it turns out that private food tours exploring typical food and drinks in Istanbul are also sought after by many people.

This condition proves that the way people explore Istanbul today has begun to change.

In addition to private tours, tourists are now also looking for luxury tours in Istanbul, Turkey.

They are well aware that Istanbul cannot be enjoyed in a hurry. And luxury tours become an added value when tourists want to experience a unique experience that they can only get in Istanbul Turkey, in a different way. One of the most sought-after experiences is sailing the Bosphorus on a luxury yacht.

Recommended private tours in Istanbul Turkey.

In fact, indeed, a private tour is a Turkey vacation itinerary especially run for our own group. However, private tours in the true sense can lead to higher costs.

The more participants, the price of a private tour package in Istanbul Turkey will be cheaper.

Currently, private tours are now defined as small group tours, also known as semi-private tours. This term arose because of the need to get a more personalized experience of traveling in Istanbul, but at a more affordable cost.

It is common when someone takes a private tour, they will be guided by an experienced tour guide, who has good knowledge of tourist attractions in Istanbul Turkey.

Below you can see some recommended private tours, which we got from Viator.

Disclosure: We will get a small commission if you buy the tour packages that we recommend here. There will be no additional fee for you. We only select services that are in line with this content.

1. Best of Istanbul: 1, 2, or 3-Day Private Guided Istanbul Tour.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

The point of this private guided tour package is to take you to the splendor of Istanbul in the past.

In this best package of 1, 2, or 3 days with a private guide in Istanbul, you have the opportunity to see again how the architectural splendor of Istanbul, complete with its rich history, and bazaars have faithfully accompanied the life of Istanbul people since time immemorial.

You will be able to visit and understand how Hagia Sophia traveled to become a mosque again, the story of how the Blue Mosque got its famous nickname, explore Topkapi Palace and see firsthand how the luxurious life of the Ottoman Sultan was, and also don’t miss visiting the legendary Grand Bazaar that once became the largest market in the world in its time.

Exclusively led by a private tour guide who has extensive knowledge of Istanbul, you will get a more interesting experience like a local and you can take a walking tour through the beautiful city of Istanbul.

One of the advantages of the Best Of Istanbul Package: 1, 2, or 3 Day Private Guided Istanbul Tour is that the itinerary can be adjusted according to your schedule.

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2. Small-Group Tour Including Topkapi Palace, Underground Cistern, and Hagia Sophia.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

Using this tour package, you can visit all the tourist attractions in Istanbul on your wishlist in a full day.

Even though it’s only for a day, when you explore Istanbul accompanied by an experienced tour guide, then of course your time will feel more worth it.

The feeling of excitement will begin to be felt when you have the opportunity to walk around the historical Sultanahmet neighborhood of Istanbul. You will be amazed to see the iconic buildings in the vicinity and the beautiful terraced streets.

Here later you will also explore important places that have close links with the development of Islam in Istanbul such as the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and also the Hagia Sophia which is currently changing its function as a mosque.

In addition, you will also visit tourist attractions that are no less interesting, such as Hippodrome Square and “Sunken Palace” Basilica Cistern. And also you will visit a market that was once the largest in the world, namely the Grand Bazaar.

Still on the same day, with this package at the same time, you will experience a food tour in Istanbul because you will be invited to have a 3 menu lunch at a traditional restaurant in Sultanahmet Istanbul.

The tour operator will ensure that this package is a small group tour package with no more than 14 people in each group. With not many people, the tour guide will be more personal in accompanying this group.

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3. Skip The Line: Istanbul Private Tour From Cruise Ship/Hotel.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

People refer to this tour with the phrase “explore the highlights of Istanbul hassle-free and without getting lost.”

This tour package is led by a very knowledgeable tour guide who can retell the stories of Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, and Hippodrome Square very nicely.

There are many tour experiences that you can get that are impossible for you to get if you travel in Turkey alone.

One of the tourists reviewed this Istanbul private tour package and they gave 5 stars for this tour package. They reviewed that this tour was very comfortable even when there was a walking part. They get a truly quality experience. The tour guide is very attentive to the personal guests he brings. At the end of the review, they say if someone has ever taken this private tour package, anyone will definitely want to come back to Istanbul again.

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4. Small Group Tour: Essential Istanbul.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

Still, more or less the same as other private tour packages in Istanbul, this package will also be led by an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide. But especially for this one tour package, the word “essentials” must have its own meaning. Yup, the main thing of this tour is peeling off all the important things in the city of Istanbul, especially exploring the main tourist attractions in Sultanahmet (old city).

In this guided day tour, you will be invited to visit UNESCO world heritage sites and famous monuments in Istanbul such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the luxurious Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome Square, Grand Bazaar, and also explore the shops of hundreds of vendors selling textiles, perfumes, jewelry. , spices, and much more.

This package is included in the superior category in the private tour category because the tour provider limits the participants to no more than 10 people, so that the tour guide will pay more attention to the guests personally, and can explain all the essentials of Istanbul better.

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5. Top Sites Of Istanbul: Half Day or Full Day Private Walking Tour.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

This private tour package features the service of a tour guide who is very personal in taking his guests for a walk in the Sultanahmet area.

This private tour package in Istanbul offers two options:

Half-day options visit Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome Square, Basilica Cistern, and Grand Bazaar.

Or add a visit to Topkapi Palace to make it a full-day guided tour of Istanbul.

The cost of this private walking tour package includes all entrance tickets to the museums that will be visited.

Walking in the old town of Sultanahmet while being told the stories of its history, will certainly be a unique experience as well as hard to forget for everyone who does it.

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6. Private and guided Istanbul food tour – Taste of Istanbul.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

There is another interesting fact in Istanbul. It turns out that apart from Istanbul being rich in historical places, the culinary food here is also very worthy to try.

Istanbul food tour packages have long been one of the most favored by tourists who come to this city of two continents. And this package is one that proves that many people are interested in food tours in Istanbul.

The specialty of this package is a food tour with a private guide.

Accompanied by a local guide, you can try various culinary delights in Istanbul. In this package, a local tour guide will show you foods that you may not have known existed.

And because this package is a private food tour in Istanbul, it is possible to customize it according to your tastes and needs.

All you need is hunger and comfortable walking shoes. Be prepared because the local tour guide will invite you to explore Istanbul’s specialties.

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7. Private Food and Culinary Tour of Istanbul.

This tour earns the Excellence badge from Viator.

This private food tour package in Istanbul promises you to be able to find seasonal food and drinks at hidden outlets that many people might miss when they explore Istanbul food.

Besides that, you can also explore open markets with the help of a private guide.

All programs in this half day food tour package are specially designed to satisfy your appetite.

With this private food tour package, you will have the opportunity to taste typical coffee flavors at a small cafe in the Beyoglu area and also visit one of the most famous food outlets in Istanbul.

Your private guide will take you to enjoy a variety of traditional dishes and have lunch at the Ocakbasi Kebab restaurant.

Of the several people who have used this private food tour package, what they like the most is when the tour guide invites them to find foods and drinks that have been unknown to the general public in Istanbul.

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Experience luxury tours in Istanbul, Turkey.

As stated at the beginning of this article, apart from private tours, people now like to experience luxury activities in Istanbul. One of the most popular is sailing the Bosphorus at sunset in a luxury yacht.

This condition is also evidenced by the luxury tour packages available on Viator, where indeed the luxury tour package sailing the Bosphorus Strait on a yacht is one of the tops among other luxury tour packages in Istanbul.

The following is a review of the luxury tour package:

Bosphorus Sunset Cruise on Luxury Yacht.

Closing a day of sightseeing in Istanbul in a different way can be a very interesting idea.

If from the morning you have been sightseeing in Istanbul by vehicle or walking tour, then consider in the afternoon you use a luxury tour package in Istanbul, namely by sailing the Bosphorus Strait to enjoy the sunset on a yacht.

Who does not know the Bosphorus Strait? The strait is famous for being the dividing border between European Turkey and Asian Turkey.

From an open deck of the yacht, you can enjoy straight-side icons such as Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy Mosque, and Rumeli Fort, in a more luxurious way, which of course not many people can experience like this.

A luxury tour sailing the Bosphorus Strait by yacht will feel more intimate when the surrounding atmosphere is lit up with beautiful sunsets.

Very beautiful!

On the yacht, there is an onboard guide who can explain very clearly the history and other interesting stories around the Bosphorus Strait.

Whatever the season, you can enjoy this luxurious tour: The Bosphorus Sunset cruise on a luxury yacht.

>> Get the luxury package through the information below:

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The quality of your rest and sleep at night will make your holiday experience in Istanbul better.
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Istanbul is a city in Turkey that has historical value. There are so many historical places that witness how world civilization began.

Of course, when we are going to explore historical places or tourist attractions in Istanbul, it would be better if we visit them comfortably so that we can better understand the story of how Istanbul used to play a big role in the world.

It’s common when there is a private tour package or a luxury tour in Istanbul, there will definitely be a tour guide that accompanies you.

And another good news, Istanbul generally has moderate weather, so anyone can visit it anytime and whatever the season in Turkey.

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Do you want to get a new experience while on vacation in Istanbul? Consider taking at least one private or luxury tour package in Istanbul.

Are you interested in joining a private tour or a luxury tour in Istanbul? See a more complete list below:

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