[9 Important Points] Answers To What Travel Insurance We Need For Turkey

What Travel Insurance Do We Need For Turkey

Should we use travel insurance while on vacation in Turkey? If necessary, what should be covered?

Questions like the one above often arise from many travelers who want to travel to Turkey.

Long story short, if you want to travel to Turkey safely and comfortably, the answer is YES you need to use travel insurance. By using travel insurance when you visit Turkey, you can manage risks related to health, overseas death, medical expenses, baggage, trip cancellation, travel accidents, pregnancy, and even terrorism incidents.

Before we discuss the details about travel insurance for Turkey, it is better if we discuss a little about how the current tourism update in Turkey.

As we all know, 2020 is different. Especially for world tourism.

Globally, we are facing a Covid-19 pandemic.

This situation really hit the tourism industry. With the physical distancing policy to break the chain of spreading the virus, people are urged not to do many outside activities. And this means tourist spots are empty of visitors.

But if we look at it from the bright side, this pandemic can provide a good lesson. Everything related to tourism activities such as hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, transportation, all raise the standard of quality in terms of cleanliness and comfort.

And the good news, Turkey is one country that has opened its tourism to all foreign tourists. It is recorded that starting this summer of 2020, Turkey has again welcomed tourists from all over the world without exception.

The Turkish government requires all tourist properties to observe the “new normal” standard. They believe that with good cooperation from properties and tourists, travelers can stay comfortable enjoying tourist attractions in Turkey.

If you want to have a vacation to Turkey but are still not sure what to prepare especially because of this pandemic, you can read FAQs about travel insurance for Turkey, especially those related to coronavirus here.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Turkey?

Ideally, if we want our trip to be safe and comfortable, surely we need travel insurance.

And this condition is not only for traveling to Turkey, wherever you want to travel, but it is also highly recommended to equip yourself and your family with travel insurance.

Say you are going to be traveling abroad. Without prejudice to the pleasures that you will experience during your vacation, inevitably there will be many risks that you might face, either during your trip or when you are in your destination country.

Travel insurance is here to help you manage your risks while traveling abroad. In particular, what will be discussed here is if you are going to travel to Turkey.

As simple as when you fly to Turkey, you may run the risk of losing your luggage.

Everything related to aviation, usually the airline will also offer insurance. Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national carrier, also offers travel insurance to its passengers. You can check what insurance covers are offered by airlines.

Does the EHIC card cover Turkey?

Unfortunately, the EHIC (The European Health Insurance Card) is not valid in Turkey. This means that even if you have EHIC, you cannot use the card in Turkey.

So you still need to use other travel insurance, which covers things related to health, and other risks while you are going to travel to Turkey.

Look for an insurance that fits exactly what you will need for your trip to Turkey.

The next question is what insurance is needed to travel to Turkey?

Are you one of those who also asked about “what travel insurance do I need for Turkey?”

Ok, if you are still reading this section, then you have the right thoughts. Namely preparing travel insurance for your trip to Turkey.

And if you have any questions about what travel insurance you need to travel to Turkey, then you are not alone. Many travelers also have the same question.

Choosing travel insurance can be a simple thing, but you need to be careful in determining your choice.

Being careful here means that you have to be able to imagine where you will be traveling and what things you might face while you are traveling.

Here you have to think about Turkey.

You can also find references via the internet about the experiences of travelers who have traveled to Turkey. They are usually happy to share their experiences while traveling to Turkey.

But before you look at travel insurance itself, you will definitely see how satisfied and happy travelers feel when they vacation in Turkey.

Make sure your trip to Turkey becomes a memorable experience. Don’t get busy thinking about the risks that you might face during your trip. Use travel insurance to cover your Turkey trip.

Here are the things we can conclude about what insurance covers are good for protecting your trip to Turkey.

1. Death overseas.

The worst risk if we travel abroad is dying there.

This risk has quite a wide impact. Our family or our relatives can be affected too.

The death of someone is a difficult time. And even if we die abroad, it will cost our family a lot.

Here, travel insurance that covers overseas death is the solution.

Travel insurance will usually cover all the costs of returning your body to your home country, down to any expenses that may be incurred in the funeral process.

A good travel insurance provider will have a 24-hour Emergency Assistance team that will help arrange the repatriation process of your body according to the local regulations of the country where you died, contact the relevant parties, to contact your family in your home country.

You also need to pay attention, travel insurance can not cover death claims for the following points:

  • Died from suicide.
  • Died from drugs or alcohol.
  • Died because you had pre-existing medical conditions,
  • Or you died because you did something illegal.

2. Travel insurance for overseas medical.

Traveling abroad, without us knowing it, sometimes we also have big risks related to our safety and health.

For example, when we do certain activities abroad, we may break bones, get involved in a bus accident, or suffer from a mystery illness.

Of course, if we experience one of these incidents, we need treatment abroad.

Travel insurance is needed so that you can quickly recover from the disease or injury that you experience so that you can immediately return to enjoy your trip abroad.

A good travel insurance provider will cover the following points:

  • Provides assistance to direct you to the nearest health facility.
  • Pay for medical expenses including for doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and other medical facilities.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Pay for daily outpatient or surgery costs.
  • Pay for an ambulance or other medical transportation such as helicopters if required.
  • Pay for prescribed medicines.

You must pay attention to the details of the conditions of the travel insurance that you are going to use. Some of the following points may not be covered by travel insurance such as:

  • Illness or injury that occurs because you do things that are illegal.
  • Illness or injury that occurs due to the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Illness or injury that occurs because of a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Treatment when you are at home.
  • Treatment is not an emergency and can wait until you are home.
  • Cosmetic treatment.
  • If on the trip you only buy one one-way ticket, travel insurance may not pay for certain conditions.

3. Medical repatriation.

The essence of this type of travel insurance is a service to send you home immediately because you experience an illness or injury that requires immediate treatment.

Illness, accident, or serious injury can happen in the middle of your vacation activities. Such a serious incident could possibly happen, say if you are hiking or skiing.

And if certain conditions say you have to end your trip on the way, or it is medically recommended that you return home immediately for treatment, of course, you need travel insurance that can facilitate you so you can go home as soon as possible.

You need to know, medical evacuation is expensive. Even for an evacuation, it can cost up to $300,000 depending on the type of medical support needed.

This is where the travel insurance covering medical repatriation comes into play.

If something happens while you are traveling and you need to go home immediately, you don’t have to bother with things like negotiating with the hospital, arranging specific transportation for your return, approval from the airline, and you don’t have to bother looking for medical assistance so you can do more. focus on your recovery.

Good travel insurance can help you manage:

  • Air ambulance.
  • Evacuate by helicopter.
  • Sea level aircraft.
  • Ambulance on the ground.
  • Changes in flight schedules, upgrades, or just adding space.
  • Flight upgrade plus the presence of medical staff.

4. Overseas dental.

Dental travel insurance may be a trivial thing. But it turns out, people who have a high frequency of traveling will definitely consider having this type of insurance.

You may get injured because you consume something while you are traveling. Some regions have special foods. However, there are times when those of us who are not used to consuming it can cause serious pain in our mouth or teeth.

Some of the conditions for which you must immediately see a dentist are as follows:

  • You get unwanted infections.
  • Your teeth are broken.
  • Your mouth or jaw was injured in an accident.

You need to pay attention, dental travel insurance does not cover things like the following:

  • Cosmetic dentistry or attempts at teeth whitening.
  • You previously had dental problems.
  • Major dental work such as dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants.
  • Other dental care after you come home from traveling.

5. Pregnancy.

For a woman who is very addicted to traveling, there is no one thing that will not prevent her from traveling, even if she is pregnant.

When a person is traveling, it could be that the person and their future baby are suddenly injured or experience unexpected pregnancy complications.

Here travel insurance that provides protection against pregnancy comes into play.

Travel insurance will usually provide a certain time frame so that they can cover any pregnancy complications that may occur. An example of a time span given is between 12 weeks before and 12 weeks after the due date.

If pregnancy complications occur between these times, travel insurance can cover the following:

  • Emergency medical care.
  • Ambulance.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Transportation for you to go home so you can immediately resume treatment.

You have to pay attention, not all things related to pregnancy complications will be covered by travel insurance. We summarize a number of things like the following that can make travel insurance not cover claims such as:

  • You have a history of previous medical conditions that cause complications.
  • Engaging in something illegal.
  • Traveled but against medical advice from a qualified doctor.
  • Drug or alcohol injury.

Especially for travel insurance related to pregnancy, you must read the detailed policy.

And it’s also a good idea to pay attention to airline policies for pregnant women.

6. Baggage.

People who are going to travel will certainly prepare all kinds of items that they will need properly.

But this is sometimes a thing that will burden travelers if while traveling they cannot find their luggage. Travelers cannot always control their gear.

Some of the things that often happen are because their luggage was lost due to being stolen, lost during transit, damaged, or their luggage was sent to a different airport.

This is where travel insurance that can cover baggage and personal belongings comes into play.

One of the trusted online travel insurance companies WorldNomads.com will cover several points such as:

  • Necessities (such as toiletries and underwear) if your luggage is delayed for at least 24 hours.
  • Replacement or repair of lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed items.
  • Specific items where previously you have paid additional premium insurance costs that have been written on your insurance certificate.
  • Even for certain plans, WorldNomads.com can cover accidental loss or theft of your money when you bring it or your money left in a locked safety deposit box.

Lost baggage items are something that very often happens when someone is traveling. This condition causes a large number of claims to travel insurance related to lost baggage.

You have to pay close attention to the conditions imposed by the travel insurance. It could be that you can’t claim your loss because you don’t pay attention to the conditions. The following things can be the reason someone cannot claim for loss of their baggage:

  • You didn’t store your gear safely.
  • You do not immediately report your loss within the specified time. The specified time is usually 24 hours. However, this policy could be different among several travel insurance companies.
  • Your baggage is also covered by other insurance.
  • Sports equipment that is being used.

7. Trip cancellation.

Holidays are now a primary need.

People will even plan their vacations far in advance.

However, there are times when someone can cancel the trip because of something beyond their control. Of course, this sudden cancellation will be a burden in itself because we have already incurred in advance costs for things such as accommodation or other things.

Here, travel insurance that can cover trip cancellation plays a role.

As long as you haven’t left your home, travel insurance can cover trips that you cancel for the following reasons:

  • You or your close relative, or your traveling companion is seriously injured or even dies.
  • Unexpectedly you are suddenly asked to be a witness in the trial (but not as an expert witness).
  • Your home or business becomes uninhabitable within two weeks of your policy commencing.
  • There was a theft in your home two weeks before your date of travel, and the police asked to speak to you.
  • Certain plans on WorldNomads.com can even cover trip cancellations due to advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or the World Health Organization (WHO), or similar agencies for certain destinations.

Each travel insurance has its own policy.

We noted that some companies were unable to cover claims due to the following:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Additional costs that arise because you do not immediately notify travel agents, tour operators, transportation providers, and accommodation if you need to cancel your trip.

8. Travel accidents.

When you travel abroad, there will be some things that we cannot predict. One of them is an accident abroad.

Your adventure abroad can be a misadventure.

Serious accidents abroad can happen anytime and anywhere.

This is where travel insurance that can cover travel accidents will help you.

If you have previously taken out insurance for travel accidents, if something goes wrong, travel insurance can cover the costs of emergency medical care such as:

  • Outpatient care and daily surgery.
  • Hospitalization.
  • Visit fee for registered medical practitioners.
  • Prescribed medicines.
  • Medical evacuation costs are included such as air ambulance (if needed).

Some travel insurance will not cover your travel accident under the following conditions:

  • Your accident is due to the influence of drugs or because of drinking excessive alcohol.
  • Your accident due to activities that are not covered in the policy.
  • You are doing illegal activities.
  • A motorcycle accident where you don’t use a helmet and don’t have the correct license.

9. Terrorism.

Recently the world has been shocked by many acts of terrorism.

Wherever acts of terrorism can occur, even in vacation destinations.

Turkey, maybe some people see this country as a country that is prone to acts of terrorism. Not without reason, Turkey’s territory borders an area prone to terrorist activities.

But in fact, it is not only Turkey that is at risk of a terrorist attack. Even modern states can become targets of terrorism.

Travelers are now starting to pay attention to travel insurance that can cover terrorism.

Travel insurance companies like WorldNomads.com can protect you from terrorist attacks. They can cover several situations such as the following:

  • You decide to stay and travel. As long as there is no advice or prohibition from related agencies such as the FCO and WHO or other similar bodies, your policy will continue.
  • You must be evacuated. If you buy their Explorer Plan, they will cover all evacuation costs. The condition is if at the time you bought the plan there was no travel advice or restrictions from certain agencies.
  • You were injured or died in a terrorist attack. Similar to the previous point, the condition is that you buy a plan for certain destinations where there are no travel restrictions from a related agency.

Travel insurance related to terrorism is now sought after by many travelers.

No one knows that a certain area will have a terrorist attack.

All we can do is be careful and equip ourselves with travel insurance that can protect us from acts of terrorism.

You must carefully read the insurance policy. You have to understand what can be covered and what cannot be covered.


It is not imperative that we have to protect our journey with travel insurance.

However, we see, maintaining our trips or holidays in Turkey with travel insurance is a necessity.

We don’t know what will happen regarding our travel plans to Turkey.

In general, when we talk about travel insurance, what will immediately come to our minds is insurance related to health. But apparently, there are many things related to travel.

As explained above, especially for trips to Turkey, we conclude that there are at least 9 points that should be covered with travel insurance.

Make sure your vacation to Turkey is not disturbed by worrying things.

Travel insurance is one that will help you to have a pleasant holiday experience in Turkey.

Even if you realize how important travel insurance is when you leave your home, travel insurance companies like WorldNomads.com can still help you to provide services online.

So how? Do you also feel the importance of travel insurance for your trip to Turkey?

You may consider purchasing travel insurance. Look for travel insurance that suits your needs. Get travel insurance that is simple and straightforward.

For your consideration, you may click the button below. You can review as well as get a quote for the travel insurance that you want.

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