Experience The Magic Of Antalya In Winter: From Sightseeing To Skiing

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Antalya, known as one of the best summer destinations, also offers great experiences during winter. You can go sightseeing, even skiing around Antalya. The quick takeaway, Antalya is also worth a visit during winter in Turkey.

Winter is one of the best times to vacation in Turkey. Winter everywhere is always synonymous with snow.

But it turns out there are some people who don’t really like the cold. Although they want to play in the snow, they still look for areas that are relatively warm.

And Antalya is one of the warmest areas during winter in Turkey.

As we already know, Turkey has 4 seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. And from each of these seasons, Turkey has its own uniqueness to offer to its visitors.

Who would have thought, a hot area like Antalya is also very worth visiting during winter.

Turkey has a diverse climate.

Especially for winter in Turkey, the temperature will be cooler in high or mountainous areas, and will feel milder in areas along the coast.

Areas along the Turkish coast, one of which is Antalya, will have the warmest temperatures ranging from 14-18 degrees celsius (or 57-64 degrees Fahrenheit).

In the following sections, we will show you what Antalya is like during winter, and some of the favorite activities you can do during your winter vacation in Antalya, Turkey.

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What does Antalya look like in winter?

It is predicted that winter in Antalya will last from the third week of December to the third week of March.

In fact, winter in Turkey can be quite cold. The average temperature in Turkey during winter ranges from 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. Each region in Turkey can have different temperatures.

Some popular winter areas in Turkey can even reach temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius.

But especially for Antalya, the temperature here will be warmer than in Istanbul. Temperatures can reach highs of 15 degrees Celsius.

Its location along the southern coast and the highest temperatures that can reach around 15 degrees Celsius, make Antalya considered the warmest place in Turkey during winter.

Antalya has a humid Mediterranean climate because the city is surrounded by the sierra.

The humidity in Antalya will make you still feel cold even if you are wearing warm clothes.

What you need to be aware of when you visit Antalya during winter is that you might encounter strong winds and heavy rain.

Is it worth visiting Antalya in winter?

Yes. Antalya is worth visiting, especially if you are looking for a place that has a mild winter during your vacation in Turkey in December, January, February, or March.

You will still see the sun shining in December. Indeed, the sun doesn’t always shine during the day during winter.

You might find that the sun doesn’t shine, so it will be cold all day in Antalya.

Can we sunbathe in Antalya during winter?

If you’re planning to sunbathe in Antalya during winter, December is probably the best time. This is when you will still see the sun shining.

But also note that although Antalya is the warmest place in Turkey during winter, the temperature here will still be cool. And it can suddenly turn cold.

The best time to sunbathe on the beaches of Antalya in winter is during the day, around lunchtime. The sun is directly above you, making it possible for you to soak up the rays in a swimsuit.

But be warned, if you see the sun starting to move downwards, the temperature will get colder. Less comfortable for sunbathing.

Can we swim in Antalya during winter?

In general, Antalya is warmer than some other parts of Turkey. But the seawater in Antalya still feels cold.

Not everyone can swim in cold water.

To swim in Antalya during winter, you might consider swimming in a hotel that has a heated pool.

Make sure you get clear information from the hotel about the heated pool when you are looking for hotels in Antalya.

Not all hotels in Antalya have heated pools. That’s because it’s usually rare for people to swim in the winter.

Even for unheated pools in Turkey, the water can freeze.

Staycation is one of the favorite things to do in Antalya during winter. Choose the all-inclusive option, so you can really enjoy the hotel services comfortably.

Hotel prices in Antalya during winter tend to be cheaper than during summer.

Recommended things to do in Antalya during winter.

Basically, Antalya is open year-round.

Apart from being a popular summer destination, Antalya is also a city of business and education.

Indeed, there will be some tourist attractions that are closed. But there are still many other things to do in Antalya during winter.

Antalya is a great mix of mild winter, beautiful sea, and historical cultural attractions.

Here are some things to do in Antalya during winter:

1. Visit Antalya Museum.

Antalya is a region in Turkey that is also steeped in history.

Much of Antalya’s history is preserved in the Antalya Museum. Here you can find relics from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman periods.

Antalya Museum is a great place to learn more about Antalya’s history.

And the good news is that Antalya Museum is open all year round.

2. Explore Antalya’s Old Town.

Antalya’s Old Town is also known as Kaleici.

When people plan to visit Antalya, they will definitely include the Antalya Old Town exploration in their itinerary.

Many people consider Antalya Old Town to be the most beautiful area in Antalya.

In Kaleici you will witness a beautiful mix of historic houses, mosques, and narrow streets.

Antalya Old Town is a great area to spend your winter vacation in Turkey. While exploring, you can also relax and enjoy the atmosphere here at restaurants, cafes, and visit some shops.

3. Visit Hadrian’s Gate Castle.

Hadrian’s Gate is another tourist attraction in Antalya that is open year-round.

Hadrian Gate is one of the most important landmarks in Antalya. The site is a historical monument, a large ornate gate that was built by the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, in the second century AD.

Hadrian Gate consists of 3 arches, of which the center one is the largest.

The gate is decorated with reliefs and inscriptions.

Hadrian Gate was used as the main entrance to the city, as well as a symbol of Roman power.

Hadrian Gate can be found in the center of Antalya, not far from the Antalya Museum and the Old Town (Kaleici).

4. Visit Duden Waterfalls in Antalya.

Duden Waterfalls is located not far from Antalya city center.

At Duden Waterfalls you can find forests, gardens, and walking paths.

People who come to Duden Waterfalls can walk along the paths to the waterfalls, enjoy the view from the observation deck, and also have a picnic in the garden.

Duden Waterfalls is divided into two main falls, Upper Duden Fall and Lower Duden Fall.

The larger and stronger of the two is the Upper Duden Fall. It flows down the cliff into the Mediterranean Sea. The Lower Duden Fall is smaller and flows quietly into Duden Creek.

Some say that Duden Waterfalls is a must-visit tourist spot in Antalya, and winter is no exception.

5. Take an evening stroll after sunset around Konyalti Beach.

Relaxing with a stroll around Konyalti Beach can be a worthy activity.

After a long day of exploring Antalya during winter, the atmosphere around Konyalti Beach can help you calm down and relax.

6. Go to Lara Beach.

If you’re looking for a more modern atmosphere, Lara Beach could be for you. The environment here is lively. The nightlife here is also exciting.

If you have more time, we recommend staying at Lara Beach.

>> Here are our recommendations: The best hotels in the top-rated area of Lara Beach.

7. Play at The Land Of Legends.

The Land of Legends is a popular theme park in Antalya.

This theme park gets very crowded during the summer.

It is a little different when visiting The Land Of Legends during winter. The theme park is open, but some rides are not operating. Overall, The Land Of Legends is still worth visiting during winter in Antalya.

8. Skiing at Saklikent Ski Resort: The closest one to Antalya.

If you have real things to do during winter, then all you have to do is visit a ski resort.

Saklikent ski resort is the closest to Antalya. It is about 50 km away, and can be reached by car in about 1 hour.

If you want to get to Saklikent ski resort comfortably and without rushing, you can consider renting a car.

>> You can find a car rental that meets your expectations here: Best deals on car rental in Antalya.

Saklikent ski resort is suitable for all skiers, be they beginners or professionals.

Saklikent ski resort is open from December to April and has facilities such as ski and snowboard equipment rentals, ski lessons, and a restaurant.

To summarize.

Antalya, which is a popular destination for summer, is also very worth visiting during winter in Turkey.

Antalya is considered to be the warmest place in Turkey during winter. It is suitable for those of you who don’t really like the cold.

Sometimes you can still find the sun shining during the day in winter in Antalya.

In December you can still sunbathe, during the day around lunchtime.

What you need to watch out for is the condition where in Antalya during winter there can be heavy rain and strong winds.

Antalya is open year-round. However, there are some spots that are closed during winter.

There are still tons of things to do in Antalya, from sightseeing to skiing.

Antalya is a complete destination for a winter vacation.

Antalya is worth visiting during winter in December, January, February, and March. Even Saklikent Ski Resort can still be visited until April.

Are you looking for the warmest place to be during winter? Make sure Antalya is included in your Turkey travel itinerary.

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