Mount Erciyes Ski Tour: One Of The Cappadocia Top Things To Do In Winter 2023

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Mount Erciyes Ski Tour: One Of The Cappadocia Top Things To Do In Winter – When you are planning to trip to Cappadocia in December 2022, or January, February, or March 2023, then you really need to consider skiing at mount Erciyes. You will get the best experience of playing snow at the highest mountain in Central Anatolia.

As we know, Turkey is a country which has four seasons in a year. The seasons in Turkey are winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Here we are not going to discuss further all the seasons.

We will only talk about winter. Especially for the things to do during your winter holiday in Cappadocia Turkey.

Winter means snow…

Generally, we can meet snow in Cappadocia.

As usual, there is no difference between snow in Cappadocia or in any other country. But if you digging more, you will find that snow in Cappadocia is unique. Especially for snow in mount Erciyes.

What experience you can expect of snow in Mount Erciyes?

Let’s dig more…

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Facts about mount Erciyes.

Mount Erciyes is the highest mountain in Central Anatolia.

Mount Erciyes: This stratovolcano has a height of 3917 meters.

Mount Erciyes is the highest mountain in Central Anatolia. Skiing at the highest mountain definitely will be a delightful experience. That’s why it should feel different when we ski at mount Erciyes compared with another ski resort around Turkey.

The summit is not easy to be conquered.

Everyone who has ever reached the top will be amazed. The view at the top of Mount Erciyes is amazing.

Even the antiquity climbers whoever had conquered the summit said that they can saw the Black Sea and the Mediterranean from there.

To make you higher eagerly to skiing at mount Erciyes, we will tell you a little bit another story of this mountain.

The summit of Mount Erciyes is always in white like a veil.

There is an interesting sight when you look at the top of Mount Erciyes. The peak seems to be covered in white cloth, like a veil.

Believe it or not, there is an interesting story that is believed to be the source of the white peak on Mount Erciyes.

Knowing the background story will add to your excitement when skiing on Mount Erciyes.

Mount Erciyes, in Turkish they call it Erciyes Dağı, is also known as Argaeus.

The expert said that the name “Argaeus” is derived from either the king of Macedon Argaeus (678-640 BC) or the meaning of the word itself which is “bright” or “white”.

Referring to the second term, the word “bright” or “white” has a strong background story.

As you can see now, the summit of Mount Erciyes is covered with a “white” thing.

Based on a legend story, the Ercis tribe was living at the foothills of Mount Erciyes. The chieftain of the tribe has a beautiful daughter. Her name is Cis Hatun.

One day, there was a young man come to the region where the tribe lived. The boy met the chieftain daughter and directly felt in love with the girl.

After a while, the young man asked Cis Hatun to marry him and brought some gifts for her.

He also spoke directly to the tribe leader about his proposal.

The chieftain was relieved by the young man’s desire to marry his daughter. The father really respected the honesty and the manhood.

However, there was a condition for every man that is want to propose his daughter.

The young man asked by the chieftain to kill and destroy the dragon that spewing fire to the top of the mountain.

The young man accepted the condition.

On the other hand, actually, Cis Hatun also had the same feel for the young man. She also fell in love with the boy. But she realized that every man who came to the mountain to kill the dragon had never returned.

The man swallowed by the dragon’s flames.

Cis Hatun begged the young man not to accept the condition. So the young man would not go to the mountain.

But the young man refused it.

He realized that it was the only way to marry Cis Hatun. And when he succeeded to beat the dragon, then he deserved Cis Hatun.

Cis Hatun who was already wearing her wedding dress along with the gifts and the young man walked to the mountain together.

When they reached the cave, she took off her shoes and gifts over there. They were more close to the summit of the mountain.

The flames became multiple and started to flow over them.

The young man was trying to protect Cis Hatun. But the faith told differently. He was thrown and the flames take him away.

Cis Hatun responded to the situation. She tried to help his prince with her white veil and wedding dress.

But again, the faith told differently. The flames also swallowed her.

It is believed that the white cover at the top of the mountain origin from the veil that was owned by Cis Hatun. Until today, as we can see, the summit of Mount Erciyes is always in white like a veil.

Positively, based on its legend story, we guess now you will be more interested in visiting Mount Erciyes. Either you are a skier or not.

Besides its fact about the highest mountain, another fact mentions that Mount Erciyes is also the most voluminous volcano in Central Anatolia.

And if we talk about the location, Mount Erciyes is in Kayseri Province of Turkey. The city of Kayseri is 15-25 kilometers north of Mount Erciyes.

To support the winter activity in this highest mountain in Central Anatolia, a ski resort is built here.

Existing on this mountain, the name is also taken from it: Erciyes Ski Resort. Erciyes ski resort has succeeded to attract a lot of visitors from all around the world.

At least six hotels have built at the mountain and five hotels built at the city of Kayseri to support the winter things to do in Erciyes ski resort, near Cappadocia Turkey.

Now, let’s talk further about the ski resort itself…

The Erciyes ski resort altitude.

Erciyes ski resort is laid on Erciyes mountain at the elevation of approximately 2100 meters high.

Being a part of the top winter destination in Central Anatolia, Erciyes ski resort offers an incredible panorama that will also satisfy you during winter holidays in Turkey.

The Erciyes ski resort review.

A brief explanation about everything we need to know about the ski resort. If previously we have mentioned about the ski resort altitude, other things like the ski tracks, the cable car (ski lift), the ski equipment rental, and so on will be explained in this section. Keep reading and you will get the points.

Even you are a professional skier or not, we guarantee you that visiting Erciyes ski resort is worthed when you are planning a winter trip to Turkey, especially to Cappadocia.

The circumstance here is awesome. The natural view covered with pure white snow will make your winter vacation feels like in heaven.

No one can predict when the winter is coming to Central Anatolia. But based on our experience, the best time to visit the Erciyes ski resort is between November to March.

The snow thickness in the range of the time could be two meters thick.

Totally, the Erciyes ski resort has a 150 kilometers slopes with 33 vary pistes from the easiest level of skiing to the most difficult one. The longest track here is about 3.5 kilometers long.

Many sources also mention that chair lift here is the longest one among ski resorts around Turkey.

Fourteen mechanical lifts are provided to carry skiers to the different starting points where they want to start their ski activity.

Such a wonderful condition for playing with the snow.

Are you a skier? Or just want to enjoy the environment, then this ski resort is the answer.

Skiing equipment rental shops are provided around the ski resort. Many types of equipment for men, women, and even children are available.

Are you a first-timer for skiing? Is this your first time meeting the slopes? Don’t worry. You can find some services that can teach you how to ski. All the services are conducted by licensed ski instructors.

Even you are a skier who hasn’t skied for a while, then taking the course would be a good refresher.

We recommend that this ski resort is a safe place to enjoy your winter vacation in Turkey. At least there are 25 different ski patrols that will always keep on eye for your winter activity in Erciyes ski resort.

How to get to Mount Erciyes ski resort Cappadocia from Istanbul.

Most visitors of Erciyes ski resort are coming from another region of Cappadocia. Let say, they are coming from Istanbul. Visitors outside Cappadocia come here by taking a domestic flight. At least there are 15 flight schedules with a route of Istanbul-Kayseri and vice versa.

With its flexible schedule, Erciyes ski resort can attract a lot of visitors from local or foreign tourists.

It only takes about 25 minutes driving from Kayseri airport to Erciyes ski resort.

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Kayseri to Mount Erciyes ski resort.

The other options, Erciyes ski resort can be reached from Kayseri city center that only takes about 20 minutes driving. Mostly, a transportation mode to reach Erciyes ski resort from Kayseri is by road. The distance between Kayseri and the ski resort is approximately 28.8 kilometers.

Cappadocia to Mount Erciyes ski resort.

The distance between Cappadocia and Erciyes ski resort is just 69.8 kilometers, and it only takes about one-hour driving.

In the previous section, we have informed you that access from Cappadocia to mount Erciyes is easy.

The easiest way is on a road trip.

This close distance makes an opportunity to take some tours in Cappadocia and skiing at Erciyes ski resort at the same time.

( click on image to enlarge )

Take an Erciyes Mountain ski tour package: A simple way to enjoy this ski resort.

The best option for Cappadocia skiing in winter is by taking a ski tour package. Most ski tour providers are handling everything about your skiing activity in the ski resort.

We think that taking a ski tour package can make your trip to Cappadocia efficiently.

As you can see in the previous section: the Erciyes ski resort review, the ski resort has a lot details and services.

For example, if you want to rent ski equipment, seeking ski instructors, find your way to the ski lift, or anything else, for sure it will take some time to do all of that.

And without realizing it, it will all reduce your time in skiing. And that’s not worthed.

That’s the most important reason why in our opinion we have to take a ski tour package.

Here are some recommended ski tour packages you can find in Mount Erciyes Cappadocia:

Another things to do in Cappadocia in winter.

Are you planning a trip to Cappadocia during the winter or snow season in Turkey? We recommend you to take the Erciyes ski tour and Cappadocia tour at the same time. These two tour packages are possibly taken because of the close distance between Cappadocia and Erciyes ski resort.

Commonly visitors coming to Erciyes ski resort are not just for skiing. They also take some tours in Cappadocia which is near to mount Ericyes.

They can spend the night at the mountain hotels or hotels at Goreme. For sure, they can also experience spending the night at the cave hotel in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia offers many attractions for your vacation. The natural beauty of Cappadocia is the uniqueness. One of the best things to do is to take the Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia and enjoy its natural beauty from the air.

When a region offers a hot air balloon ride, then we can conclude that the region has a beautiful panorama.

Here we are discussing the scenery of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is well known for its natural rock formation. All sites in Cappadocia are mostly built with rock structures.

It would be awesome if all the rock structures in Cappadocia can be viewed from above.

Imagine it!

Now, you definitely understand why taking the Hot Air Balloon is the most wanted attraction in Cappadocia.

Here are some recommendations which include Cappadocia hot air balloon packages:

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At least there are 600 churches carved from rock here. And possibly there are still more churches that have not been discovered.

One of the best Christians religious complex is The Goreme Open Air Museum Cappadocia.

At the Goreme open-air museum, you can find about 30 churches carved from rock and chapels. And most of it has a beautiful interior of mural colorful painting works.

Even until today, the wall of these 17th-century churches is still retaining the original frescoes’ freshness.

The Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Next is visiting the valleys of Cappadocia.

The first fairy chimney you can visit is the Pasabag Valley. As you want to act like a local, pronounce it: pah-shah-bah.

All the structures here are the result of erosion that happened millions of years ago.

The shape is unique. The locals here often refer to it as mushroom-shaped chimneys.

There are three sections of fairy chimneys here. And we tell you, one of it has a chapel and a seclusion room which dedicated to St. Simeon.

Don’t get a hurry when you are visiting this valley. You can take a walk inside the fairy chimney and climb to the top. You will feel the freshness air at the top.

The second valley that deserved to be visited is the Devrent Valley.

Different from the Pasabag, Devrent Valley doesn’t have churches.

Devrent Valley is well-known for Imaginary Valley. So, be prepared. Visiting this valley, let your imagination runs wild.

Some of the rock structures here have similarities in shape with a kind of animal.

Easily you can find rock structures that remind you of a camel, penguin, snake, dolphins, and seals.

To enrich your experience, feel how antiquity locals were lived by staying at the cave hotel in Cappadocia.

There are many recommendations for hotels where you can stay in Cappadocia. But cave hotels in Cappadocia are one that repackaging the experience with something luxury.

In these boutique hotels, you can find present amenities just like a modern bathroom, a flat TV with a comfortable bed, fast speed internet connection, etc.

In most cave hotels in Cappadocia, you will find a Turkish bath called Hamams.

And there are still more activities you can do in Cappadocia such as horse riding, camel riding, enjoying the belly dance, experiencing the pottery kebab, visiting local handicraft factories.

Do you want to have a vacation in Cappadocia with an experience that is different from the others? You can consider taking private tour packages in Cappadocia.

Below are some recommended things to do in Cappadocia:

( click on image to enlarge )

To be concluded.

Are you planning for having a tour in Turkey in winter? We strongly suggest you not to miss the moment of enjoying the snow of Turkey.

Turkey has a lot of ski resorts. But here we only talk about the ski resort in Cappadocia.

The advantage of having a ski tour in this ski resort of Central Anatolia is you can also have a tour in Cappadocia at the same time.

The access is also easy.

For you who are coming from outside Cappadocia, you can take a domestic flight to Kayseri airport. From the airport, you can reach Erciyes ski resort by road trip.

Or for you who are already at Cappadocia, you can get to Erciyes ski resort also by car. It only takes about an hour driving.

Make sure to book your ski tour in Cappadocia in advance. Don’t miss it. Erciyes ski resort will full of skiers from around the world.

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