Skiing At 5 Best Ski Resorts In Turkey Near Istanbul

ski resorts near istanbul turkey

Finding the resorts which are near Istanbul is a good idea. Most tourism activity is started in Istanbul. The new international airport is also over there. Skiing at the nearest ski resort from Istanbul will not hurt your vacation time in Turkey. Especially for you who just have not much time for traveling in Turkey.

Skiing at the best ski resort in Turkey near Istanbul is the best activity you can do during your winter vacation in Turkey.

Are you planning to visit Turkey during the winter? Make sure that you will play with the snow. Even you are a professional skier or not, do not forget to list some of the best ski resort into your Turkey travel itinerary.

If we are talking about a tour in Turkey, then positively we will talk about tours in the city of Istanbul also. For the foreigner, most flights are landed in Istanbul Turkey.

Visitors coming to Turkey for having a vacation are keep growing. The situation has been thought of by the government. Turkey must have a new place for welcoming visitors.

The thought had been realized. Turkey has a new international airport. The new airport has often referred to as the biggest airport in the world.

So, we think that it would be better to start the vacation in Istanbul.

Before starting your skiing adventure, you could also consider staying a few days in Istanbul.

Or for those of you who come from abroad, it’s also a good idea to take a break by staying at a hotel close to Istanbul Airport.

Make sure you stay at the best hotel in Istanbul.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best ski resorts near Istanbul. Your trip must be a great adventure and do skiing in Turkey.

Keep reading this article. We hope that you will get many points related to your winter vacation in Turkey.

Are you planning to come to Turkey in winter?

You can do some of the following recommended things to do during the winter in Turkey:

So, where will we go for skiing at the best ski resort in Turkey near Istanbul?

Many conclude that one of the best ski resorts nearest to Istanbul is the Uludag ski resort on Mount Uludag Bursa Turkey.

Mount Uludag is also well known for its slopes for skiing. To reach the top of the mountain is also easy. You can take the cable car while enjoying the beautiful views of mount Uludag.

But in this section, we are not only exposing about mount Uludag. We will also inform some ideas for other best ski resorts in Turkey near Istanbul.

To reach these places mentioned here, some of them can be reached by car. And for the place that is a little bit far from Istanbul, you can take a domestic flight.

The domestic flight here is used to save travel time.

Let’s start and prepare your notebook beside you. You may find something useful and note it.

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1. Uludag ski resort in Bursa Turkey.

Bursa is a city near Istanbul. It can be reached by car and it just needs approximately two hours driving. In our opinion, mount Uludag ski resort in Bursa is the best choice for your skiing activity during your winter vacation in Turkey.

The location is very easy to be accessed, even from Istanbul or from the downtown Bursa.

Bursa itself has some tourism places. So you can also spend the night at Bursa and exploring the whole city.

How to reach Bursa from Istanbul?

Mainly, there are two simple ways to reach Bursa from Istanbul. The first one is by taking a ferry. And the second one is by taking a car.

And what we recommend is to drive from Istanbul to Bursa. The time required to drive is also fairly short. Find the explanations below.

For the first option, the ferry one, there are some schedules that leave the Yenikapi Ferry Terminal in Istanbul to Bursa. The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes. You can also choose a round trip ticket.

Here is the minus one about taking the ferry. The Bursa port is outside of the town. So, you have to take some other steps from the Bursa terminal to the downtown and then continued to the starting point of mount Uludag.

That’s why we suggest taking a car directly from Istanbul to Bursa.

You can rent a car and head to the starting point of Uludag.

How to reach Uludag ski center from Bursa?

There are two ways to reach the Uludag ski center. The first one is by road (by car) and the second one is by taking a cable car.

In total, there are four lines of services to reach the mountain.

The first two lines have an intermediate stop at Kadiyayla. At this point, the cable cars stop at 1,200 m (3,937 ft) elevation.

The next two lines are heading to the next stop which is Sari Alan at about 1,630 m (5.348 ft).

And now is the time to skiing at Uludag.

The ski tracks here is about 20 kilometers long. And the height of the snow is up to 3 meters during the winter in Uludag.

To complete the good services at Uludag, the ski center provides 8 chair-lifts and 7 Tele skis.

Best time to ski in Uludag ski center.

Based on our experience, the best time for having skiing activity at Uludag ski center is between December 20th and the end of March.

Hopefully, on that range of time, you can meet the snow with a high of 3 meters under the normal winter condition at Uludag.

Mount Uludag is the highest mountain in the Marmara region with its highest peak is Kartaltepe at 2,543 m (8,343 ft). This fact makes Uludag ski center is the best option for skiing near Istanbul.

Recommended tour packages to Mount Uludag Bursa.

The easiest way to experience skiing on Mount Uludag Bursa is to take a tour package. By using a tour package, you no longer need to bother thinking about how to get to Mount Uludag, how to order the cable car, and so on.

And even some tour packages starting from pick up in Istanbul all the way to mount Uludag in Bursa.

Here are some tour packages to Mount Uludag Bursa:

>> Or click here to see more tour packages to Mount Uludag Bursa.

To get a better experience during skiing at Mount Uludag, we recommend you to pick hotel that has a short distance to the ski resort.

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2. Erciyes ski resort.

Erciyes ski resort is also the best destination for skiing in Turkey. The ski resort is located at mount Erciyes which is the highest mountain in Central Anatolia. The foot of Erciyes is laid on the city of Kayseri. With the location is not far from Cappadocia, this ski resort is capable to attract more skiers to tour around the region as well.

How to reach Erciyes ski resort from Istanbul?

There many ways to reach Erciyes ski resort from Istanbul. One of them is on a road trip. But the distance between Istanbul and Kayseri is far. The trip from Istanbul to Kayseri by a vehicle can take approximately 12 hours driving. The best solution to saving travel time is taking a domestic flight. The flight duration is about an hour.

The international airport in Kayseri is named Kayseri Erkilet Airport (ASR).

Turkish Airlines as the national airline of Turkey has several schedules per day. The flight duration is about 1 hour 30 minutes of non-stop flight.

When you have landed in ASR, the distance to Erciyes is about 15 kilometers. Precisely, the road distance is 17,4 kilometers.

From Kayseri’s airport, you can take a car or a taxi to Erciyes. It takes about 17 minutes driving.

By choosing a domestic flight to Kayseri, the trip from Istanbul to Erciyes ski resort seems close.

For your reference, you can check the flight list below:

To make your time in Cappadocia more efficient, you can consider staying at a hotel close to Istanbul Airport first, then the next day you take the earliest flight to Cappadocia.
>> You can see the recommendations for hotels near Istanbul Airport which are included in the list of the best hotels in Istanbul here.

And now, it is your time to meet the snow.

Erciyes ski center is set at mount Erciyes in the high of 3,916 meters, which is the highest in Anatolia.

At the higher points, the peak of Mount Erciyes is covered permanently with snow all around the year.

The skiing area at Erciyes ski center is in between of 1,800-3,000 meters high. The longest ski track here is 3.5 kilometers with a total length of 12 kilometers long.

Erciyes ski center is equipped with 8 mechanical lifts which you can use it to enjoy the snow powder around the ski center.

The chair lifts in Erciyes ski center are divided into two sections. The first one ends at 2,550 meters high, and the second one is started at 2,550 meters and ends at 3,000 meters high.

Generally, the second chair lift is used by the professional skiers.

And for your information, the total length of the chair lifts in Erciyes ski center is the longest among all ski centers in Turkey.

Here are some recommendations for Erciyes ski tour packages in Cappadocia:

Best time to ski in Erciyes ski center Turkey.

Under a normal climate condition in Erciyes, the best time you can go skiing in Erciyes ski resort is from November to March.

The snow thickness is about two meters. And that is a good condition for skiing. Skiers must be happy with that.

As Cappadocia is a unique region in Turkey, we recommend you to spend nights for a couple of days here.

>> One thing you can only experience in Cappadocia is spending the night at a cave hotel. For your reference, here is the list of the best Cappadocia cave hotels.

Of course you don’t just want to play snow here. Below are some recommendation of things to do in Cappadocia:

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Visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia while on vacation in Turkey is a must.

Find its best ways through the following button.

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3. Elmadag ski resort: skiing near Ankara Turkey.

Elmadag ski resort is the closest one to Ankara. It just about 17 kilometers to the south from Ankara. This place is the best option for a day trip during your winter holiday.

The ski resort is not too big. But the Elmadag ski center offers good circumstances.

Elmadag ski center has 1850 meters of altitude. It is suitable for the beginner.

There is no forest in Elmadag ski center. But the alpine meadows will make the beginner and intermediate skiers feel they have a good skiing experience over there.

Even the professional skiers said that the track here is not easy to conquer either.

There total of 548 meters teleski in Elmadag, with a capacity of 720 people.

Especially at the weekend, the Elmadag ski center is busier than the weekdays.

How to get to Elmadag ski center from Istanbul.

The distance between Istanbul and Elmadag ski center is not close. The best option to save the travel time is by taking a domestic flight from Istanbul to Ankara. So that you are not in a rush, you can also consider staying overnight at a hotel close to Istanbul Airport. From the airport in Ankara, you can take a shuttle bus or hire a car to the ski center.

The flight duration itself takes about one hour.

As we explained before, the Elmadag ski center is 17-20 kilometers from Ankara. But if the distance counted from Istanbul, the distance between Istanbul and Elmadag is 300 kilometers.

If you want to reach the ski center by car, the journey will take approximately 5 hours driving.

That’s why to save the travel time, we suggest to take a domestic flight from Istanbul to Ankara first.

Best time to ski in Elmadag ski center Ankara.

Normally, the best time to enjoy the snow and skiing in Elmadag ski center is in the range of January to March.

The snow depth during the current time is about 60 cm.

Elmadag ski center is the best option for you who are already at Ankara and need a short escape to enjoy the snow during your winter holiday in Turkey.

>> For the best experience, spend the night before the day you will skiing at Elmadag ski resort at the best and comfortable hotel in Ankara. Here is the hotel option you can pick in Ankara.

4. Kartalkaya ski resort: skiing near Istanbul and Ankara Turkey.

This is another destination for skiing near Istanbul and Ankara Turkey. If Elmadag ski center is the nearest one from Ankara, then Kartalkaya is on between them (Istanbul and Ankara). The location of the Kartalkaya ski resort is in Bolu, on the way from Ankara to Istanbul. If you take a tour, and you have a journey from Ankara heading to Istanbul by car, then visiting this ski resort is the best option.

Kartalkaya ski resort in Bolu has 1860 to 2225 meters of altitude. The view of the ski resort here is surrounded by pine forests. And it has a temperate climate.

It’s so beautiful and comfortable!

Regarding the skiing experience, the environment in Kartalkaya ski resort is suitable for Alpine-Style skiing and Tour skiing.

Generally, the ski area here is divided into two skiing centers with a total of 19 ski-lifts.

The first area is at Kartal Hotel with 11 lifts. And the second area is at Dorukkaya Hotel with 8 lifts.

>> Click here for a complete list of hotels near Kartalkaya ski resort from

How to get to Kartalkaya ski resort.

The best option to reach the Kartalkaya ski resort is by car. The ski resort is on Ankara-Istanbul highway. Follow the highway direction to Istanbul, and exit at “Dörtdivan”. From this point, drive another 40 kilometers and you will reach the ski resort. If you are already at Bolu, the Kartalkaya ski resort is 54 kilometers away from the city center.

If previously you take a domestic flight to Ankara, the distance to Bolu is 200 kilometers.

Or if you landed in one international airport in Istanbul, the distance to Bolu is approximately 200-280 kilometers.

From Bolu, you just need to drive 45 minutes more, and you will get to Kartalkaya ski resort. It’s a good idea if you stay in Bolu first, then the next day you reach the ski resort.

Or if you plan to leave early in the morning from Istanbul, then make sure you choose the best hotel in Istanbul that suits your vacation plans.

5. Kartepe ski resort: skiing near Istanbul.

The location of Kartepe ski resort is the nearest one from Istanbul. The distance between Istanbul and Kartepe ski resort is only about 120 kilometers. Even it is nearer than Uludag ski resort in Bursa Turkey.

Kartepe ski resort is in Izmit province, precisely in the southeast of Kocaeli.

Kartepe ski resort is constructed at mount Kartepe and has 1650 meters altitude.

The environment of this ski resort is very interesting. It covered by a forest of hazelnut, oak, and chestnut trees.

Several villages on the hillside surround the mountain among the fruit ranches.

Kartepe ski resort has 4 lifts and 3 child-lifts. The ski tracks here are varied, with the longest track is 3.5 kilometers.

Kartepe ski resort is the most famous among the ski resorts in Turkey. The location which is nearest Istanbul is a perfect benefit.

Istanbul is a center, a symbol, and it’s an icon for entire Turkey.

A lot of skiers are coming to Turkey and at the same time, they are traveling to explore this beautiful country.

That’s why visitors who come to Kartepe ski resort are kept growing.

But there is a point you should pay attention to when you will visit this ski resort. This area is affected by sudden climate changes. It makes the climate here is a little bit unstable when it compared to Uludag ski resort or even Kartalkaya ski resort.

Make sure that you get travel advice before you decide to visit the Kartepe ski resort. From there you can also get information on the snow depth of the ski resort.

Best time to do skiing in Kartepe ski resort.

The best time to play with the snow in Kartepe ski resort is started at the end of December until the end of February. The snow thickness varies from 80 to 200 centimeters.

How to get to Kartepe ski resort from Istanbul.

As we mentioned before, the best and the easiest way to reach the ski resort is by car. It only takes about 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Istanbul. Take the Istanbul-Ankara highway, and leave at Izmit East Gate. Follow the direction to Maşukiye. From there stay focus on street signs that will guide you to Kartepe ski center.

Kartepe ski center is 15 kilometers away from Maşukiye which is a total of 25 kilometers counted from Izmit.

As Kartepe ski resort is the nearest one from Istanbul, you can spend the night in Istanbul. Or if you want to have some different experience, you can also spend the night in Kocaeli.
>> For the best experience, you can also stay at the hotel at the ski resort. Click here to see the complete list of hotels at Kartepe ski resort.

So, what do you think about the ski resorts mentioned above? Have you decided which one you will visit For sure, the decision is different among us. Each of us has our own background for the goal of our trip.

Conclusion: Best ski resorts near Istanbul.

The 5 best ski resorts near Istanbul above are some options for your skiing activity during winter in Turkey in 2022 and 2023.

Actually, there are some more ski resorts in Turkey. But in this case, we just review some of the ski resorts that are near from Istanbul.

Winter in December, January, February, and March are one of the best times (months) that you can spend a vacation in Turkey.

All you need to do is ensure your vacation in Turkey by using a carefully designed travel itinerary. Your vacation planning will affect the quality of your holiday in Turkey.

Make sure you include top tourist attractions in Turkey during winter in your itinerary.

Do you still have a chance to explore Turkey more before or after you visit the ski resorts?

Some of these recommendations for things to do in Istanbul might be useful for you:

Ski resorts in Turkey are also famous throughout the world, not inferior to ski resorts in Switzerland. Lots of professional skiers take the time to try skiing in Turkey during winter.

Ski resorts in Turkey are welcome for all skiers, whether they are beginners or those who are advanced. Even people without skiing experience can still play snow at one of the ski resorts in Turkey.

The fun of playing with snow must still pay attention to safety. It’s also a good idea for those of you who are going to visit Turkey to use insurance for skiing.

Ok, back on the topic, as we know, Istanbul is a great city in Turkey.

Mostly, all international flights to Turkey are landed in Istanbul.

For some of you who are eager to play the snow and also exploring Turkey at the same time, then you must pay attention on these 5 best ski resorts near Istanbul.

If you do not have much time for traveling in Turkey, then the ski resorts near Istanbul such as Uludag ski resort, Kartepe ski resort, and Kartalkaya ski resort might be your best option.

There are many tourist attractions in Istanbul that are worth visiting. To make it easier for you to arrange your vacation, then you can consider taking several Istanbul city tour packages.
>> Here are some recommendations: The best Istanbul city tour packages.

Or if you want to explore the beautiful and unique place in Turkey, then Erciyes ski resort might be the answer. This ski resort is near Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is well known for its natural environment that offers beautiful views. Here in the morning, you can also ride the hot air balloon.

You can witness all the beautiful views of Cappadocia from above. Here are some recommendations for Cappadocia hot air balloon packages:

>> Or click here: Recommendation for a more complete Cappadocia hot air balloon package based on travelers rating.

Do you want a winter vacation while visiting the top tourist spots in Turkey? You might consider using the 7-day Turkey itinerary.
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So, which one is fittest one for you?

We hope that this article could be your reference for picking up the best ski resort you are going to visit during your winter holiday in Turkey.

This article is mainly discussing about a ski resort near Istanbul. To make your trip more perfect, below is the list of hotel deals in Istanbul you can choose. Pick one of them.

Or you can also see a list of the best hotels in Istanbul that we have grouped based on the criteria that visitors often use here.

Confused about when is the best time to vacation in Turkey?
>> This article can help you: The best months to have a vacation in Turkey.

Do you come from abroad? Or do you want to take a domestic flight in Turkey? Make sure you get the best deals and prices from the many airlines that actively fly to and in Turkey.

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