5 Best Turkey Winter Destinations: Get A Memorable Experience During Your Vacation Here.

best recommendation for winter destinations in turkey

As we have known, Turkey is a good option for having winter vacations. The key to getting the best holiday experience is to visit places that are indeed a favorite during the winter season in Turkey. Some of the recommendations include Bursa, Cappadocia, Bolu, Eskisehir, and Kars.

Are you planning to visit Turkey in December, January, February, or March? If you are going to do so, then this article is just right for you.

Firstly, we would like to inform for some of you. Especially for you who are first-timer that will visit Turkey.

Why do we need to make it clear?

Because based on our experience in arranging a trip to Turkey, some people obviously don’t know about the winter in Turkey. Not only for one or two people, but many people are often asking about this.

That’s why we think that we need to explain some basic things about winter in Turkey.

And it will be better to explain before we talk further about the trip itself.

So, what are they often asking us? Here is the recap for you…

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Does Turkey have snow?

Positively, we can tell you that Turkey has snow.

Turkey has four seasons. One of the seasons is winter in Turkey. And winter in all around the world is identical with snow. 

But the question is all-region in Turkey have snow? Where are the best winter resorts in Turkey?

In our experiences, we noted that people coming to Turkey during winter has a special request to visit some places.

We rank at least there are top 5 places (cities) that everyone eager so much visiting. Best winter destinations in Turkey based on our travelers review are:

  1. Bursa.
  2. Cappadocia.
  3. Bolu.
  4. Eskisehir.
  5. Kars.

How is the Turkey winter temperature?

Turkey’s winter temperature. Yup, that’s the most frequently asked question.

Turkey is laid in the region that its climatic conditions are quite temperate. The conditions make the country has some climatic differences among the regions.

In this case, most hot summer and cold winter in Turkey are happening in the inland Anatolia plateau. And here we possibly can meet more snow.

To summarize, the temperature in Turkey during winter are as follows:

  • Istanbul: the most well-known city in Turkey, and around the Marmara Sea, the climate here in winter is moderate. The temperature here is about 5°C. And sometimes it can drop to below 0°C.
  • In the Turkey’s Aegean Region (Western Anatolia), this region is mild which is already influenced by the Mediterranean temperature. Winter here is on average of 9°C.
  • In the Central Anatolian Region (Anatolian Plateau), the temperature here has a great difference between day and night. It has low rainfall. And the temperature here during winter is about -2°C.

So, if you want to find some places with more snow during winter in Turkey, the Central Anatolian Region is the best option for your to pick.

Knowing when is the best time and the characteristics of the region in Turkey is the key to having a pleasant holiday experience.
>> You can read the explanation here: The best time (month) to vacation in Turkey.

Snow places in Turkey in winter: where to go?

Deciding a place that would be visited, in our opinion, it’s not just listing some destinations and add it in your Turkey itinerary. But we also have to know first what points of interest or benefits in the place are.

In this case, we have to know what’s there especially for activities that are related to the winter holidays in Turkey.

Directly to the point, here is the list of Best Winter Destinations: Where Places To Go In Turkey Holidays…

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1. Bursa in winter.

The city of Bursa in Turkey was the first major capital of the Ottoman Empire. It happened in the period range of 1335 to 1363.

The city was also named “The Green Bursa”. Or local people in Bursa call it Yeşil Bursa.

Bursa is the fourth most populated city in Turkey.

Even if we talk about its history, this city is also talking much.

For example, during the Ottoman Empire, Beyazid I was making his history here. There is a mosque named “Bursa Grand Mosque” that was built by an order of him.

Beyazid I and his family were buried in Bursa.

Here you can also taste some traditional cuisine named Cantik: Inegol meatballs and meatballs on pide.

Located near Istanbul, the access to reach the city is easy. Even you can reach Bursa by car. It only takes approximately two hours driving.

A lot of attractions you can experience in Bursa.

So, what is the special thing here in winter?

By the Bursa’s geography, the city is located on the northwestern of Mount Uludag.

Uludag, in Turkish means “great mountain”.

Mount Uludag in Turkey is the highest mountain in Bursa, precisely in Marmara Region, with its highest peak is Kartaltepe at 2,543 m or about 8,343 ft.

The easiest way to reach Uludag is by cable-car. It has a length of some 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the center of the city.

The first stop to the peak is at Kadiyayla (about 1,200 m or 3,937 ft elevation) and it ends at Sarialan (about 1,630 m or 5,348 ft elevation).

At least, Uludag has 20 ski slopes that laid in a range of 300 to 980 meters long.

The conditions make Mount Uludag in Bursa listed as the most preferably to be visited place during a winter holiday in Turkey.

Uludag ski resort is considered as one of the favorite ski resorts close to Istanbul.

Besides the ski things in Uludag, Bursa is also well known for its hot springs.

And facts said from many pieces of literature, the hot springs were being used before the Ottoman era. Soldiers from the Roman Empire were using this site for medical purposes.

Skiing and enjoying the hot springs are the best activities you can experience during your winter holiday in Bursa Turkey.

After you’ve done some city tours of Istanbul, you can then plan to go to Bursa for snowing or skiing at Mount Uludag Ski Resort.

To make it easier, you can consider taking a tour package to Mount Uludag Bursa. Here are some recommendations:

[ Click here to see a more complete selection of tour packages to Mount Uludag Bursa ]

You can stay overnight at one of the best hotels in Istanbul first, then the next day you go to Bursa and visit the Uludag ski resort.
>> To get the best experience, you can also stay at hotels in Uludag ski resort.

Find below for some more details about the city of Bursa:

2. Cappadocia in winter.

We do believe that all of you are ever heard about Cappadocia.

For you who are actively seeking some best destination places for traveling to Turkey from Instagram, then you will easily find Cappadocia.

A lot of influencers around the world have posted many stories about Cappadocia. They are mostly posting about the beautiful nature of Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is located in the heartland of Turkey. That’s what many people now call it Anatolia.

One best destination for a winter holiday here is Mount Erciyes near Kayseri in Cappadocia Turkey.

But for sure, not only skiing activity you can enjoy in Cappadocia during winter.

Firstly in the morning, you can ride the Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia.

In the air, you can witness the beautiful nature of Cappadocia. Natural fairy chimneys are mostly turning into white because they are covered with snow.

Such great scenery you can enjoy at Cappadocia in winter.

>> Below are some recommended activities with the Cappadocia hot air balloon:

[ Click here for a more options of Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Packages ]

After that, you can head to Mount Erciyes. Here you can do many things with snow.

Not only for the professional skiers, but the amateur one is also can enjoy playing snow at Mount Erciyes.

In a total of 102 kilometers length of the skiing track, counted that Erciyes has 34 slopes stretching there.

Here are some recommendations for the Erciyes ski tour in Cappadocia:

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The relaxation holiday is not over here.

Not far from Erciyes, after skiing at the mountain, you can enjoy the thermal springs. It only takes about one hour from Erciyes.

Yup, the thermal springs are located in the Nevsehir area, precisely at Kozakli.

Very exciting right?

Arranging a holiday to Cappadocia in winter?
Consider doing these things: taking the Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia in the early morning, skiing at Mount Erciyes, and end your day by relaxing at thermal springs.

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Excited to visit mount Erciyes during this winter in Turkey? You can do skiing in the highest mountain in Central Anatolia.

>> Click this link for your reference: Ski Tour at Erciyes Ski Resort as Top Things To Do In Cappadocia During Winter in Turkey.

Want to know more things to do in Cappadocia? Here are some of the recommendations:

A little note for you: Consider picking a cave hotel. The cave hotel is a hotel-style that you can only find in Cappadocia.
>> See here for some Cappadocia cave hotel lists.

For those of you who don’t have much vacation time in Turkey, you can consider only visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia.

>> Read the itinerary idea here: Turkey travel itinerary 5 days exploring Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Two of the best ways to enjoy Istanbul and Cappadocia at the same time.

Click each button above for a more exciting experience!

3. Bolu.

Bolu is a small city in Turkey. This city can be reached during your trip from Cappadocia to Istanbul. The city is also near Ankara.

The best place in Bolu you can enjoy during your Turkey winter holiday is Yedigoller National Park.

This park has a historical story. And this park had ever been used by the family of the Ottoman Empire.

This national park is good in all seasons in Turkey. The park has some zones for camping, tracking, and any other outdoor activities.

Yedigoller is well known for its beautiful scenery.

One season that drives a lot of visitors to this “Seven Lakes” park is autumn in Turkey. The natural condition in Yedigoller is more colorful with the beauty of autumn leaves falling around the park.

How about Bolu: Yedigoller National Park in winter?

Absolutely, the park also offers a beautiful view during winter. The entire park looked very pure and clean. The snow is covering the park.

On the other hand, Bolu also has a ski resort. As it is located in between Istanbul and Ankara, a lot of skiers that are visiting Ankara for a tour trip, definitely they will also visit this ski resort.

>> Check out here: Kartalkaya ski resort is one of the best ski resorts near Istanbul Turkey.

4. Eskisehir.

A little bit the same as Bolu, this city is not too big.

In the Turkish language, Eski means “old” and Sehir means “city”. The city has been existing since the Byzantine era which previously named Dorylaeum.

Eskisehir has been rebuilt after the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1923). The city is still remaining the old building to be the new attractions.

But when you come to Eskisehir, definitely you will feel something different. Eskisehir now is well known for its beauty, dynamic, and the modernity of the city.

Eskisehir is located in between Istanbul and Ankara. If we talk about the distance, it’s about 350 kilometers from Istanbul, and 233 kilometers from the capital of Turkey: Ankara.

Besides that fact, Eskisehir now is popular for a student city.

Eskisehir has two major universities those are Anadolu University and Eskişehir Osmangazi University. With the circumstances, 70% of total populations are students.

You can imagine, the beauty of the city will be more attractive while most parts of it are covered with snow.

Generally, parts of Eskisehir that can bring in many visitors are:

  • Odunpazari.
  • Hayvanat Bahçesi.
  • Sazova Parkı.
  • Porsuk River (also known as Little Venice in Turkey).

5. Kars.

In this article, we deliberately discussed Kars at the last point.

Kars is different from another city in Turkey, especially in the winter.

When summer comes to Kars, the weather here is still warm and cool at night. Averagely, the highest temperature in summer is in August which is 26 °C.

If in the summer we feel that way, surely you can imagine how when winter arrives in Kars right?

Winter in Kars is outstanding. Winter here is very cold. The average temperature in January is -16 °C. And suddenly can plummet to -35 °C.

To experience the snow in Kars, the city offers a ski center in Sarıkamış.

The circumstances in this ski center are suitable for skiers that like do cross-country skiing, ski touring, and alpine skiing.

Winter in Kars has a longer duration that can reach up to 120 days.

We suggest you, for some of you who are really eager to experience snow or skiing in Turkey, you can consider visiting Kars in winter.

Find below for some more details about the city of Kars:

Interesting right?

All those places explained above are the best destinations during the winter Turkey. Each place has its own uniqueness.

And now it’s all up to you where you want to spend your winter vacation in Turkey.

What we can assure you, winter is one of the best times to vacation in Turkey.

Tips and guides: When is the best time to visit Turkey in the winter?

As we explained before, Turkey has four seasons in a year. Those seasons are winter, spring, summer, and autumn.

Each season has its own uniqueness.

>> You can read it here: The best months for having vacation in Turkey.

In this section, we are not going to talk about all the season in Turkey. We will just talk about the winter itself.

When we talk about the time when winter occurs in Turkey is, generally, winter in Turkey is started from December to March.

To experience the best quality snow, you can consider visiting Turkey during winter from mid-December to mid-March.

If we see from the month, the best time to visit Turkey in winter is in December.


Because besides the winter has happened, December is also the peak season because of its new year holiday in Turkey.

When you visit Turkey in late December, you will get two holidays in Turkey which are winter holiday and end year holiday.

But there is something you need to pay attention to is the price of the flight to Turkey.

Starts from the 3rd week of December, the ticket flight price is rising. The price will go back normal approximately in the second week of January.

But if the price of the flight ticket is not your concern, then December is the best time to visit Turkey during the winter holidays.

Or if you want to get the flight ticket price still at a lower price, then you can start seeking the flight ticket a few months before.

Make sure you get the best deal for your ticket price, be it for international or domestic flights in Turkey.

If you have a budget concern, then we suggest you plan your Turkey winter holidays in January, February, or March. You can get hotels, transportations, and food at cheaper price.

So what are you waiting for?

Prepare yourself. Start taking notes and planning your Turkey travel itinerary, especially for the winter vacations in Turkey.

Conclusion: Best winter destinations in Turkey.

Are you considering to visit Turkey in winter? We assure you, you are in the right decision.

Turkey’s winter holidays occur starts from December to March. In that range of time, you will get the best experience of playing snow in Turkey.

Do you confuse about deciding the best snow places that you are going to visit in Turkey? Then we recommend you that the best winter (snowy) destinations in Turkey are:

  • Bursa,
  • Cappadocia,
  • Eskisehir,
  • Bolu, and
  • Kars.

Visiting Turkey in winter in December, January, February, or March, is definitely the right decision. Prices in this time period are cheaper when compared to other seasons in Turkey.

The situation in Turkey is also not too crowded. So you can more engage with local citizens, and know the true friendly people of Turkey.

Winter is the right time for having vacation in Turkey.

>> Do you need to go to some best ski resorts in Turkey? Click this link for the idea: Best Ski Resorts In Turkey Near Istanbul.

Or are you currently just looking for an itinerary idea for your winter vacation in Turkey? We have an itinerary that can cover two winter holiday destinations, namely Bursa and Cappadocia in one series of tours.

Are you planning to tour Turkey during winter?

We have a tailor-made itinerary for winter vacation in Turkey that you might want to consider:

Vacation in Turkey 6 nights 7 days is one of the best Turkey itineraries which is widely used by tourists who come here. With this itinerary, you can use a road trip. And on the plus side, the main route passes through other popular tourist cities such as Kusadasi and Pamukkale, apart from Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Even though Kusadasi is one of the big resort cities in Turkey, you can still visit it other than summer. Apart from the beach, the best tourist spots in Kusadasi include historical sites, amusement parks, and also places to shop.

Already excited about a winter vacation in Turkey? Make sure you put together your Turkey travel itinerary well.

Take your notes, plan your time when you will have your holiday in Turkey, and start arranging your Turkey winter itinerary.

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