Best Boat Trip (Tour) During Summer Vacation In Turkey

best boat trip (tour) during summer vacation in turkey

The boat trip is one of the unique activities you can do in Turkey. Especially during the summer, the scenery in Turkey is very beautiful. The environment is green and the beach is clear. You have to make sure that sailing on the Turkish coast is included in your summer vacation itinerary.

Do you want a unique experience when you vacation in Turkey?

Maybe activities like sailing are common. But it will be different if you sail in Turkey.

You must also already know that Turkey is famous for its very natural and beautiful coastlines. Of course, these beautiful beaches in Turkey will be very appropriate when visited in summer. And it would be even better if you could sail on those coasts.

The weather is hot in summer, so it is perfect for sunbathing on one of the beaches in Turkey.

Summer is one of the best times to visit Turkey. There are several popular resort towns that are proven to attract large numbers of tourists both local and international. The boat trip that you are going to do will be more fun if the destinations you are traveling or are aiming for are the resort cities.

Do you already know which cities are being favorite destinations while on vacation in the summer in Turkey?

Make sure you read this article until the end. Maybe there will be insights that you will need when you are going on a summer vacation in Turkey this year.

Prepare your notes beside you now.

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What is a boat trip (tour) in Turkey?

To get a better feel for the experience you will get, it is better if you have previously understood what a boat trip is.

A boat trip in Turkey is a short tour using a boat to explore the prime summer tourist areas in Turkey. For most boat trips in Turkey, the duration of the trip is only a few hours a day depending on where the trip starts and where it ends.

Boat trips are different from gulet cruises. A tour with a gulet cruise usually takes longer and you will stay on the boat. Of course, the experience will be different. The most popular is the 3-night gulet cruise in Turkey. The duration is right for you to feel the experiences of life on a gulet.

As previously explained, the best time to do a boat trip is during the summer in Turkey. Not without reason, the atmosphere around the waters in Turkey is amazing in summer.

However, not all boat trips or boat tours in Turkey take place in popular summer areas. An example is Istanbul. Although Istanbul is a favorite destination in Turkey, it is not the most popular for summer. You must have heard about the Bosphorus Cruise a lot. By taking this cruise we can witness how Istanbul is divided into two continents while enjoying the pleasant atmosphere on the Bosphorus Strait. Cruise in Istanbul is an activity that must be done especially for people who are visiting Istanbul for the first time.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a unique experience while on a summer vacation in Turkey, then a boat trip is the right answer for you. You don’t need to spend a long time on this activity. At most, it is only one day trip for this boat tour in Turkey.

Where are the best areas to take a boat trip in Turkey?

Indeed, taking the boat trip itself is already an exciting and enjoyable experience. But you can imagine for yourself how the experience you will get if the destinations you are going to go through or are going with this tour are popular for vacationing in the summer in Turkey.

Of course, it will be an experience that you will hardly forget. And you will definitely be happy to share your experience with your friends.

Wherever summer is always synonymous with beaches, and Turkey is no exception.

And in fact, Turkey has been recognized by the world that this country has a long coastline, and is famous for its blue beaches, which are among the best in the world.

Of the many beaches, we conclude that some are very worthy to be visited when we vacation in Turkey in the summer.

You can see the information here: 12 best beaches that are suitable for a vacation during the summer in Turkey.

From that article, you can find out which areas in Turkey are popular during the summer.

And especially for boat trips, we conclude the areas that you can consider taking a tour are:

  • Antalya.
  • Marmaris.
  • Fethiye.
  • and Kas.

We determine these areas based on our personal opinion. It could be that you will have a different view. Everyone has their own opinion. But we hope that at least this article can be your reference in determining the boat trip that you will take when you tour in the summer in Turkey.

Boat trip in Antalya Turkey.

If we mentioned above that Turkey has a long coastline, the fact is that Antalya is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. The city is also the center of what is often called the Turkish Riviera.

It can be concluded that Antalya is the most favorite destination for a vacation during summer in Turkey. The weather is good so the beaches here are suitable for sunbathing. In April you can start sunbathing in Antalya, and some even call it a comfortable month because the weather is not too extreme when compared to other months during the summer.

Antalya is a mix of beautiful beaches, green mountains, and myriad ancient ruins.

Antalya started to clean up by investing in its tourism starting in the 1970s. And since then until now, this city continues to show changes for the better.

One of the things to do that tourists love the most here is spending their vacation time in the resorts that line its coastline.

And it turns out, boat trips are one of the most popular activities for tourists here. With this tour, we can visit other popular areas in summer apart from Antalya, and later there will be a lot of experiences to be had while sailing on this boat.

Boat trip in Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris is a city located along the Mediterranean coast, precisely in Mugla province.

The city of Marmaris has a population composition that might surprise you. Under normal circumstances, this city has about 28,000 inhabitants. However, during the high season of tourism, the population in Marmaris can reach up to 250,000 people.

Of course, the season that has proven to be able to bring a lot of tourists to Marmaris is summer in Turkey.

Its busy beaches are sure to be the main destination for tourists who come to Marmaris.

The nightlife in Marmaris is also very lively. Here you can find a path specifically used for dancing. And also clubbing here all of them have used high technology.

Among the water activities in Marmaris, boat trips are one of the most popular. From here you can tour around the coves and also to cities close to Marmaris. Some of his favorite cities are Fethiye, Dalyan, Kusadasi (Ephesus), and there are several others.

You can see turquoise coves, mountainous coastlines, and some ruins of ancient cities during the trip on the boat.

The city of Marmaris in Turkey is the perfect destination for a summer vacation. It is also proven that you can easily find luxury yachts that pass here.

Boat trip in Fethiye Turkey.

If we talk about the top destinations in Turkey during the summer, surely the names that first come to our minds are Antalya and Fethiye.

Fethiye is a tourist city in Turkey. Without leaving its authenticity, this city also has an international atmosphere.

Like most tourist cities in Turkey, Fethiye, which under normal conditions has a population of about 50,000 people, its population during the tourist season can increase many times over to the extreme. The months in which Fethiye is the home of many visitors is April to October. Of course, we can already know, that the period time is during the summer in Turkey.

Many tourists, whether domestic or international, consider Fethiye their second home for the summer.

What’s striking about the city is that you can find a sarcophagus on the streets of Fethiye. These pre-Roman Lycian relics will be especially stunning when they are lit up at night.

Boat trips are one of the favorite activities to do in Fethiye. Boats start sailing in the morning and will return the same day (one-day trip). Destinations that will be visited during the tour are such as local lagoons, beaches, sea caves, and additional activities such as swimming or exploring nearby islands.

Long-distance boat tours are not available every day, at most only once a week. The destination can be east of Olympos in the Antalya area of ​​Turkey.

Fethiye is also the starting or ending place for a gulet cruise in Turkey. Unlike the boat trip, if the gulet cruise takes longer. The most favorite is the 3 night 4-day gulet cruise between Fethiye and Antalya.

Fethiye also allows you to charter yachts.

Whatever activities you will do in Fethiye, certainly, everything related to beach tours such as boat trips is highly recommended for you to include in your summer itinerary.

Boat trip in Kas Turkey.

Kas is a city located at the southernmost tip of Turkey.

The beaches in Kas are different from the beaches in general in Turkey. Here the beach is rocky, not sandy. The width of the beach is also not large, not more than 10 meters. The beach here is very comfortable for sunbathing.

Like other summer cities in Turkey, Kas will be full of visitors from April to the end of October each year. The end of the tourist season in Kas is usually marked by celebrations in the town square. This moment also coincides with Turkey’s Independence Day on 29 October.

Boat trips are also a favorite activity in Kas. By boat, you can sail to Kekova, a place known as the “sinking city”. There are many activities you can do while sailing.

Although the city of Kas is located a little further from the resort towns in western Turkey, this city is worth a visit. And make sure you take a boat trip (tour) when you take your summer vacation in Kas Turki.

Conclusion: Turkey boat trips are one of the best experiences you can do on a summer vacation tour in Turkey.

Are you planning to have a vacation in Turkey in the summer? Taking a boat trip (tour) can be one of the exciting activities to do in Turkey, especially during the summer.

One of the best times to come and vacation in Turkey is during the summer. Turkey is famous for its turquoise coastline. And tourists from Europe and the US love to spend their summer vacations at one of Turkey’s best beaches. And a boat trip (tour) is certainly the right choice to do because enjoying the beaches in Turkey on a boat will present a unique experience.

Areas in Turkey that we think is good for their beaches, as well as their boat trips, are Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Kas.

You will visit these areas during your summer vacation in Turkey? You can consider including a boat trip (tour) in your Turkey travel itinerary.

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