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Travel Tips: The Best Time (or Month) To Visit Turkey [Update 2022]

Travel Tips When Is The Best Time To Visit Turkey

What’s the best time to travel to Turkey in 2022?
This is the first question that travelers ask when they are going to visit Turkey. The right time to choose will determine how their experience will be when they vacation in Turkey.

Most of them are confused to decide when the best time to visit Turkey is.

They have read a lot of articles about the trip to Turkey on the internet, and most of it says that every time is good for having a holiday in Turkey.

How come?

Here in this article, we are going to explain in detail how every time is the best time to visit Turkey.

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So, what’s the best time to visit Turkey?

“Is it a good time to visit Turkey?” As people keep asking about this, in general, they will assume that the best time visiting this country is when Turkey held an International Tulip Festival. That is in spring, precisely in April. That is true. But here we will also inform you by knowing the best places which Turkey has offered for its every season, every time here would be a great moment for having a leisure trip.

How can we inform you like that? You must be curious now. Before we continue our discussion, the next section is the point of how we can have a good holiday in Turkey.

Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

Things to know before visiting Turkey.

What travelers always dream of before they come to Turkey is that they want to experience the uniqueness of this country where history, culture, natural beauty, and even modernity can blend well into one.

The area is vast, and the tourist spots are scattered in many places in Turkey, making it a challenge for tourists who are going to vacation here.

The point here is the ability to arrange a good Turkey travel itinerary.

We recommend you to make the itinerary carefully. Know in advance what season you are going to vacation in Turkey, and find out which destinations are good for that season. Every season has its own favorite places.

It will be more simple if you are willing to use a service from a tour operator. As they are experienced, hopefully, they are going to make your trip would be such a great journey in Turkey.

>> For your reference: Here is the example of some tourism services in Turkey.

But if you want to explore Turkey for yourself, that’s fine. You can still get the warmth that Turkey has to offer. The point is, first identify the Turkish characters in each month or time (season) during your vacation plan.

Knowing the best places to visit in Turkey for its every season is important.

We will take an example of visiting Turkey during the International Tulip Festival in Istanbul.

If you have decided to have a vacation to Turkey in April, make sure that you are going to visit a national park in Istanbul that will perform much variety of Tulip.

We all know that April is one of the best times to visit Turkey, but if you are not listing Emirgan National Park into your itinerary, we think that you miss something that supposedly visited in your Turkey spring holiday.

April is one of the best times to visit Istanbul. Because only in this month every year, the international tulip festival is held in Istanbul. This time is also the best because it is supported by the weather which is also cool and comfortable. Not too hot but not too cold either.

On the other hand, if you are planning to come to Turkey during the summer, make sure that you will visit the best place in the coastal area of Turkey. Beautiful beaches in Turkey are always ready to give you the best experience for your summer vacation. And also you can consider taking a boat trip during summer in Turkey.

Everything we explained here is about deciding the best places in Turkey for its every season.

Make sure that you plan a Turkey itinerary for your holiday well. A good itinerary will definitely make your holiday enjoyable and will certainly create experiences that are hard to forget.

Determining the best places (tourist spots) in Turkey that you will visit is the key to the quality of your vacation. Make sure you don’t miss what Turkey has to offer to pamper its guests for its every month.

Keep reading this article. We will explain more in detail about when the best time to visit Turkey for your enjoyable holiday is.

To make it easier, we will split its information later on a monthly basis for every season in Turkey.

A little note first, here are the seasons in Turkey by month:

  • Winter: December, January, February, and March.
  • Spring: April and May.
  • Summer: June, July, August, September.
  • Autumn: Late September, October and November.

What is Turkey like for a holiday? Is it worth visiting and having a vacation in Turkey?

This question is also often asked by a lot of people.

But unfortunately, we can’t answer the question specifically. In a good way, Turkey is flexible for someone who wants to have a holiday here.

We say that because Turkey always offers impressive things in every season.

Definitely, it is worth visiting Turkey and vacationing here. There isn’t a single season that doesn’t have anything special in Turkey. In winter Turkey offers snow and international standard ski resorts, in spring Turkey colors its area with tulips, in summer Turkey will spoil you with its beautiful beaches, and in autumn Turkey will show you how beautiful nature is with beautiful leaves that turn yellow and golden orange.

You can choose either a leisure trip or a historical trip to Turkey.

In almost every city in Turkey is having historical places. Besides that, Turkey also rich in beautiful natures. In a city, you can have a great combination of those kinds of trips.

It is very possible for having a leisure trip and a historical trip at the same time in Turkey.

For the quick example, if you are planning to have a holiday in summer, one of the best destinations in Turkey is Antalya. This city offers beautiful beaches and some historic sites.

Don’t be confused. Certainly, there are many interesting things in Turkey.

To arrange a good itinerary, we strongly recommend you to understand the season first. Every season, Turkey offers different uniqueness that you can enjoy.

We hope you will not make a mistake when deciding on the best place to visit in your Turkey travel itinerary.

Best time to visit Turkey in December January February and March 2022.

In the month of December, January, February, and March, generally in Turkey are winter. For sure when you are planning to visit Turkey in these months, don’t miss to visit some Turkish’s best winter destinations. Feel its soft snow and enjoy skiing in one of the best ski resorts in Turkey.

Certainly, winter holidays around the world will always be synonymous with snow, as well as winter in Turkey. Here you can do skiing, or just playing and having fun with the snow.

And even a lot of travelers around the world said that Turkey is better to be visited during winter.

A lot of skiers from all around the world, even they are professional ones or not, when winter is coming they will definitely arrange a trip and make sure that they are going to visit some ski resort in Turkey.

And this also applies to you.

Are you planning to visit Turkey during winter in December, January, February, or March? Don’t forget to include visiting a ski resort in Turkey on your itinerary.
Ski resorts which are located close to Istanbul can be your consideration.

In general, we have an article that is describing its best winter destinations.
>> Click here: Best winter destinations in Turkey.

If you are one of those who want to tour several regions in Turkey and visit tourist attractions during winter, you can consider including more than one place in Turkey that is good for winter holidays in your itinerary.
>> Check out the itinerary idea here: 7-day Turkey itinerary visiting two cities that are suitable for winter holidays at once.

Why you should visit Turkey in winter: January, February, March, or December 2022?

If we are talking about tourism in Turkey, for sure, this country is well known for its best tourism destination for the summer vacation. But here we have to be fair also. Turkey has a lot of winter tourism destinations that you can consider.

Some of the advantages when visiting Turkey in winter in December, January, February, or March, is the condition that’s not too crowded with visitors over there, and prices in Turkey this current time are cheaper if compared with prices during the summer season in Turkey.

The experience of going to Turkey in winter.

Not all region in Turkey has the same winter experience. But in general, winter in Turkey takes place between the mid of December until the mid of March yearly.

Every region in Turkey has a different winter quality. An area in Turkey may have mild to heavy snow, or only rain in dry and cold weather.

With the advantage of conditions that are not too crowded, your access when visiting tourist spots in Turkey will certainly be more comfortable because you do not need to jostle with people and you can avoid long queues.

And one more thing, the international flight ticket price to Turkey is relatively cheaper.

As Turkey has a new and huge international airport in Istanbul, there are definitely more flight options you can choose to reach Turkey.

Temperature and weather in Turkey during the winter months of December January February March 2022.

Winter temperatures have a range from -13°C to 24°C depending on the climate zone in Turkey. Even temperatures in Cappadocia Turkey can reach below 0°C.

Some regions in Turkey will have thick snow during winter.

So if there is a question: “is Turkey hot in February?” Of course, the answer is no. Although the quality of winter varies from region to region, in general, it is cold during winter in December, January, February, and March in Turkey.

Best places to visit in Turkey in winter: January, February, March, or December 2022.

If you allow us to provide recommendations, at least one ski resort you should put on your Turkey winter trip itinerary. The world recognizes, ski resorts in Turkey are as interesting as ski resorts in Switzerland. Some of the destinations we recommend here are the Uludag Ski Resort in Bursa and the Erciyes ski resort in Cappadocia.

If we compare Uludag ski resort and Erciyes ski resort based on its position, then the Uludag ski resort is the winner.

The city of Bursa is near to Istanbul. It only needs about two hours driving from Istanbul.

Before visiting Uludag ski resort in Bursa, you can still have the opportunity to take some Istanbul city tour packages visiting its popular tourist spots such as Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, and Topkapi Palace.

Or for a better experience, you can go to Istanbul the day before, stay at one of the best hotels in Istanbul, and then the next day you go to Bursa.

Next, the winter tourism spot that we are really recommending in Turkey is Cappadocia. Cappadocia itself is originally has been listed as one of the best winter destinations in Turkey.

Based on its geographical position, Cappadocia is also in the list of the region in Turkey that has thick snow. And even here, the temperature in Cappadocia during winter can reach under 0°C.

Not only skiing, in the early morning you can enjoy the Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia.

You can witness the beauty and purity of Cappadocia that are covered by the white soft-snow from above.

Very interesting!

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A distinct advantage if you are planning a vacation in Istanbul and Cappadocia. There are several popular tourist spots that can be visited on the way from Istanbul to Cappadocia.
>> Check out some of the recommendations here: The best tour packages from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

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Best time to visit Turkey in April and May 2022.

Precisely in April, a lot of travelers recognize that this time range is one of the best times to visit Turkey. Besides the cool air which is very comfortable for vacationing, Turkey holds an international event known as the Turkish Tulip Festival 2022.

History says that Turkey is one of the places of Tulip’s origins.

Some people do not know about this. Most people assume that Tulips are originally from the Netherlands. But the fact is not telling us like this.

Here is the story…

Many centuries ago, Tulips had already loved by the Ottoman Empire.

Ogier Ghiselin de Busbecq, in the 16th century, he served as ambassador of the Habsburg monarchy for the Ottoman Empire. When he visited the Turkish sultan, he got some tulip bulbs to be brought back to Vienna.

The Turkish sultan: Suleiman the Magnificant was a fan of Tulip.

De Busbecq then gave the bulbs to his friend who was also a Flemish botanist: Charles de l’Écluse.

When Charles left Vienna to teach at a university in Leiden, Netherlands, he also brought the bulbs along with him.

Charles started planting them in there.

Since that time, the bulb tulip has been much cultivated in the Netherlands.

And now, every April, the government of Turkey makes Istanbul as a heaven of tulip.

Why you should visit Turkey in spring: April or May 2022.

A lot of travelers around the world assume that the best time to visit Turkey is in spring or autumn. If we talk spring, it would be in April or May this year. Turkey offers very comfortable weather and temperature, and a clear sky.

The other advantage in this time range is still not too many visitors in Turkey. You can do a city tour of Istanbul without rushing, so you can enjoy the tulips that were deliberately planted in Istanbul in April in comfort.

It’s very pleasing to have a vacation in the spring in Turkey.

Temperature and weather in Turkey in the spring months of April or May 2022.

The temperature in spring here is in a range of 13°C to 21°C on a daily basis. In the daytime, the temperature can reach 21°C and could drop until 10°C in the evening.

Averagely, it’s about three degrees Celcius more if compared with the temperature in March.

Best places to visit in Turkey in spring: April 2022.

You are the one who asked: “Where to go in Turkey in April?”

Then this section is the answer for you. As we mentioned here before, every April in a year, Turkey holds a big international event called “International Turkey Tulip Festival 2022”.

Especially in Istanbul, this city would be very beautiful and full of colorful tulip.

We highly recommend you to visit the best tourist spots in Istanbul for your spring break, one of which is the Emirgan National Park in Istanbul Turkey.

Emirgan Park is one of the largest parks in the city of Istanbul Turkey.

This national park is a historical urban park located in the Sariyer district of Istanbul. It is on the European coast of Bosphorus.

Make sure to list Emirgan Park on your Turkey travel itinerary.

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June, July, August, and September 2022: Best time to visit Turkey’s Turquoise beaches.

These months (June, July, August, September) are the best times as well as the most popular months for vacationing in Turkey. Tourists all over the world admit it. They deliberately wanted to come to Turkey in the summer because they wanted to enjoy the turquoise beaches along the coastline here.

We note that most visitors coming to Turkey in summer are from European countries. However, in recent years, tourists from the US and Asia have also started to come to Turkey for summer holidays here.

Why you should visit Turkey in summer: June, July, or August 2022.

If statistically in this time range Turkey is visited by many international travelers, it means Turkey has something that is indeed worth offering.

Summer vacation means going to the beach.

And in fact, Turkey has a coastline that can reach up to 8.000 km long with at least 459 beautiful blue beaches.

The coastline here is what a lot of travelers pursue during their summer vacation in Turkey.

Turkey keeps some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Temperature and weather in Turkey in the summer months of June, July, or August 2022.

The average temperature in Turkey during the summer season is in range of 25°C up to 29°C. It can drop until 16°C in the evening.

This data is taken based on the average temperature in Istanbul Turkey.

Best places to visit in Turkey during the summer: June, July, or August 2022.

This area is famous for Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. This is the area that contains the most sun and sea. In general, the best places of Turkish beach spots here you can find between Antalya and Fethiye.

All the coastlines here have beautiful sandy sweeps and backed by natural forests.

Very natural and awesome!

Not only that, when you are not at the beach, you can find some ancient cities and museums around those beaches. Some of them are Kaleici, Kayakoy (Levissi) Abandoned Village, Aspendos, Crusader Castle, Chimaera, Kings’ Tomb, Temples of Apollo & Athena, and much more.

It’s very worth having a summer holiday in Turkey.

Review those spots first, and then decide. Don’t forget to add it to your Turkey travel itinerary.

Summer: Best time to visit Antalya Turkey.

Since Antalya is home to naturally beautiful beaches, summer in June, July, August, or September is the best time to visit Antalya. Here, in one of the best hotels in Antalya, we can spend time enjoying the Turkish summer.

Antalya is one of the fastest-growing cities in Turkey. The location is on the southwest coast of Anatolia. The main reason why you should visit this city is that Antalya offers the best mixing of beautiful beaches and its traditional culture.

Among a lot of cities in Turkey, Antalya is the fifth populous city. At least there are more than one million people stayed here.

Regarding the facts above, Antalya is included in one of the metropolitan cities in Turkey.

As the biggest international sea resort, the government has invested huge funds for some large scale development here. The projects are mostly to promote the tourism industry in Antalya.

Besides the great beaches, Antalya also keeps some ancient sites.

After having fun at the beaches, you can continue your journey exploring the old history here such as Hadrian’s Gate, Iskele Mosque, Karatay Medrese, Kesik Minare Mosque, Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque, Yat Limani, and Yivli Minare Mosque.

>> Find out here: Best beaches for summer holiday in Turkey.

In the summer, Antalya also offers a unique experience that you can enjoy, which is a tour with a Gulet cruise.

With this cruise, you can travel along the coastline in Turkey. You will relax, and do many other activities on board. And even you will spend the night on this Gulet.

Consider taking a tour on the Gulet cruise while you are on holiday in Turkey in the summer.

>> You can see the holiday ideas here: 4-Day 3-Night Blue Gulet Cruise From Olympos (Antalya) To Fethiye Turkey

( click on image to enlarge )

Whatever your activities in the summer, especially in Antalya, make sure you stay a few days in the top areas here.
>> See the reference here: Recommended hotels in the top-rated area of Antalya.

Best time to visit Turkey in late September, October, and November 2022.

In this range of months, you will meet the autumn season in Turkey. The weather at this season is very comfortable. The cool weather will complete your experience in enjoying the beautiful gold color when the leaves are falling.

As we informed you in the previous section of this article, regarding the weather, autumn and spring are the best time for having a holiday in Turkey.

Many conditions during the autumn will make your trip to Turkey more perfect.

Why you should visit Turkey in autumn: late September, October, or November 2022.

We previously told you that many visitors come to Turkey during the fall. Some of the conditions we mean here are comfortable weather, not too crowded with visitors, prices that are not high in Turkey, and the most important thing is that Turkey turns into beautiful scenery like a very artistic painting.

Besides the spring, autumn is another best time to visit Turkey.

As our own experience, the autumn here is different. The atmosphere here is very natural.

When you visiting a coastal area of Turkey, the water is still warm.

A lot of hotel rooms are already booked. The prices in Turkey are also relatively cheap.

If you still confuse about deciding when you are going to have a holiday in Turkey, then you really should consider this season.

Temperature and weather in Turkey in the autumn months of late September, October, or November 2022.

In this range of months, we notice that the weather is getting lower. The temperature at night can reach 12°C, and reach 28°C in the afternoon.

Very comfortable for having a vacation in Turkey.

Best places to visit in Turkey during the autumn: late September, October, or November 2022.

What special thing during the autumn season is witnessing the beautiful scenery in Turkey. A lot of places offer the best experience enjoying the natural phenomena that are nature turns into a yellow or gold atmosphere.

Leaves are falling.

Autumn is one of the best times to visit Turkey. The weather is comfortable. And some summer’s best destinations still can be visited, as the water of the beach is still warm.

We note that some places are very worthed to be visited. Here is the list:

  • Cappadocia.
  • Fethiye.
  • Mardin.
  • Bozcaada.
  • Mersin.
  • Assos.
  • Cunda.
  • Datca.
  • Artvin.
  • Gokceada.

Some places on the list are in Turkey’s coastal area. For example, as you can see that Fethiye is on the list.

If you don’t have much time, you can still be a person who witnesses beautiful Turkey during the autumn fall.

We strongly recommend you to visit Yedigöller National Park. The park is close to Istanbul. Precisely in the north of Bolu province in Turkey.

A little story about this national park, Yedigoller means “seven lakes’.

There are seven lakes in the Yedigoller National Park. Those lakes named Buyukgol, Deringol, Seringol, Nazligol, Sazligol, Incegol, and Kucukgol.

Here visitors could enjoy both rich landscapes and wildlife.

Especially in autumn, the trees here are turning into red, yellow, and green.

You must see it by yourself.

( click on image to enlarge )

What to do in Turkey for a week.

A week: a 7-day itinerary is a good choice for your vacation in Turkey. In general, without knowing its season either winter spring summer or autumn, in a week you can visit some cities such as Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir/Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, and Ankara in a single trip.

For sure, a 7-day tour is still can be customized, depends on what season you are having your holiday.

For example: When you go to Turkey in the summer, from Pamukkale, you can visit Antalya first, and then on the next day you can continue your trip to Cappadocia via Konya.

And to save time, you can take a domestic flight from Cappadocia to Istanbul.

The 7-day Turkey tour itinerary can vary, depending on your expectations.

We recommend you to seek information for some Turkey tour itinerary for your reference.

>> For your reference: You can see one of the 7 days 6 nights Turkey itinerary ideas here.

Conclusion: The best time (month or season) to travel or having a vacation in Turkey in 2022.

You are reading this section, we are sure you already understand why every moment (month or season) is the best time to visit Turkey.

This article is carefully written based on our own Turkey trip review.

The key to having a great holiday here is its Turkey travel itinerary arrangement.

Understand the season which will be your desired time for your holiday in Turkey.

Each season: winter, spring, summer, or autumn, Turkey is a good option for your holiday destination.

On the other hand, there is are cities that are suitable for every season in Turkey. For example, every season is the best time to visit Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Many tourists who vacation in Turkey, surely include Istanbul and Cappadocia in their holiday itineraries.

We have an example of an itinerary that only visits Istanbul and Cappadocia. This itinerary is often used as the basis for planning a vacation in Turkey. Not a few tourists also modified it so they could visit other cities in Turkey.

>> You can see the itinerary here: A short tour visiting Istanbul and Cappadocia in Turkey.

By understanding which places you are going to visit, it will also determine the duration of your vacation.

Based on our experience, a 7-day tour in Turkey is also a good option. You can visit more tourist attractions in your one week vacation in Turkey.

The 6 days 7 nights Turkey itinerary we mean is suitable for all seasons in Turkey. In this itinerary, you can entirely use a road trip.

And even on the main route, you can also visit Kusadasi where the city is one of the major resort cities in Turkey, where in summer you can visit its beaches, and in other seasons you can visit other best tourist spots in Kusadasi such as historical sites, amusement parks, and also shopping places. Make sure you stay at one of the best hotels in Kusadasi.

Ok lastly, when you have decided on the date you are going to visit Turkey, make sure also that you have arranged the visa.

Applying a Turkey visa for the purpose of tourism is simple. Click this link for visa information for foreigners.

So what are you waiting for?

Plan your desired vacation in Turkey from now on.

There are only three important things that you should pay attention to in order to have a pleasant holiday experience in Turkey, namely knowing when the best time is, planning a good itinerary, vacation guides, and if you wish you can use travel insurance.

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