[10 Best] Nice and Good Beaches Near Istanbul Turkey Worth a Visit In 2024

Best Nice And Good Beaches Near Istanbul Turkey Which Are Worth A Visit

Summer is one of the seasons when there will be lots of tourists visiting Turkey. Although most of the popular beaches are in Antalya or Fethiye, it turns out that there are also nice and good beaches near Istanbul Turkey which are worth a visit. You are in Istanbul in the summer, here you can still enjoy the pleasant beach atmosphere.

Who doesn’t love summer in Turkey? There is no denying that everyone, both local and international, loves the summer atmosphere in Turkey.

In fact, the number of foreign visitors coming to Turkey continues to increase.

Even though 2016 has experienced a drop in the number of visitors, when viewed as a whole, the graph continues to increase from 2000 to 2019.

From the statistics we see from statista.com, in 2019, there were 45.1 million visitors from abroad who came to Turkey.

The rounded figures are purely foreign visitors. Even this figure does not include visits from Turkish citizens who are abroad.

Turkey is indeed a country where one of the biggest income is from its tourism.

Turkey is a great mix of history, natural beauty, and modernity.

And one of the best times to visit Turkey is during the summer. Turkey has a long coastline. The beach is very beautiful and natural.

Of the many beaches in Turkey, we note that there are at least 12 beaches in Turkey that you should visit. You can see complete information about the beaches below.

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Indeed Istanbul is not included in the list of beaches. But if you are in Istanbul and want to enjoy the beach atmosphere, you don’t have to worry. You don’t need to go to Antalya first, because there are beaches close to Istanbul that are also very worthy for you to visit.

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Summer in Istanbul.

In general, especially in Istanbul, summer runs from mid-June to mid-October.

And from that range of months, the hottest months during summer in Istanbul are July and August, where the temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius.

The situation in Istanbul during the summer is different when compared to other seasons.

If usually Istanbul is always crowded with many people, the conditions in summer are different.

Conditions in Istanbul during the summer tend to be calm and less crowded. People who have been living in Istanbul all this time, usually spend their summer holidays in their hometowns. Some of them also went to resort cities in Turkey such as Antalya, Fethiye, and several other areas.

A resort town close to Istanbul, which can also be considered to be visited in summer is Kusadasi. There are many tourist attractions besides beaches that can be visited in Kusadasi. And even one of the beaches, Ladies Beach is one of the many most popular beaches in Turkey.

So again, if you want a summer vacation in Turkey but you don’t want to be too crowded with lots of people, Istanbul could be the right answer for you.

During the summer, the traffic decreases so you can get around the city of Istanbul comfortably.

The edge of the Bosphorus strait is also quiet, very comfortable to relax here.

Museums and tourist attractions remain open as usual during the summer in Istanbul.

And of course, because summer is definitely synonymous with beaches, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the nice beaches near Istanbul.

Interested in relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches near Istanbul, here are recommendations for beaches near Istanbul that are worth visiting.

Istanbul is good to visit during any season, including summer in Turkey. You need to pay attention to the following two things when compiling an itinerary:

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List of nice and good beaches near Istanbul that can be an option for a summer vacation in Turkey in 2024.

As is well known, Istanbul is a city in Turkey that is surrounded by the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea. The two seas are connected by the Bosphorus Strait.

Istanbul is a complete city. Anyone who feels the bustle of Istanbul, can easily then escape looking for a calmer atmosphere by going to the beaches that are in or close to Istanbul.

Although Istanbul is not known as a coastal city in Turkey such as Antalya, Fethiye, or Kusadasi, here you can still get a soothing beach atmosphere.

In general, there are two types of beaches in Istanbul, namely public beaches and private beaches. The difference is if this public beach there is no entry fee (free), while there is an entrance fee for the private beach.

There are usually more services for private beaches such as sun loungers, umbrellas, or a cafe/restaurant.

For public beaches in Istanbul, some of the best known are Kilyos on the Black Sea coast, Florya on the European side, and Caddebostan on the Asian side.

When it comes to which beach is the best, of course, everyone will have different choices. Everyone has different reasons, so the choice of which beach is the best in Istanbul can also vary from person to person.

The beaches you will see here are good ones in our opinion. You can make it a reference to determine which beach you should visit when you are in Istanbul.

Here are the beaches that we think are good and worth visiting during summer in Istanbul Turkey.

1. Buyukada Beach Istanbul.

The name Buyukada is actually the name of the island. In Turkish, it means “Big Island,” which was later translated from Greek as “Prince” or “Foremost.”

Buyukada is the largest of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is located close to Istanbul. This area, which is officially a neighborhood in the Adalar (Islands) district of Istanbul Province, has an area of ​​about five square kilometers and is considered one of the largest islands in Istanbul.

Buyukada is a charming island with historic houses inside.

Buyukada Beach itself is also popular as the largest beach in Istanbul.

The beach view is beautiful. You visit Buyukada Beach, you can relax in the space provided on the beach. And the costs are also quite economical. So anyone can enjoy this beach.

At certain times, sometimes there will be restrictions for tourists due to the rocky situation of Buyukada Beach. However, when the beach is opened, people are allowed to soak for a while in the cool water of the beach.

Buyukada Beach is the right place to spend time with family, friends, or couples. Around the beach, you can enjoy facilities such as restaurants and small beautiful places to eat.

2. Solar Beach Istanbul.

Solar Beach is in Kilyos, on the shores of the Black Sea in Istanbul.

This beach can be reached by an hour’s road trip from downtown Istanbul. Access or the road to the beach is also good.

Solar Beach is a fine sandy beach. The beach is very clean and beautiful. But there is something to note, sometimes the weather here is too windy.

Solar Beach is suitable for families, couples, and of course young people. They will all be spoiled with a pleasant beach atmosphere.

In Solar Beach, there is a good restaurant. The position of the restaurant is slightly up, and from the restaurant, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the beach. The menu prices in our opinion are reasonable. The staffs are friendly too. They will come to visitors and serve orders.

To get a calmer atmosphere at Solar Beach, you can stay away from the center of the resort because there is a party space there.

3. Babylon Beach Sound Garden Istanbul.

Still, in the same location, Babylon Beach is in Kilyos Istanbul.

If you are looking for an intimate beach, then this beach could be the right one for you. People call this beach the most intimate beach when compared to other beaches in Istanbul.

Babylon Beach in Istanbul is perfect for families and kids alike to enjoy summer and fun on the beach.

There are lots of activities that can be done here, ranging from sports such as beach volleyball, or just sunbathing and relaxing on the beach.

You can find a lot of food on the streets around the beach. You can easily taste snacks such as cheese sandwiches or grilled hamburgers.

Although there are many activities on the beach, Babylon Beach is also classified as a quiet beach. Many people make this place an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of Istanbul.

If you like nightlife, then you should take the time to visit Babylon Beach. Here at night, you can find live DJ music.

4. True Blue Beach.

True Blue Beach is one of the sandy beaches in Istanbul. This beach has long been popular as a very pleasant place to enjoy the summer atmosphere in Turkey. On weekends you will see that there will be a large increase in the number of visitors who come to this beach.

Even though True Blue Beach is a free and public beach, the experience here is no less compared to the paid beaches in Istanbul. Many people love this beach as a great place to enjoy the sunset in Istanbul.

On the beach area, there is also a beach club. If you want a slightly different experience, of course, you can come here.

At the beach club, you can swim in the luxurious swimming pool, you can eat at their Mediterranean restaurant, and you can taste one of the best cocktails in Istanbul at their bar.

Here is also often a venue for live concert music events. At night the atmosphere becomes more cheerful and lively.

You visit True Blue Beach, get ready to get a deep impression that you will hardly forget.

5. Burch Beach Istanbul.

If you are looking for a beach near Istanbul that is currently being talked about a lot, then the answer is Burc Beach.

It is located not far from Istanbul, only about 15 km from the city center.

This one-kilometer-long beach is located on the Black Sea coast. The sand is warm, there are big waves, and the colorful umbrellas around the beach can prove to be a magnet to attract lots of people every day. And especially on weekends, the number of visitors will increase a lot.

If you are one who loves water sports, then you should make sure to visit Burc Beach while you are in Istanbul. Here you can do various water activities such as playing beach volleyball, playing soccer on the beach, kiteboarding, and of course surfing.

And what visitors like the most about this beach is the kitesurfing tournament at Burc Beach. You can participate in the competition, or just watching the competition can be fun while you are on this beach.

Summer in Turkey has a long afternoon. The best time to visit Burc Beach is from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm between June, July, and August.

6. Suma Beach Club.

If you come from abroad and want to socialize with other foreigners or local residents, then visiting Suma Beach Club is the right answer.

If you can’t find this beach with the name Suma Beach (Suma Plajı), then try searching for it with the name Silver Plajı.

The highlight of this beach is its fine sand, big waves, and a little seaweed.

Suma Beach Club is a private beach with a pleasant atmosphere. Here you can find a bar, there is wood neatly arranged in the sand, and there is free WiFi.

The beach club here often holds beach volleyball and soccer competitions in the afternoon.

The location of Suma Beach Club is not far away, only about 40 minutes drive from downtown Istanbul. And some even say that this beach is one of the best beaches near Taksim in Istanbul.

In the morning you can relax in the hammock provided at the beach hut. The best experience here is sunbathing and lying in the facilities provided.

The atmosphere of the beach changes at night. On certain nights, usually on weekends, there will be several DJs lined up and playing music until midnight. You can dance freely here. And if you want, you can continue to join the party here until the morning around 6.00.

7. Buyukcekmece Beach Istanbul.

Buyukcekmece Beach is a sandy beach in Istanbul Turkey. The beach is clean and the air is fresh, so you can walk on the beach quite comfortably.

The beach view is beautiful. Some people even think that Buyukcekmece Beach is like the beaches in Fethiye.

People who have come here say that this beach is good. They gave 4.2 stars out of 5, from 4,763 reviews submitted by visitors.

Access or transportation facilities to the beach are also easy.

One of the most popular activities here is feeding the birds.

Around the beach, you will also find some good restaurants and cafes.

If you want a summer vacation and enjoy the beaches in Istanbul with your family, then Buyukcekmece Beach can be the right choice for you. All facilities are here. Although sometimes you have to pay, the fees are reasonable.

8. Florya Gunes Beach Istanbul.

In fact, Florya Gunes Beach in Istanbul is one of the most visited beaches by tourists and locals alike.

Play in the clean water of this beach, the summer heat will quickly disappear.

Florya Gunes Beach is one of the sandy beaches that you can find in Istanbul. You can play with your children by making unlimited creations with the sand.

Sitting on the edge of the beach can also provide a calming experience. You can feel the waves coming, which then gradually the water goes away.

If you are in Istanbul during your summer vacation, it would be a good idea if you can spare some time to visit Florya Gunes Beach. The atmosphere of the sunset here is pleasant. You will be able to see beautiful scenery.

You can close that day in Istanbul with a pleasant experience visiting Florya Gunes Beach with your family.

9. Yesilkoy Ciroz Beach.

This beach is still in the Florya area.

Some say, although it cannot be compared to all beaches in Turkey, this beach is one of the best in Istanbul.

The scenery here is very beautiful, especially at sunset.

If you want to capture your moment on the beach while in Istanbul, then you can really consider making Yeslkoy Ciroz Beach an interesting photo spot.

Yeslkoy Ciroz Beach is a very pleasant public area in Istanbul. It is complete here, there is a beach, a marina, a restaurant, a cafe, bicycle rental, a garden with green grass, an area for children, an amusement park, and much more.

The area around the beach is also very comfortable for sports such as running and cycling. Here is also provided a special area to play beach volleyball.

Yesilkoy Ciroz Beach is the perfect place for a summer vacation in Istanbul with your family or friends.

10. Caddebostan Beach Istanbul.

Caddebostan Beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Istanbul. This beach is located in the Asian part of Istanbul. More precisely, it is in the Kadikoy area, to the east of the Bosphorus Strait in the Sea of Marmara.

The beach is famous for having complete facilities and services. Here you can easily find beach chairs, umbrellas, restaurants, and cafes.

If you ask which beach is worth visiting during the summer in Istanbul, then maybe many people will also answer with Caddebostan Beach because its location is not too far from the city center and close to many famous tourist attractions in Istanbul.

At Caddebostan Beach you can do many things such as walking, swimming, enjoying beach views, playing beach volleyball, and many other fun activities.

Conclusion: Best beaches in or near Istanbul Turkey Which Are Worth A Visit.

Especially for summer holidays, Istanbul is not included in the list of beach cities or resort cities in Turkey.

But in fact, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey which has four surrounding seas, between which the seas are connected with the Bosphorus Strait.

So if you want to experience the beach atmosphere in Istanbul, of course, you can get it.

These beaches in Istanbul are suitable for one-day trips.

Several beach clubs also offer great nightlife.

Indeed, it cannot be compared between the beaches in Istanbul with the beaches in other resort cities in Turkey. The experience is different.

One of the advantages if you visit Istanbul’s beaches during summer in Turkey is that the atmosphere may not be too crowded. Because usually people who previously lived in Istanbul spend their summer holidays in their hometowns or go to resort cities in Turkey.

And of course, there are many things to do in Istanbul that you can do besides relaxing on its beaches. You can find some recommendations below:

If you have free time during your summer vacation in Turkey, apart from visiting the beaches in Istanbul, we also highly recommend that you visit the other best beaches in Turkey.

If you are asking which resort city is closest to Istanbul, then Kusadasi can be your choice. In Kusadasi, you can also find a very popular beach, namely Ladies Beach. And the good news, Ladies Beach is one of the best of the many turquoise beaches in Turkey. Not only beaches, but you can also visit many other top tourist attractions in Kusadasi.

Or you can go to Antalya. Here the beaches are very beautiful and natural. We think there are at least seven beaches in Antalya that are worth visiting in the summer.

Are you interested in exploring more beautiful beaches in Turkey?

>> You can see the recommendations for the beaches here: The best beaches to enjoy a summer vacation in Turkey.

Summer is the perfect time to vacation and to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Turkey. For a long time, Turkey has been able to attract a lot of tourists in the summer.

>> See the explanation here: The best time to vacation in Turkey.

So, are you ready for your summer vacation in Turkey this year? Make sure our recommended best beaches are on your Turkey travel itinerary.

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