12 Best Beaches Worth A Visit In Turkey: Top Summer Vacation Destinations In 2024

best beaches for summer vacation destination in turkey

Summer is always synonymous with beach tourism, and Turkey is no exception. We have summarized some of the beaches that are really worth visiting in Turkey. Make them a reference, and have the best summer vacation experience in Turkey.

In fact, Turkey is one destination worth visiting for a summer vacation.

Not only about Turkey’s famously beautiful beaches, but it will also be a more complete experience when we can visit historical places and some of the vibrant events that are held during the summer.

One of the biggest magnets that attract tourists to visit Turkey during summer is its famously beautiful coastline.

The beautiful beaches in Turkey have crystal clear water and sandy beaches. Some of Turkey’s popular tourist beaches are spread across several regions such as Antalya, Alanya, and Bodrum.

Not only sunbathing, but you can also do other activities during summer in Turkey such as swimming, boat trip, parasailing, jet skiing, and many more.

However, which Turkish beaches are the most worth visiting?

Some travelers have a hard time deciding which one is the best to visit because there are actually so many worth visiting.

To make it easier for our readers to determine which beaches in Turkey are worth visiting during summer, some points that should be considered are the size of the beach, the quality of the sand, and also the availability of facilities such as sun loungers, restaurants, and so on.

Determining which beach in Turkey to visit can also be based on its location. For example, if you will be in Istanbul but do not have much time for a vacation. Then you can consider beaches that are worth visiting close to Istanbul.

However, if you really want to experience a summer vacation in Turkey, we highly recommend the sandy beaches of Antalya.

Antalya is a complete destination. Not only can you find beautiful beaches, but you can also explore historical sites and play with your family at the amusement parks in Antalya.

In this article, we have summarized and will show you which beaches are worth visiting during your summer vacation in Turkey.

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Summer 2024: The perfect time to visit beaches in Turkey.

At least the summer in Turkey will last for four months in 2024.

Weather in June July August and September in Turkey will be hot. And this is the perfect time to sunbathe on the beautiful coast of Turkey.

So, if you plan to go on holiday to Turkey between June and September this year, make sure you include some of the beaches in Turkey in your Turkey travel itinerary.

The best beaches we will share here will not be reviewed based on where they are in Turkey. But we will review it based on the number of people who have visited the beaches.

If at this time there are still people who ask whether Turkey has beautiful beaches to visit, it means that they don’t know Turkey well yet.

In fact, Turkey has a coastline of 8,333 km with its beautiful and natural beaches.

You will spend a lot of time if you want to visit all the beaches.

But here we provide a summary, of which 12 beaches are very appropriate for you to include in your summer vacation itinerary in Turkey.

Top best beaches in Turkey for your summer vacation destinations.

Who would have thought that Turkey has some of the best beaches in the world?

The beaches are famously beautiful among tourists from Europe and tourists all over the world in general.

And even if you are one of the many tourists from the United States, you are not wrong in determining your summer vacation destination this time. There are already many tourists from the US, UK, UAE, and even Asia planning a vacation to Turkey in the summer of this year.

Besides visiting beautiful beaches in Turkey, there are still lots of things you can do in Turkey in the summer.

But to help you plan your summer vacation in Turkey, this article will first discuss only beautiful beaches in Turkey that you can visit with your family.

Here is the list of top 12 best beaches to visit in Turkey: summer vacation destinations for families.

1. Ladies Beach in Kusadasi Turkey.

This beach is located in Kusadasi, precisely in the Aydin province in Turkey.

Kusadasi itself is not too far from Istanbul. Access to Kusadasi is very easy. Kusadasi is on the main route connecting Istanbul with other popular cities for tourism in Turkey such as Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Antalya, and many more.

This condition which then makes Ladies beach become one of the beaches in Turkey which attracts many tourists.

Ladies beach is one of the sandy beaches in Kusadasi Turkey.

Why is it known as Ladies beach?

In Turkish terms, this beach is called Kadinlar Denizi which means “women’s sea.”

At first, during the Ottoman period, this beach was only intended for women. At that time only women were allowed to swim at this beach.

That is why then this beach is known as women’s sea, and then it is internationally known as Ladies beach.

Currently, men or women may visit and swim at Ladies beach.

Local people love to visit this beach on weekends. Indeed, at the weekend the visitors have increased. But on weekdays, this beach is still visited by many both international and local tourists.

Kusadasi has it all. The city whose main industry is tourism is very worthy to be visited. There are many excellent tourist spots in Kusadasi apart from its beautiful beaches. Here you can visit many historical sites, amusement parks, and also markets for shopping.

And another advantage, Kusadasi is on the main route which connects Istanbul with other famous cities in Turkey. So you can arrange a travel itinerary, where at the same time you can visit Istanbul, Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, and Ankara.

It is always a pleasant experience to spend a few days in Kusadasi. Make sure you choose the best hotel in Kusadasi for your stay here.

2. Kleopatra Beach in Alanya Turkey.

The beach which is famous for its golden sand is located in Antalya province, precisely in the Alanya district.

The facts prove that this beach has been able to attract no less than two million tourists every year.

Alanya as a summer tourist destination in Turkey has contributed a lot because this district is home to one of the beautiful beaches in Turkey.

It is said that the story, Cleopatra, a Hellenistic queen from ancient Egypt, between 69-30 BC, she loved sunbathing on this beach because of its golden sand and loved swimming in the clear blue water like crystal.

This beach was a gift from an important Roman figure named Antonius for Cleopatra.

And Cleopatra immediately fell in love with its golden sand.

This two-kilometer long beach is famous all over the world.

Its very strategic position is one of the attractions of this beach. This beach is one of the rare places in the world because here tourists can swim in the center of the city. And there are many more activities that can be done on this beach.

Head of the tourism association there said: no less than 3.5 million tourists came to Alanya, 80% of the tourists must have visited Kleopatra beach. And this data continues to rise every year.

So, if you are planning a vacation in Turkey in the summer, we highly recommend visiting this beach.

The sand on Kleopatra beach is slightly thicker and not sticky on the body. So you can lie on the sand of the beach.

3. Kaputas Beach in Kalkan Turkey.

Some say that Kaputas beach is the most famous beach in Turkey.

Kaputas beach is located in Antalya province, between Kas and Kalkan in southwestern Turkey. This beach is one of the best beaches in Antalya.

You can find Kaputas beach 20 kilometers from Kas or 7 kilometers from Kalkan.

This beach is famous for its natural environment.

Maybe you are not aware, there are lots of photos of this beach circulating on the internet or in various travel guide books.

If you see a picture of a beach with a very narrow valley and surrounded by steep cliffs, that’s Kaputas beach in Turkey.

From the road beside the cliff, you need to go down about 200 steps to get to the beach.

The earlier you visit the Kaputas beach the better. Because there will be more tourists, whether local or international, visit this beach.

The road next to the cliff or on the steps will continue to grow crowded by tourists. They will stop there and take pictures.

Kaputas Beach when seen or photographed from the top of the road will be very beautiful.

Besides, Kaputas beach is also a leading destination on a tour with a gulet cruise in Turkey.

4. Kalkan public beach.

Although the location is closer to Fethiye, Kalkan is still included in the administrative area of ​​Antalya.

Kalkan’s public beach is located close to the harbor entrance.

This Kalkan public beach has lots of white pebbles. If the white gravel is visible on the beach, it means that the beach water here must be very clear. But if we look at the facts, this Kalkan beach holds the status of Blue Flag.

The access from the city center to the beach is very easy. It is only 3 minutes walk from Kalkan Old Town.

Around the beach, you can also find various kinds of Turkish culinary food.

The beach is not too big, it looks very crowded during the summer.

The Kalkan public beach is one of the beaches that you can consider visiting in your summer vacation itinerary in Turkey.

5. Lara Beach in Antalya Turkey.

Lara Beach is one of Turkey’s Mediterranean beaches located in Antalya province.

This beach is only about 5 kilometers from Antalya airport (AYT).

Lara Beach is also one of the best sandy beaches located in Antalya that Turkey has.

What is different from this Lara beach?

Lara Beach is often dubbed Turkey’s Las Vegas.

In the area around Lara beach, you can find many luxury hotels, large swimming pools, waterparks, restaurants, and various other pampering facilities.

Lara Beach contributed to winning the Blue Flag beach award. Its golden sand and crystal blue water make it a very comfortable place for summer vacation with family.

You can feel the clarity of the blue water by swimming at Lara beach. Or you can also stay at the resorts available at Lara beach.

Of course, this will be an experience that you will never forget as long as you and your family go on a summer vacation at Lara beach in Antalya Turkey.

>> Find it here: Recommendations for the best hotels in the top-rated area of Lara Beach Antalya.

6. Konyaalti Beach in Antalya Turkey.

Konyaalti Beach is one of the main beaches in Antalya besides Lara beach. And in fact, this beach is among the best in Antalya.

This beach is located on the west side of the city and extends 7 kilometers from the cliffs of Mount Beydağları.

Do not want to lose from Lara beach, around the beach you can also easily find parks, many bars, cafes, night clubs, and some luxury hotels.

Konyaalti Beach is also one of the Blue Flag beaches in Turkey.

If the beach is included in the Blue Flag list, it means that Konyaalti beach has fulfilled the high standards of the European Union for cleanliness and sanitation, both for the beach sand and the beach waters as well.

Staying a few days at Konyaalti beach can also be your choice if you want to enjoy the beaches in Antalya for a longer time.

Make sure you find comfortable accommodations around Konyaalti beach.

7. Kabak Beach.

Kabak Beach is one of the beaches on the Mediterranean coastline located on the southern side of Turkey.

This beach becomes very phenomenal because of its existence which is still very natural. You will have difficulty finding resort hotels, English-style pubs, sunbeds lined up, and so forth here.

Kabak Beach is known as one of Turkey’s treasures.

The area here is still far from air pollution. This situation makes the Kabak beach area very refreshing.

The environment is very natural. There is only a small cove, surrounded by amazing hikes, fresh waterfalls, and a few wooden chalets. A very amazing view on Kabak beach.

There are no roads, no shops, no cars, and maybe you will also have trouble getting a phone signal.

If you have decided to stay at Kabak beach, it means you must also dare to leave all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Get ready to get new peace in your life.

If you are one with nature on Kabak beach, you will not feel that you have lived here long enough.

8. Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

Butterfly valley is a valley on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, more precisely located in the Fethiye district of Mugla province.

The term butterfly is not known for reasons. This valley is home to many species of butterflies.

Butterfly Valley is another treasure that belongs to Turkey.

Butterfly Valley is a secluded beach, where everything you will encounter here is a natural beauty.

One of the reasons why this valley is still maintained its purity is because of its access which can only be reached by boat.

Surely you need to know how to reach Butterfly Valley and note it to your summer itinerary.

Most tours with Gulet cruises will stop in this valley.

>> You can check one of the packages here: 4-day 3-night blue gulet cruise from Olympos Antalya to Fethiye.

Of course with these conditions, there aren’t many people who come to this very remote beach.

Around the valley, there are also mountains with an area of ​​86,000 square meters. Become more charming because it is equipped with a very amazing blue sea, complete with its pure white beach sand.

There are more than 100 species of butterflies in Butterfly Valley, including the local species of black, white, and orange Jersey Tiger butterflies.

You can find these butterflies near lavender flowers in Butterfly Valley.

The Turkish government has also declared that this valley is a conservation area starting from 1987, to protect the butterflies and all the natural habitats that are here.

Clear blue waters of the beach, white sand beach, butterflies, lavender flowers, and mountains. A natural habitat that you can get in one visit at Butterfly Valley.

One more tourist destination that you must write in your summer vacation itinerary in Turkey.

9. Olympos Beach in Antalya Turkey.

Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia.

The city is located in a river valley close to the sea.

Olympos Beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Antalya, precisely on the southern side of the city. It is a beach with crystal clear blue water. The mountains behind the beach add to the stunning views of the coast.

Here everything is also still very natural. Even you can still hear natural animal sounds like crickets.

The existence of loggerheads (Caretta Caretta) is freed here.

Loggerheads buried their eggs for two months here. And after the breeding is complete, the eggs will hatch at night.

On the Olympos beach, sunbeds and umbrellas are prohibited. Especially if we will dig the ground and put an umbrella into it. This is strictly prohibited because it is to keep the loggerheads eggs in the ground.

Night activities at Olympos beach are also restricted. There should be no music that is too loud or too much light. It is feared that such a situation will disturb the baby turtles, so the babies will be confused to find their way back to the sea.

There are no facilities on this beach. Cars are also not allowed to enter the beach. A car park is provided near the beach entrance.

Another highlight of the Olympos beach is the ruins of a very historic site near the beach area. Before or after going to the beach you can visit the historic ruins site.

Olympos Beach is also often the starting point or stops of a sailing tour package using the Gulet cruise.

We strongly recommend you take a tour package by enjoying the beaches on the Turkish coastline with a gulet cruise.

10. Oludeniz Blue Lagoon in Fethiye Turkey.

Oludeniz means a dead sea. Called the dead sea because the water is very calm even during storms.

The water is calm and blue which later made this place known as the Blue Lagoon.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is a beach resort located in the Fethiye district in the Mugla province of Turkey. More precisely 14 kilometers to the south of Fethiye, close to Mount Babadag.

The beach here is a pebble beach. Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is also a sandy bay.

Oludeniz seawater is famous for having a very amazing feel of turquoise.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is also recognized as a Blue Flag beach.

Another activity that you can do here is paragliding.

Paragliding here is very interesting because you can enjoy the beauty of Oludeniz Blue Lagoon from above. Supported by stable weather and the existence of the Babadag mountain makes the paragliding experience even more challenging.

We suggest, Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is also one of the tourist attractions you must visit during your summer vacation in Turkey.

11. Patara Beach.

Patara Beach is one of the sandy beaches whose existence is very unique in Turkey.

Although the beach is long, Patara beach is never crowded.

Patara Beach has a length of 20 kilometers and a width of 50 meters.

You can reach this beach by driving 17 kilometers west of Kalkan.

There is a Patara village around the coast, but the village is relatively small. And it is necessary to travel about 3.5 kilometers from the highway to reach the village.

The small village can only provide a few rooms for tourists who come to Patara beach.

Near the beach there are also ancient Patara ruins, so regulations here forbid the construction of large hotels in the archeological zone. The beach must be protected from massive development.

That condition makes Patara beach never crowded with visitors.

But for some people, the situation of a deserted beach becomes something they are looking for. They really want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach without much disturbance from beach visitors.

12. Kekova Island.

Kekova island which was once a remote place as the first democratic federation in Turkey.

That period was very long ago, even before the Ottoman, Byzantine, or Roman periods.

It is said that the federation existed in 2000 BC. This included the city of Simena which was the center of marine trade at the time.

Simena then suffered damage several times due to the earthquake. End of the story, Simena drifted away by the waves.

Currently, you can still see the ruins of the city of Simena.

There are seen some ruins such as buildings, houses, Lycian tombs, and even some parts of the early church still visible ruins in the water.

Kekova Island is the location where the ruins are.

Kekova Island is currently uninhabited.

Although sometimes we can still see some goats coming and grazing among the city ruins.

In 1990, the Turkish government declared that the island of Kekova was a Specially Protected Area, and prohibited further developments on the island.

UNESCO also included him as a candidate for World Heritage status.

Swimming, snorkeling, diving or jet skiing are prohibited on Kekova Island.

But to visit this island can still be possible by chartering a ship.

So again we recommend, make sure you take a tour package with the Gulet cruise in Turkey.

>> Here is one example: Tour the blue Gulet cruise and visit Kekova Island.

Conclusion: The best beaches to visit during summer vacation in Turkey.

Surely, summer is one of the perfect times to vacation in Turkey. In summer, you can experience Turkey’s famous beaches, which are very beautiful and natural.

Are you planning to have a summer vacation in Turkey? Make sure you know what things Turkey has to offer in the summer.

One thing you should know is where the beautiful beaches are in Turkey.

You also need to know that there is a city in Turkey that is not a resort city but has beaches. The city is Istanbul. It turns out that many people enjoy summer vacations in Istanbul because of the less crowded conditions. And of course, you can still feel the beach atmosphere in Istanbul.

>> You can see a recommendation here: The best beaches in Istanbul that are worth a visit during the summer in Turkey.

Turkey has a very long coastline. And along the coastline, Turkey has beautiful beaches that are famous all over the world.

There are even some beaches that are classified as treasures of Turkey. It is said so because the beaches are very closely guarded naturalness.

And even some beaches have not been much touched by humans, even forbidden to hold tourism development on certain beaches in Turkey.

Planning your vacation itinerary carefully is the key to getting the best quality during your vacation in Turkey.

Make sure you feel a unique experience during summer vacation in Turkey. One way is to take a Gulet cruise in Turkey. But you need to know, with a gulet cruise you need more time. You will spend a few days on the gulet.

If you have less time, you can consider taking a boat trip in Turkey. This boat trip also has a great route through the top spots during the summer in Turkey such as Antalya, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Kas.

>> You can see more complete details here: Boat trip (tour) in Turkey.
And especially for Antalya, you can see boat tour recommendations in Antalya here.

Turkey has unique things that can spoil tourists who visit this country.

Be ready. Turkey is ready to pamper you with its beautiful beaches.

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