Best Private 3 Nights 4 Days Gulet Charter: Cruise Tour From Kas To Kekova in Turkey in 2024

Best Private 3 Nights 4 Days Gulet Charter Cruise Tour From Kas To Kekova In Turkey In 2022

Gulet charter for 3 nights 4 days from Kas is one of the interesting activities you can do in Turkey. You can feel the cruise experience as long as you take a boat trip from Kas to Kekova. In addition to water activities such as swimming and snorkeling, you will also get a chance to witness sunken ancient cities, ancient tombs, and many more highlights that you can enjoy with this boat tour package.

Summer in Turkey is the high season.

During summer, especially in coastal areas, it will suddenly be crowded with people who want to enjoy the atmosphere of blue flag beaches in Turkey.

One of the popular activities is to do a tour on a boat (or gulet), spending a few days on a boat during a trip from one area to another. Kas and Kekova are two favorite areas that are often used for gulet cruises, in addition to other popular areas such as Antalya or Fethiye in Turkey.

However, the boat referred to here is not a boat in general. Here you will cruise using Gulet.

Before we discuss the gulet cruise package itself, it would be better if you already understand what gulet is.

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What is a gulet?

First introduced in Turkey, the gulet is a wooden boat whose main purpose is to sail. Gulet is usually built in Bodrum or Marmaris.

Is Gulet a yacht?

Yes, gulets are yachts. But gulet is a classic wooden yacht.

The current gulet is equipped with motor power. Gulet can be used to sail either by motor or not.

In general, the gulet has a length of about 20-30 meters and there are about 4-8 cabins on it. These cabins can accommodate around 6-16 people on average, and sometimes more for special types of gulets.

Currently, gulet is often used for private charters. In Gulet, a crew will be provided to serve the needs of passengers during the boat trip.

Tours with gulets for several days will provide a unique experience that is different from other tours in general.

The success of the tour with a gulet charter in Turkey was then imitated in several other countries.

Overview of private 3 nights 4 days gulet charter: Cruise tour (trip) from Kas to Kekova.

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This 3 nights 4 days gulet boat trip is a private tour package. Even though sailing on a gulet, here you will still get a VIP service.

During the boat trip, you will get the opportunity to get unique experiences that you can only get when you go on a gulet sailing tour.

You can get a combination of the experience of doing activities on the water with sightseeing popular tourist spots in this one gulet charter tour package.

This Gulet Tour is suitable for families. Onboard, you can enjoy lots of beautiful and relaxing views with your family or closest relatives.

And most importantly, this gulet tour itinerary is flexible according to your preferences.

Do you want to see firsthand the details and availability of this private gulet charter tour package without reading our summary first?

What you can do and see when you join this private 3-night 4-day gulet tour from Kas to Kekova.

This private tour package with 3 days 4 nights gulet charter is very exciting. Besides being able to relax on the gulet with its satisfying service, you can do several activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and also visiting favorite tourist spots that are between the boat trip routes from Kas to Kekova.

Here are some tourist spots that you can visit in this gulet charter package:

1. Kekova island.

From the moment this private gulet tour begins, you will be amazed by what you will see at the beginning of this boat trip.

You will be invited to sail through history, namely, the famous sunken city, the Lycian city, which sank until finally being underwater due to an earthquake in the 2nd century AD.

Experienced guides who take part in this gulet journey will tell you about the history of the Lycian city. And he’ll also tell you when you have to look down at the ocean floor through the glass bottom of the gullet.

Here the boat cannot stop and there is a prohibition on swimming. But here is a very good spot for you to capture the moment by taking photos or videos.

The submerged stone ruins will reflect a very beautiful shimmering light.

2. Kalekoy village.

Kalokay village is a unique village because it was built on and among the ruins of the ancient city of Simena.

The atmosphere in Kalokay village is very impressive. Here you’ll have the opportunity to explore the shops lining the narrow streets, take pictures of the Lycian sarcophagi, or walk up to the top of the castle.

A simple but fun activity that you shouldn’t miss here is enjoying homemade ice cream by the sea.

3. Lions tomb in Kas.

The Lions tomb is a Lycian sarcophagus from the 4th century BC. This sarcophagus is precisely located 200 m northeast of Kas harbor, in a small shady square there.

The Lions tomb sits on top of a Roman-era road, Uzun arşı Sokak, which locals call a slippery road.

Physically, the Lions tomb is an elevated three-part sarcophagus:

  • At the bottom is the burial chamber with a height of 1.5 m and a concave floor.
  • Above it is an 80 cm flat base cut from solid rock.
  • And on top is the classic Lycian sarcophagus (excavated elsewhere), with a shrill, pointed lid resembling an overturned boat. On each side of the cap are two protruding lion heads. This is the reason why later the name of this tomb is known as the Lions tomb.

When viewed in more detail, there are 4 panels on the short side of the lid where the top 2 reliefs show a standing figure.

The environment around Lions tomb is also worth exploring. Here you can find restaurants, shops, and narrow cobbled alleys.

4. Aperlai ancient city.

Aperlai is a Lycian city, where from history it is known that the name of this city is written on silver coins that have been found since the 4th or 5th century BC.

Aperlai was at that time the head of the Lycian Confederation of which the members were Isinda, Simena, and Apollonia.

Aperlai is located on the Sicak peninsula close to its jetty.

Within the walls of this ancient city are the ruins of a Christian church and chapel, as well as a water tank.

Outside the walls can be found a typical Lycian sarcophagus with circular lights scattered everywhere. And there are also monumental tombs carved into the rock.

Several other sarcophagi at Aperlai are underwater. This condition proves that Aperlai has experienced many earthquakes over the centuries, so the land here slides into the sea.

The location of this archaeological site is very difficult to reach by road. Trekking is required for about 23 km from Kas. This condition was then suggested to reach Aperlai by boat from Kas port.

An additional advantage is that with this gulet charter private tour package, you have the opportunity to visit the ancient city of Aperlai.

Itinerary of 3 nights 4 days boat trip with Gulet charter from Kas to Kekova.

As previously mentioned, this gulet charter private tour package from Kas to Kekova will last for 3 nights and 4 days.

The essence of this gulet (boat) trip is to enjoy the beauty of nature, especially the nature that is between Kas and Kekova.

In this private gulet charter package, during a 3-night 4-day trip from Kas to Kekova, you will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel, as well as witness historical places.

A complete combination of a joyous journey and at the same time through the history of ancient cities.

Here is the itinerary of a private 3 nights 4 days gulet charter: Cruise tour (trip) from Kas to Kekova.

Day 1: The tour starts from Kas Harbor and today there will be 2 different stops for swimming (-/L/D).

Today’s boat trip (gulet) will stop at 9 stops:

  1. Kekova Island.
  2. Kalekoy Harbor.
  3. Lions Tomb.
  4. Kekova Island.
  5. Castle of Simena.
  6. Big Pebble Beach.
  7. Hellenistic Theater.
  8. Boat trips by Captain Ergun.
  9. Kekova Tekne Turu.

Day 2: Visits Kekova and the sunken city (B/L/D).

Today’s boat trip (gulet) will stop at 3 stops:

  1. Kekova Island.
  2. Tersane Koyu.
  3. Sunken City Ruins of Simena.

Day 3: Visits Simena Village and swimming in some bays (B/L/D).

Today’s boat trip (gulet) will stop at 2 stops:

  1. Castle of Simena.
  2. Aperlai Ancient City.

Day 4: Sails back to Kas harbor (B/L/-).

Today’s boat trip (gulet) will stop at 2 stops:

  1. Aperlai Ancient City.
  2. Hidayet koyu.

Some traveler reviews when they join this private tour package for 3 nights 4 days of gulet charter, a boat trip from Kas to Kekova.

And after we saw it for ourselves, it’s true that people who have done private boat trips with gulet charter from Kas to Kekova gave impressive reviews.

Here are some of the reviews, which may be after you read them you will then decide to also buy this gulet charter private tour package.


(A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Oct 2019).
Our family of 7 had the most amazing time with Captain Ergun and Merve. The Mediterranean ocean is stunning, the food cooked was amazing, the company was great and it’s a time we will truly cherish. Merve is the star of the show. She made the most amazing food and was always there to meet our needs and take care of us from snacks to coffee to beautiful home cooked Turkish food. Captain Ergun put us in the most amazing beautiful bays. I’ll never forget eating a beautiful cooked meal from the BBQ with crystal clear waters and goats steering at us. Absolutely amazing!! Sleeping under the stars at night and seeing at least 8 shooting stars was priceless. You will never forget a trip like this in your lifetime. Just like most other customers I’ll be back next summer to explore more bays and to lap up the perfect weather. Thanks again for the awesome time and we will see you again soon.

What we can conclude:

  • Those who use this gulet charter private package are a family of 7 people.
  • There is a team on the gulet consisting of a captain and a cook.
  • The captain is very experienced. He knows the locations through which his boat trip passes well, so he chose the right place to stop in the beautiful bay.
  • Cooks have special skills in serving delicious food. The cook is always there to serve all the food and drink needs of the passengers.
  • They have a pleasant stay in Gulet. They can sleep under the stars and see at least 8 shooting stars in the beautiful sky.
  • Reviewers ensure that they will return to using this private gulet rental tour service when they are going on vacation next summer.

An Unforgettable Experience that we want to share with others!

(A Tripadvisor Reviewer, Apr 2019).
Our trip with Captain Ergun and Merve was a truly AMAZING experience! These are just some of the highlights: 1. The comfortable accommodations on his gulet surprised us! There was a place to rest and lounge everywhere! And the place was spotlessly clean. Selcuk, the deck hand never rested! He made sure the place was immaculate. 2. The food prepared by Merve, Captain Ergun’s wife, was the tastiest we’ve had in Turkey. The food was varied and recipes well thought of. A lot of the food she served we will try to replicate when we get back to the Philippines, that’s how good they were. And she’s truly a magician because she can whip up an entire meal for 8 adults without even looking like she was having a hard time. There was always a smile, a kind word for everyone and always asking if everything was alright with us. 3. The places we were taken to were carefully chosen by the Captain. He brought us to amazing coves, ruins, and coastal towns several times on that trip. We had some requests as well that he graciously did for us such as hiking the Simena Castle and swimming in the Tersane Bay. 4. Last but not the least was Captain Ergun’s professionalism and dedication to his job. We could tell from the start that all he wanted was for us to enjoy our trip no matter what. He always asked if we were enjoying it and if we had any special requests as to where to go, where we wanted to have lunch, where to swim etc. He had ready his swim gears, kayak, paddle board and his beautiful drone shots that he took of us on his beautiful boat! There wasn’t anything else we could ask for. Those are just some of the highlights of our adventure on the Evita. I guess those who read this will just have to try it out for themselves… It was truly a life-changing experience for us!!!

What we can conclude:

  • The captain and cook, who are husband and wife, are very professional people and always pay attention to the needs of their guests.
  • The captain and cook are very nice people. They always make sure their guests are all ok and always provide the best service for them.
  • The gulet is beautiful.
  • The accommodation in the gulet is very comfortable.
  • In the gulet can be found a place to rest and lounge everywhere.
  • Merve, the captain’s wife, is an experienced cook. Merve always prepares a variety of dishes and prepares them very well.
  • The captain can point out places worth visiting such as beautiful coves, historic city ruins, and stunning coastal towns.
  • The team prepared the equipment on the boat properly such as swimming equipment, paddle boards, kayaks, and several others.
  • Reviewers are very happy. They felt this experience changed their lives.
  • The reviewers highly recommend anyone who reads the reviews to try this private tour package for boat trips with gulet charter from Kas to Kekova.

>> Click here to see the latest review of this private boat tour package with gulet charter.


Do you want a vacation in Turkey, especially during the summer? So you should really consider doing a boat trip in Turkey.

A boat tour is one of the best things to do in Turkey while on summer vacation in Turkey. There are many services related to boat trips in Turkey.

>> You can see the recommendations here: Boat trips in Turkiye.

One thing you should try to experience is a private boat tour package with a gulet charter from Kas to Kekova for 3 nights and 4 days.

This private tour of 3 nights 4 days Gulet charter from Kas to Kekova is a boat trip with Gulet cruise Turkey all-inclusive. There is an onboard crew who will serve all the food and drinks that passengers need during the boat trip.

This boat trip is one of the best of the many gulet itineraries available. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of Turkey as well as witness the relics of historical places that exist between Kas and Kekova.

With this private tour package with a gulet charter, you can also do outdoor activities such as swimming and snorkeling in beautiful bays.

The gulet offered in this private gulet charter package is also very convenient. It is evident from the reviews of people who have experienced using this service.

There are even reviewers who recommend for anyone who wants to have an interesting experience during their summer vacation in Turkey to try this private package of gulet charter boat trips.

The price of this gulet charter private boat tour package is indeed not cheap. But of course, the price offered is commensurate with the experience you will get.

Reviewers who’ve used this service don’t mind the price one bit. They even recommend this gulet charter tour service.

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