Butterfly Valley Boat Trip (Tour) from Oludeniz Blue Lagoon: An Unforgettable Boat Sailing Experience in Fethiye Turkey

boat trips to butterfly valley from oludeniz blue lagoon in fethiye turkey

A trip from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley (Bay) in Fethiye Turkey can be a very pleasant experience. The fastest trip can indeed be done by boat taxi. But to get a different experience, its best way is to use a boat trip. This experience will be one of the best things to do in Fethiye Turkey.

There is something special about the tourist attractions offered by Turkey in the summer. There are so many. But here we will only focus on two unique places namely Oludeniz Blue Lagoon and Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

Why traveling from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley by boat is an experience most tourists want to enjoy?

Of course, at the time you already know what things you can enjoy with a boat trip from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley, you will definitely take the time to feel this experience too.

But before we discuss what experiences we can get by boat trip, there are a few things you should know about these two tourist attractions. Especially about Butterfly Valley in Fethiye, Turkey.

Finding the best way to reach Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz Lagoon will add to a great vacation experience.

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Facts about Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

Butterfly Valley is one of Turkey’s treasures.

The Butterfly Valley, located in the Fethiye district in Mugla province, belongs to a remote beach in Turkey which is famous for its unspoiled environment.

Around the valley, you can find mountain cliffs with a very wide area. There are at least 86,000 square meters of area in Butterfly Valley.

Previously, people could reach Butterfly Valley by going down the hill around the valley. But this way turned out to have caused many accidents.

And related officials then issued a ban on going down the hill in Butterfly Village. They put a sign around the valley about the ban.

This condition which then also makes Butterfly Valley maintained its naturalness.

With its limited access here, make this valley not been visited by too many people.

So natural. Some even say that Butterfly Valley is one of Turkey’s remote beaches that has not been touched by humans.

Until now, Butterfly Valley can only be accessed by boat.

Can we go to Butterfly Valley by car?

The distance to be traveled from Fethiye to Butterfly Valley is about 15 km. It’s recommended to follow the D400 route, where you’ll find directions to Butterfly Valley, and keep following them until you reach this beautiful valley.

You can also rent a car to get to Butterfly Valley.

There is a parking lot available near the entrance. However, you will usually find the parking area full, especially during the weekend.

The most recommended way to reach Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz Lagoon in Fethiye is by boat. During the boat trip, you will be treated to unforgettable natural beauty and can stop several times to swim.

You can dock directly on the beach, right on the beautiful white sand.

The most common way to reach Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz.

Although the holiday is something that can be pleasing to the heart, we still have to pay attention to the regulations that exist in the area where we are on vacation.

In this case, is Butterfly Valley in Fethiye Turkey.

Now there is a clear sign about the prohibition on how we access Butterfly Valley. So we must obey it and of course, we must pay attention to our safety when we reach the valley.

The best way to get to Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz is by boat. Wherever you are, once you are in Fethiye or in other surrounding areas like Faralya, the first thing you should do is reach Oludeniz. Then after that, you take a boat to Butterfly Valley.

There are many ways, one of which is to use public buses.

The majority of buses here have a destination to Oludeniz. And the buses will stop right near the access to Oludeniz.

From Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley you can use a shuttle boat.

At Oludeniz, you will later see writings about the boat to Butterfly Valley. Take one of them.

There are several scheduled departures from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley. Vice versa, there are several return schedules from Butterfly Valley to Oludeniz.

Make sure you don’t miss the boat until the last scheduled departure from Butterfly Valley to Oludeniz. The last schedule is in the afternoon around 5.00 pm.

If you miss the last departure, you can call a taxi boat. But the cost you have to spend is greater when compared to the regular boat.

Butterfly Valley boat tour: The best way to enjoy a trip from Oludeniz in Fethiye to Butterfly Valley in Turkey.

Butterfly Valley is one of the secluded sandy beaches in Fethiye, Turkey, that are still preserved in their natural state.

It’s the same type of sandy beaches as those in Antalya, but Butterfly Valley has a different feel. And maybe you’ll only find it here.

If you are one of the tourists who want to get a different experience during your summer vacation in Turkey, we highly recommend taking a boat trip.

The boat trip we will explain here is a little different from the usual shuttle boat. With this boat trip, you can also tour to visit several other places on the way to Butterfly Valley.

This Oludeniz Fethiye to Butterfly Valley boat trip package lasts about 8 hours.

With this package, you can feel a better boat experience, and you have the opportunity to swim in several other bays beside Butterfly Valley.

What you can do when you take a Butterfly Valley boat trip (tour) from Oludeniz Blue Lagoon.

We got this tour package recommendation from Viator.
And the good news is, this Butterfly Valley boat tour package gets an excellent badge from Viator.

Firstly, you can swim in Oludeniz Blue Lagoon.

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon is one of Blue Flag beaches, which is famous for its turquoise watercolors. Very beautiful.

The next place where you can swim is Gemiler Island. This island is also known as St. Nicholas Island.

Called the island of St. Nicholas because this island is a resting place for Saint Nicholas.

Yup, St. Nicholas is Santa Claus. St. Nicholas was buried on this island when he died in 326.

At least five churches were built on this island in the 4th and 6th centuries.

St. Nicholas Island is one of the islands in Turkey which is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery and swimming on its beaches.

Other recommended things to do besides boat trips that you can do in Fethiye Turkey.

Fethiye is one of the favorite destinations for the summer holidays in Turkey. Many treasures are stored here which are highly recommended to visit when you are in Fethiye.

Especially during summer, Fethiye will suddenly be full of tourists, both local and from various countries in the world. They have the same goal which is to feel Fethiye’s warm atmosphere.

Travel tips: Do some of the favorite outdoor activities in Fethiye to add to the fun vacation experience.

Fethiye, one of the popular destinations during summer in Turkey, is famous for its impressive nature.
If you visit Fethiye, make sure you experience some outdoor activities here.

And there are still many things to do that you can do here. Here are some recommended things to do that you can do at Fethiye:

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Butterfly Valley is one of the Blue Flag beaches in Fethiye Turkey which is a favorite tourist spot for tourists from all over the world.

Prepare your best stamina by staying at the best hotel in Fethiye the night before. And then you can take a boat trip from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley the next day.

Some hotel recommendations in Fethiye, Turkiye:

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Butterfly Valley has become very popular because the surrounding environment is still very natural. This situation then attracts tourists to visit this remote beach.

Access to this valley is very limited. All you can do is use a boat from Oludeniz to Butterfly Valley.

There are several ways to reach Butterfly Valley, but the most recommended is to use a Butterfly Valley boat trip from Oludeniz Lagoon Fethiye.

With a boat trip (tour) package, you can get other enjoyable experiences on the way to Butterfly Valley.

Some of the advantages that you can get by a boat trip are the chance you can enjoy the more beautiful scenery in other tourist attractions, and relax or swim in other valleys.

With a boat trip (tour) package, you can visit Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, and St. Nicholas Island.

And even this boat trip package offers another exciting experience, lunch at one of these beautiful places.

You will do a summer vacation in Turkey, make sure you visit the best beaches in Turkey.

>> Here are our recommendations: Excellent beaches that can be visited during the summer in Turkey.

If you plan to take a day trip to Butterfly Valley, consider taking a boat trip package. You can see the details by clicking the following button.

So, are you ready to take a summer vacation in Turkey? Get more complete information about boat trips (tours) in Turkey here.

Make sure you arrange your summer vacation itinerary well. And get ready because you will be spoiled with beautiful natural scenery in Turkey.

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