4-Day 3-Night Blue Gulet Cruise From Olympos (Antalya) To Fethiye Turkey

4-Day 3-Night Blue Gulet Cruise From Olympos (Antalya) To Fethiye Turkey

Summer vacation in Turkey is one of the most popular activities for tourists from all over the world. At least you should plan a vacation that has a different sensation. One of them can by using a 4-Day 3-Night Blue Gulet Cruise From Olympos (Antalya) To Fethiye Turkey tour package.

Did you know that Turkey is one of the best destinations to visit in the summer?

Before we discuss one of the unique and interesting activities during the summer holidays in Turkey, it would be better if we also know a little about how Turkey is doing during the summer.

Why is Turkey one of the best summer vacation destinations in the world?

Here’s the fact: Turkey has at least more than 8,000 kilometers of coastline which is home to 397 stunning blue beaches.

This fact is even more interesting because it turns out that the beaches along the coastline of Turkey belong to the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Not a few of the beaches have a background of very natural green forests, and not a few of the beaches in Turkey also witness an archaeological treasure that can still be seen today.

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The coastal regions of Turkey that are famous for their beauty include areas like the following:

  • Antalya: Turkish Riviera.
  • Bodrum.
  • Fethiye.
  • Kalkan.
  • Eastern Mediterranean Coast.
  • Dalyan.
  • North Aegean Coast
  • Black Sea Coast.

And each region on the coastline of Turkey holds its own uniqueness that we certainly can enjoy when we stop by in those regions.

These facts which then encourage the existence of boat trips tourism activities along the coast in Turkey.

Turkey, which has always been very concerned about its tourist activities, especially for this summer they want to pamper visitors in a unique way.

Do you plan to have a summer vacation in Turkey? Make sure there are at least a few days you experience the Turkish Gulet cruise.

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Why do you have to take a tour on a gulet cruise during summer vacation in Turkey?

If you can get the chance to experience a unique experience while on vacation, make sure you take that opportunity.

One way is to ride a gulet cruise during the summer holidays in Turkey.

As we already know, the summer in Turkey does not last for one full year.

At least the summer in Turkey lasts only for four months, namely between June, July, August, and September each year.

So if you want to take a vacation during the summer in Turkey, take the time to feel the tour with a Gulet cruise. Although not every day while you are on holiday in Turkey you must be on a cruise. You can mix your summer vacation activities by riding and staying overnight on a cruise boat with other tour activities while you visit Turkey.

Plan your summer vacation in Turkey as well as possible.

What is Gulet cruise Turkey?

Gulet is a wooden boat, which was originally used for activities in Turkish waters such as fishing for years in the Bodrum and Marmaris regions.

Turkey, as one of the countries in Europe that is very concerned about the world of tourism, sees this Gulet as a special attraction to pamper its tourists.

At least starting in the 1970s and beyond, Gulet began to become a popular way to transport tourists during the summer holidays in Turkey. The original Gulet cruise sails to the direction of the blowing wind. But because now the boat has a different function, Gulet is currently powered by diesel. Tourists can take a Gulet cruise, spend days on it while enjoying the Turkish coastlines.

Gulet cruises can be between 20-30 meters long and have 4 to 8 cabins.

Gulet will sail through the famous beaches of Turkey, such as around Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris.

Don’t imagine Gulet is a cruise boat without good facilities. Nowadays many gulets are equipped with good facilities to pamper those who use them.

Gulet is now equipped with private cabins, a suite, a private bathroom, and other luxury amenities.

And even on Gulet cruises, you can get other pampering services such as the availability of free meals, coffee, and tea.

It’s great if you can tour by Gulet cruise and get a unique experience during summer vacation in Turkey.

On the Gulet cruise, you can relax, while still paying attention to a stylish holiday.

Spending time on a Gulet cruise is one of the best and also romantic ways to enjoy and see the beautiful beaches in Turkey.

Places you can visit while you’re on a Gulet cruise from Antalya to Fethiye Turkey.

If you pay attention and read this article in order from above, of course, you already know what Turkey has to offer during summer vacation.

And it has also been explained that the coastal areas in Turkey are known to be beautiful and natural. Some of the most prominent beaches are Antalya and Fethiye in Turkey.

So if you want to tour a Gulet cruise in Turkey but with a shorter duration, you can consider taking the route from Antalya to Fethiye. It can only takes 4 days 3 nights. Here you will stay overnight on the boat. Surely this will be a very pleasant experience.

Tourist attractions that can be visited during the tour with the gulet cruise Turkey below are taken from a tour package from Viator.com (a website that contains a collection of tour packages from TripAdvisor).

Day one: Myra – St. Nicholas Church – Sunken City – Kekova.

For a tour with a gulet cruise, you can start from Olympos beach in Antalya Turkey.

Gulet cruises usually dock at Demre Harbor.

Before sailing, you can visit Myra and St. Nicholas Church.

St. Nicholas Church is an ancient church located in the ancient city of Myra.

This church was built to commemorate a 4th-century Christian bishop in Myra called St. Nicholas. He was an important figure for Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, and also a historic inspiration for Santa Claus.

Sailing will begin at noon.

Of course, at the time of sailing, the majority of our time will be on the gulet. Previously, you could prepare items that you would need later on board.

Shopping and banking places are available around the port.

During the day, you will be provided lunch on the boat. And after lunch, we will begin our cruise.

The first destination, we will sail to Pirates Cave in Sunken Kekova City. We will visit this cave if sea conditions allow. Little information is also for you, in this area, we are prohibited from swimming.

The place to be visited next is Simena.

Simena is a traditional Turkish fishing village. Simena is also widely known by the nickname “Mediterranean dream.”

There is no car access in this area. Access to Simena can only be reached by boat.

In Simena you will also see some old city ruins.

After that, we will visit Gokkaya Bay. Water sports are available here. If you want, you can do water sports here.

In the evening, you can have dinner and relax at the Pirates Haven.

Today you will spend the night on the boat.

Day two: Kas – Kalkan – Firnaz Bay.

In the morning you will get a unique first experience because you wake up from staying overnight on a boat.

After breakfast, we will continue sailing to Kas.

There is a quiet bay in front of the city of Kas, where we will stop here later. You are allowed to swim in this bay.

During the day, after swimming, you will have lunch.

After lunch, you can visit a very beautiful fishing village in Kas.

The next destination is to visit the ancient city of Antiphellos.

Antiphellos is a small settlement which is also a port for Phellos.

On Antiphellos there is a Hellenistic theater.

The theater, which was built in the first century BC, can accommodate around 4000 people. This theater was restored 300 years after its construction. And until now, the theater is arguably still in good condition.

From the top seat of this theater, you can see a very beautiful view of the city of Kas.

The next place you can visit is Firnaz Bay, close to Kalkan.

A very beautiful bay that you can enjoy its beauty.

Today, dinner and overnight also on the boat.

Day three: Butterfly Valley – Oludeniz Beach – St. Nicholas Island.

There is something special this morning. Because when you wake up, you will be in Butterfly Valley.

You will have breakfast in this valley. And after breakfast, you can swim too.

In Butterfly Valley you can visit a nature reserve, in which there are at least 136 species of butterflies and moths.

The next destination is Oludeniz Beach, also known as the Blue Lagoon.

Here, for those of you who want to, you can do paragliding.

At noon we will have lunch.

The last stop on this day is St. Nicholas Island.

The island which is about 20 kilometers from Fethiye is often also known as Gemiler Island.

This island is believed to be the resting place of Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus. And it is also believed that St. Nicholas who died in 326 was buried on this island. Then in 1087, by visiting monks, the bones were relocated to their final resting place in the Italian city of Bari.

Here you can also find ruins from the Byzantine era.

To spend time, you can swim on this island. That means you can get more time to swim here.

Today, dinner and overnight on the boat.

>> For those of you who want to have a trip to these destinations in one day, read the explanation here: The best way to reach Butterfly Valley from Oludeniz.

Day four: Samanlik Bay – Fethiye.

In the morning after breakfast, we will leave for Samanlik Bay.

Here you can swim. And in the afternoon you will have lunch.

Finished from Samanlik Bay, you will sail to Fethiye Harbor.

This port is the last destination in the series of 4-day 3-night Blue Gulet Cruise: boat trips from Antalya to Fethiye.

Here you will check out of the boat.

And there are many more packages for tourist attractions that you can visit in Fethiye.

Consider staying again here. You can check hotel recommendations in Fethiye Turkey.

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If you are reading this article, surely you are someone who wants a summer vacation in Turkey.

You are on the right path. Turkey is a country where beaches are famous for being very beautiful and also very natural. Many Europeans dream of being able to visit Turkey in the summer.

Make sure you have a unique experience when you are on holiday in the summer in Turkey.

One example here is by taking a 4-Day 3-Night Blue Gulet Cruise. Check the tour package details thru the button below:

>> Or click here to see more complete selection of top Antalya cruises and sailing packages.

Our advice, before you take a tour on a gulet cruise to Fethiye, you have stayed several days before in Antalya.

>> There are lots of experiences that you can enjoy during your stay in Antalya. You can pick up some packages for your summer vacation in Antalya Turkey by clicking this link.

Spend your nights at recommended hotels in Antalya Turkey. Our recommendation is the best hotels in the top-rated area in Lara Antalya Turkey.

So did you get the idea to arrange your summer vacation in Turkey?

Plan your vacation in Turkey well, and get ready to have a pleasant experience during your summer vacation in Turkey.

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