Bodrum 7-day Private Boat Tour: Sailing On A Catamaran Charter All-Inclusive

Bodrum 7-day Private Boat Tour Sailing On A Catamaran Cruises All-Inclusive

Bodrum is a favorite city to spend the summer holidays in Turkey. There are many fun things to do that can be done here, one of which is a private boat tour for 7 days by sailing on a catamaran. The best among the many options are cruises which get all-inclusive service during the boat trip.

Everyone knows Bodrum. This city is one of the most popular and is proven to be visited by many tourists during the summer in Turkey.

Not only local people, but foreign tourists also flock to Bodrum during the summer.

There are many reasons why Bodrum is one of the main tourist destinations during summer in Turkey. Some of them are its excellent location, bright sun, beautiful sand beach, luxury, and lively nightlife.

Very beautiful beaches and green natural scenery are the main magnets that can attract a lot of tourists to come to Bodrum.

Bodrum is a slick combination of natural beauty and fun.

There are so many tour providers that provide boat trips from Bodrum. However, we see that there is something different, which is interesting to experience, namely a private boat tour with a luxurious catamaran charter.

And here you can find one of the tour packages as we mean.

What is a catamaran?

To make it easier to understand, as explained by Wikipedia, Catamaran is a type of boat or ship, which can be seen from its appearance, namely a ship with two parallel hulls of the same size.

Unlike the monohull boat, the catamaran is a geometrically stabilized boat, which comes from its wide beam.

The existing two hulls can reduce hydrodynamic drag and require less propulsion from the motor or sail. Coupled with its size which is usually wider than a monohull boat, the catamaran can reduce wave motion and heel.

Some people say, sailing with a catamaran is quieter than a boat in general.

From a little explanation about this catamaran, of course, you can already imagine a little how comfortable a private boat tour with this catamaran charter will be.

The reason why you need to consider taking a 7-day Bodrum private boat tour package, a boat trip by sailing on catamaran cruises all-inclusive.

Bodrum is a great location to start a sailing trip on Turkey’s Aegean coast. And in fact, Gokova Bay is considered one of the best sailing areas in Europe.

Here you can find lots of sunshine, clear blue skies, clear water, a good harbor, and of course the friendly local people.

We see that there is a Bodrum private boat tour package with a catamaran charter on Viator. And we think the tour program is very interesting.

In this private boat tour package with an all-inclusive catamaran from Bodrum, you can enjoy exclusive services for 7 days onboard. And all these services are all-inclusive in the price offered.

During the boat trip, you can relax while enjoying a luxurious catamaran complete with exclusive services, and you can already get free facilities such as:

  • Schnochel,
  • Standup paddle,
  • Local drinks,
  • 7x lunch,
  • 7x dinner,
  • 6x breakfast.

As long as you join this private Bodrum boat tour package, you can enjoy exciting outdoor activities in the water such as snorkeling, diving, stand-up paddling, or fishing during the boat trip. And everything is all-inclusive.

The organizer of this private catamaran boat tour provides pick-up and drop-off services from the port in Bodrum. You can see the details here.

Are you already interested in this private boat tour package with a catamaran charter? Click the following button:

Interesting tourist attractions on a private boat tour for 7 days itinerary with a catamaran in Bodrum.

Of course, you are wondering where we are going to spend time sailing by catamaran for 7 days in Bodrum, right?

And it turns out that this Bodrum private boat tour package has prepared everything carefully. Besides, later you will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that is passed during the boat trip, and you will be invited to visit beautiful tourist spots.

Here is the itinerary and some tourist attractions that you will visit as long as you use this private boat tour package for 7 days in Bodrum:

Day 1: From Bodrum to Orak island (-/L/D).

The first destination on the first day of this private catamaran cruise is Orak Island. The island is 10 miles from Bodrum.

Orak Island is still part of the Bodrum district of Mugla province.

The main experience that you will get today is witnessing a very beautiful sunset for the first time.

You will be spoiled with a Pearl Sunset Welcome Dinner, where on this occasion you will also meet the crew and other fellow sailors.

Today we will spend the night in a catamaran cabin.

Day 2: Orak island to the Bay of Çökertme (B/L/D).

On the second day of this cruise, we will visit the amazing fishing village of Çökertme.

Around Çökertme bay, you can find pine and olive trees surrounding the bay.

ökertme is a favorite port of call for charter boats. Boats can stop here and be moored within 5-10 meters with a rope to the ground.

When we stop at the bay, you are allowed to swim in its clear blue water.

In the afternoon, at 1 pm, we will have our first lunch on board.

And at 2 pm we will continue our journey to the location for the night in a sheltered bay.

In the afternoon around 6 pm, you will be served a drink while you enjoy a very beautiful sunset.

We have dinner together on board at 7 pm.

And after that, around 8 pm, you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky and enjoy the warmth of the night and the Turkish sea.

Today we will spend the night in a catamaran cabin.

Day 3: Çökertme Bay to Akbük Köyü Bay (B/L/D).

If you have the opportunity to visit Mugla, then don’t miss visiting this bay.

In fact, Akbük Köyü bay is considered a top destination in Mugla.

First, we will have lunch at a local restaurant along the Çökertme beach. The restaurants here offer delicious food at affordable prices.

After that, we will sail to the bay of Akbük Köyü.

At 6 pm we can enjoy the traditional Pearl Sunset Apero to witness the beautiful sunset.

The activity continued with dinner and culinary onboard at 7 pm.

Today we will spend the night in a catamaran cabin.

Day 4: Akbük Köyü to Sedir Adasi / Cleopatra Island (B/L/D).

Although some people start the day with a heavy heart because they are reluctant to leave the peaceful bay of Akbük Köyü with its calm waters, today we are waiting for more adventures and other natural beauty.

After breakfast, start the day’s journey by visiting the ancient city of Karia.

And before we finally reach Cleopatra Island (Sedir Adasi), we will also have the opportunity to visit the ruins of Keramos in Akbük Köyü.

During the day you will be offered the option of having lunch on board or on land.

The journey continues to Cleopatra Island.

Today overnight in a catamaran cabin.

Day 5: Cleopatra Island or Sedir Adasi to Ingiliz Limani (B/L/D).

Today’s activities will be very exciting.

Today you will have the opportunity to experience the peaceful atmosphere of Cleopatra Island. Here you can witness why this island is famous for its golden sand beaches.

In addition to healing on Cleopatra Island, today you will also be invited to visit the ancient city of Cedrae which is famous for its ancient theater ruins.

The incredible theater area then becomes a special place to visit, especially for those of you who want to stretch your legs.

The ruins on the east side of the island are ruins dating back to Roman times.

If you want to get another different experience, you will also get other offers to try snorkeling, rowing, swimming, or just relaxing in the beautiful emerald green waters.

Lunch will be served on the boat from 12.30-1.30 pm.

After lunch, the journey will continue to Karaca (Ingiliz Limani). And today we will spend the night in the harbor here.

At 6 pm we can meet together while enjoying a cold drink and enjoying the beauty of the night here.

Today’s event then continued with dinner on the ship. Delicious dishes will be prepared by the chef there.

Today you will spend the night in a catamaran cabin.

Day 6: Ingiliz Limani to Yedi Adalar (B/L/D).

Once again, passengers sometimes feel sad today because today is the last day of sailing.

Yedi Adalar is a secluded bay located south of Tuzla. You can do some fun activities at Yedi Adalar such as swimming, snorkeling, sponge diving, and fishing. And some people even like to collect harpoon fish and sponges here.

On the boat trip to Yedi Adalar, we will also have the opportunity to visit several other beautiful bays. And along the way, you can see several other interesting spots such as the natural harbor of Kufre or explore with a leisurely walk on the edge of the Güllük forest.

Sunset Apero Time at 6 pm, we will witness the beautiful sunset as well as we will reminisce about our extraordinary experience during our private boat trip by catamaran for the last six days in Bodrum.

We will enjoy “Farewell Sailing Dinner” at 7 pm.

And the rest of the night we will chat about our experiences while we are together on this catamaran cruise.

Today we still spend the night in the catamaran cabin.

Day 7: Yedi Adalar to Bodrum (B/L/D).

The day will start with breakfast at Yedi Adalar.

And after finishing breakfast, we will continue the cruise back to Bodrum.

Our journey during the last voyage back to Bodrum will be treated to stunning natural scenery.

And when we arrive in Bodrum, we will still have the opportunity to explore its interesting city.

Tonight’s dinner, we will still together enjoy the beautiful sunset in Bodrum.

Our private boat tour by sailing with a catamaran in Bodrum for 6 nights 7 days ends today.

What people say: a review of a 7-day private boat tour package, sailing along the boat trip with a catamaran charter in Bodrum.

A Tripadvisor Reviewer said:

A dream came true.

From start to finish, this was an incredible trip. From being greeted to the airport, arriving on board, the cabin and the entire experience, it was just amazing. Every day, fresh food was prepared by the host, three wonderful, and very healthy meals a day, from fish to steak, all accompanied by Turkish wines, breads and cheeses. It was superb! What’s more, as it was all inclusive, there were no additional hidden costs. I was able to use the paddle board, go swimming at sunrise and sunset, and experience life on board a catamaran, with the hospitality of the crew. It was one of my most memorable vacations ever.

What we can conclude:

  • All services during a private boat tour with a catamaran charter are all-inclusive.
  • There are no additional costs during the boat trip.
  • The service is very satisfying, starting from picking up at the airport to arriving at the catamaran boat.
  • The catamaran cabin and its facilities are satisfactory.
  • This private sailing boat tour on a catamaran is accompanied by a crew.
  • The food during the Bodrum boat trip for 7 days was satisfying.
  • The daily food is fresh, healthy,
  • The menu varies from fish dishes to steaks.
  • Additional facilities such as paddle boards on board may be used freely.
  • The team on the ship knows interesting stops so that passengers can have an exciting experience when swimming, snorkeling, and even just relaxing while enjoying the sunrise and sunset.
  • The crew is very friendly.
  • The boat crew is very experienced so they can provide a vacation experience that is hard to forget.


Boat tours or boat trips are one of the favorite things to do in Turkey.

When you plan to take a summer vacation in Turkey, especially in Bodrum, then you can really consider taking a private boat tour package for 6 nights 7 days with a catamaran charter. And choose the all-inclusive among the many packages available.

One of the advantages if you take a private all-inclusive boat tour in Bodrum is that there will be no additional costs when you do the boat trip.

A catamaran boat or a luxury yacht rental in Bodrum can be your choice as this type of boat model is not widely found here. And another advantage, a boat trip with a catamaran will feel calmer and more comfortable when compared to other boats.

Bodrum is a great place to start a cruise. Then a private boat tour for 7 days is expected to provide an unforgettable experience.

Look for an experienced crew or private boat tour operator. With them, you will get many opportunities to enjoy your relaxing time with fun.

If you are someone who wants a private boat tour experience as we described above, then you can consider taking this package.

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