Antalya Boat Tour Recommendations: Get An Interesting Experience By Going On A Boat Trip In Turkey

Antalya Boat Tour Recommendations_an interesting experience by going on a boat trip

Among the things to do in Antalya, boat tours are one of the most sought-after by tourists. There are many options for Antalya boat tours. There are city tours in Antalya using boat trips, boat trips visiting several other areas outside Antalya, private boat trips, pirate boat trips, boat tours in Antalya using luxury yachts, and many more.

Some even offer a boat trip from Antalya to the Maldives. Of course, you can imagine yourself, a boat tour or boat trip in Antalya is a very fun activity.

Antalya which is located on the Turkish coastline is one of the popular tourist areas, especially for tourist attractions related to the beach or activities in the water.

Antalya boat tour recommendations.

If you plan to visit Antalya during the summer, then consider taking a boat tour package.

Here we recommend the Antalya boat tours that we got from Viator. We see that what we recommend here later has received good reviews from people who have used it.

​​We list 10 Antalya boat tours that you can consider using.

You can use this Antalya boat tour recommendation as a reference for things to do in Antalya and also as a way to spend time in Antalya.

Here are our Antalya boat tour (boat trip) recommendations:

1. Cable Car, Boat Trip & Waterfalls Full-Day Tour.

This Antalya boat tour earns an Excellent badge from Viator.

This activity can be said to be complete because it is not only about boat tours in Antalya. With this tour package, besides feeling the cool breeze on a Mediterranean boat trip, you also have the opportunity to explore the beautiful old city of Antalya such as visiting Hadrian’s Gate and also enjoying lunch with a classic Turkish menu.

This package, which includes a boat tour as well, is a full-day guided tour in Antalya.

It doesn’t stop there, with this package you can also enjoy the waterfall in the tour series, namely visiting the upper and lower Duden Waterfalls, and taking the Tunektepe Teleferik cable car to see dramatic views.

From this boat tour review, we saw that people liked the experience of having lunch at a Turkish restaurant in the old city of Antalya (Kaleici), selfies with the perfectly flowing Duden Waterfall in the background, and hotel pick-up and drop-off services.

Are you also interested in getting the same experience as them? Then take this boat tour.

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2. Private Boat Trip to Kas Islands including BBQ Lunch.

This Antalya boat tour earns an Excellent badge from Viator.

We see that this Antalya boat tour has more value to offer.

Unlike other boat tour packages, here you can privately charter a full-day traditional wooden yacht.

If you have heard of the gulet cruise before, then the cruise ship referred to here is a traditional wooden gulet. The length of the ship that you will use is 17 meters.

With this boat (gulet yacht) tour, you will be invited to explore the beauty of the Kas Islands.

During the boat trip, you can enjoy extraordinary experiences such as going from island to island, snorkeling around the gulet yacht, and swimming into the underwater canyon. Your holiday experience becomes even more memorable when a fresh and organic Turkish-style lunch is also provided on the ship’s deck.

This Antalya boat tour is an 8.5-hour private tour with a private gulet yacht charter enjoying the purity and beauty of the Kas Islands.

Because this boat tour is private, this tour can be customized according to your group and your schedule while in Antalya.

Groups are limited to no more than 15 people. Make this Antalya boat tour more personal.

Do you want to experience a boat trip on a traditional gulet yacht in Antalya Turkey? This private boat tour might just be perfect for you.

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3. Private Boat Tour to Kekova and Sunken City From Antalya Incl. Transfer.

If you are someone who has long wanted to witness one of the treasures of Turkey’s beautiful beaches, surely you have often heard about Kekova Island.

Kekova Island is a remote island but full of charm. This island can only be accessed by boat.

A must for people who want to spend the summer holiday in Turkey to visit Kekova Island.

This boat tour is your way to visit Kekova from Antalya.

During the boat tour, you will have the opportunity to swim in the fresh turquoise waters, see the remains of a sunken ancient city, tour the beautiful coastal villages, and during the day will stop for a moment to taste local pride peach ice cream as well as lunch.

This Antalya boat tour is a private tour. During a full-day boat trip to Kekova Island, you will be accompanied by a guide.

A private tour will certainly provide a different personal experience. You will get the full attention of the guide.

Do you want the easiest way to visit the remote island of Kekova? Then this boat tour is for you.

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4. Antalya Green Canyon Full-Day Boat Trip with Lunch.

One of the most famous of Antalya is its Green Canyon. A place along the beach offers a peaceful atmosphere.

With this boat tour you will travel to a dam lake in the Manavgat region and sail through a steep canyon.

During the boat trip you can witness and admire the beautiful scenery, a beautiful blend of lake and forest.

And you can sunbathe on the boat deck.

Not only about the boat tour experience, on the way the boat will stop several times to swim in the canyons and lakes, see wildlife such as brown fish owls, and take a break while having lunch at a riverside restaurant.

This tour is a full day Green Canyon boat trip from Antalya on a shared boat cruise. Cruise the emerald waters of Green Lake and its canyons, and cruise the Green Canyon (14 kilometers) and Little Canyon (3 kilometers).

This boat tour is the right choice to witness the beauty of the Green Canyon and its lakes.

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5. Antalya City Tour with Boat Trip and Duden Waterfalls.

If we talk about sightseeing in Antalya, boat tours and waterfall tours are things that are included in many tourists’ wishlists.

Antalya is famous for its beautiful beaches and waterfalls.

What if you could get both of these in one vacation package?

Yup, this package combines a boat tour and a waterfall tour.

By using this tour, you can use your free time to take a boat trip to Antalya and witness the beautiful Duden Waterfall along the way.

You need to know that waterfall tours in Antalya usually require expensive bus tours. But here you can get it included with the boat tour.

This boat tour starts from Antalya’s old harbor, then sails to see Duden waterfalls along the boat trip. You can also enjoy the view of Antalya Old Town as you like, such as historical sites, museums, cafes, and many more.

Are you looking for a boat tour, a city tour,  and a waterfall tour in Antalya in one package? Then you can consider taking this tour package.

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6. Manavgat River Cruise with Grand Bazaar from Antalya.

Are you planning to have a summer vacation in Antalya, Turkey? Then you must have heard the name Manavgat.

Some of Manavgat’s famous ones are beaches, waterfalls, and bazaars.

This boat tour gives you the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day with a boat trip in the open waters along the Manavgat coast.

The route taken on this boat trip is also a journey full of history.

During the boat tour, you can witness the ruins of a 2nd-century Roman temple, peek at turtles basking in the bay, explore the bustling market town of Manavgat, and you can even take a dip in the fresh seawater.

If you can use your time well, this tour package can also be your shopping tour in Antalya. While at the Grand Bazaar you can shop for jewelry and souvenirs. And you can practice your bargaining skills here.

Do you want to explore Antalya, especially in the Manavgat area with a boat tour? Consider taking this tour.

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7. Antalya Maldives Boat Trip.

Unlike other boat tours, this Antalya Maldives Boat Trip uses a high-energy boat, which is often called the Harem Maldiv yacht.

This boat tour offers two pleasures at once, namely the fun of boat trips through the waters of Antalya and fun on the boat.

This tour has at least three main objectives for its journey. The first is Sıçan Island (Rat Island), then the Altıcak Beaches, and also the Lower Duden Waterfalls.

With this boat tour, you also have the opportunity to swim on a private beach close to a cave. And swim again in the Lower Duden Waterfalls.

Onboard there will be a buffet lunch, local drinks, entertainment for children, and at the end of the boat tour will be closed with a foam party.

Even though it is luxurious, the wide Harem Maldiv yacht still makes this boat tour package at an affordable price.

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8. Pirate Boat Trip with Free Transfer from Antalya.

Its uniqueness, the boat tour using a pirate ship has been able to attract the interest of many tourists who came to Antalya.

Starting with a hotel pick up, you will then be driven to the harbor in Antalya and embark on an enjoyable boat trip.

This boat tour will take a whole day, the boat trip will visit some of the secluded beaches in Antalya.

Not only exploring the waters of Antalya, this boat tour will invite you to do other activities such as swimming, sunbathing, water activities, and sightseeing.

Lunch has also been provided, to add to your comfort during the boat tour.

A boat tour using a pirate ship can be a solution to briefly escape from the hustle and bustle of Antalya city.

Have a fun day with your family by taking a boat trip on a pirate ship.

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9. Antalya Kemer Boat Tour.

Antalya and Kemer are two great areas to spend a summer vacation in Turkey.

From Antalya, this boat tour will transfer you to the port of Kemer, which is 45 km west of Antalya.

Some of the popular spots will be visited during the boat trip such as the village of Phaselis, Cleopatra Beach, Paradise Cove, and Cennet Bay.

During the boat tour, you will also get several opportunities to swim on the beautiful and peaceful beaches.

Lunch will be provided during this boat trip.

Boat trips with this boat tour can be a pleasant experience in Antalya and Kemer.

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10. Private Luxury Yacht Tour with Lunch and Drinks.

If you want a luxurious private boat tour, then you can really consider this boat tour package.

The boat tour with this luxurious private yacht is limited to a maximum of 12 people. The full day boat trip starts from Antalya and can be customized to your liking.

As this boat tour is private, then you can determine the itinerary yourself.

This luxury private yacht boat tour in Antalya provides unique services such as:

Stopped for swimming and sunbathing along the boat ride.

Fishing on a yacht.

Snorkel around the yacht in crystal clear water.

Lunch or dinner is provided onboard.

Do you want to get a personalized boat tour experience on a luxury yacht? Consider taking this one boat tour package in Antalya. And you will feel a unique luxury.

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Do you want to plan a summer vacation in Turkey Antalya?

Make sure you include water activities in your Turkey travel itinerary and things to do. And one that you can really consider is a boat tour in Antalya.

Photo by CALIN STAN on Unsplash

Indeed, if we talk about popular areas for summer in Turkey, the answer is not only Antalya. There are several other areas such as Fethiye, Mugla, and even Kusadasi also on the list. But of all these areas, Antalya is one of the most popular.

Antalya is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches.

Regarding the Antalya boat tour, there are several types of trips that you can consider. All of them have their merits.

From a lot of information that we managed to get, it can be concluded that tourists love water activities by boats such as private boat trips, pirate boat trips, and boat parties. And the list of boat tours above has been adjusted to the most sought after by these tourists.

Antalya boat tour prices vary, depending on the services. But you can see for yourself, there are many boat tour packages offered at very affordable prices.

Highly recommended to stay a few days in Antalya. And allocate one of the days for you to go on a boat trip.

To add to your pleasant experience during your summer vacation in Antalya, make sure you stay at the best hotel in Antalya.

Lara is one of the favorite areas in Antalya. Make sure you can stay a few days there.

Would you like to visit Antalya this summer? Choose one of the boat tours above. Or click the button below to see a more complete selection of cruises and sailings packages.

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