Best Famous Places To Visit In Istanbul Turkiye For Spring Break In April And May 2024

Best Famous Places To Visit In Istanbul Turkey For Spring Break In April And May

Spring is the perfect time to vacation in Turkey. The weather is not too cold, but not too hot either. And what you shouldn’t miss this spring, you can include one of the famous places to visit in Istanbul Turkey where the international Tulip festival is held in your travel itinerary.

The first thing we can assure you, if you are planning a holiday in Turkey in the spring, then you are at the right decision.

So, where are those popular places in Istanbul that you can visit in spring?

You will find the answers in the following sections of this article.

But before we discuss the tourist spots that you can visit during spring break in Istanbul Turkey, it’s also a good idea for you to know why people plan their vacation to Turkey in spring.

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Why people do like to vacation in spring in Turkey.

The most important thing why people like to vacation in Turkey in spring is because of the weather.

The weather in Turkey in spring is moderate, from previously cold during winter, starting this April the temperature rises to around 18 °C to 21 °C. And sometimes even up to 22 °C.

The coldest day in spring is April 1 and the temperature continues to rise until spring ends at the end of May, and it keeps getting hotter until June when Turkey enters summer.

This condition then makes tourists love to visit Turkey during spring. The atmosphere is comfortable for traveling, and the time in a day is longer so that they can visit more tourist attractions in Turkey.

Spring is, arguably, the high season for Istanbul and Cappadocia.

The occupancy of the best hotels in Istanbul is rising. And people also started looking for cave hotels in Cappadocia to enjoy their spring break there.

So, if you are planning to have a vacation in Turkey in spring, make sure you include Istanbul and Cappadocia in your Turkey travel itinerary.

Spring: One of the best time for having a great vacation experience in Turkey.

Definitely, the answer is YES. Turkey is famous for all holiday seasons. Not only during spring, in fact, Turkey is able to attract a lot of visitors during summer, autumn, and also winter.

A little information first for you: every season, Turkey offers a different experience. And every season too, Turkey will spoil its visitors with different tourist attractions.

Those of you who are visiting Turkey for the first time must understand this. Don’t let you plan your vacation wrong so that you can’t feel what tourists should feel while on vacation in Turkey.

How you plan your vacation itinerary will affect how the quality of your vacation in Turkey is.

Here are the points that you can consider, which in time will become the basis for determining your vacation plans in Turkey:

  • In summer, Turkey has a long coastline, where you can find lots of beautiful and natural beaches there. In general, summer is the most favorite time for all tourists from all over the world to visit Turkey.
  • During autumn, the situation in Turkey becomes very beautiful, as if Turkey is a canvas which then becomes a beautiful painting dominated by orange and golden yellow colors. This natural fall of leaves makes Turkey very beautiful. One of the favorite places to enjoy its beauty at its best is in Yedigoller National Park in Bolu Turkey.
  • In winter, Turkey has some of the best destinations for the winter holidays. Apart from that, Turkey also offers soft snow, which you can use to play with your family. Or for people who like skiing, whether they are beginners or professional skiers, Turkey has several ski resorts, many even think that ski resorts in Turkey are no less attractive than ski resorts in Switzerland. And the good news is, some of the best ski resorts are located not far from Istanbul.
  • In spring, Turkey offers a very comfortable atmosphere for holidays. Like during autumn, the weather in spring is very cool. Plus, in spring you can enjoy the beauty of tulips straight from their home country.

So once again if anyone asks if Turkey is suitable for all holidays, the answer is yes. All you need to do is find out what season you will be traveling in Turkey.

Write down the tourist attractions that match the season when you are on vacation and include them in your Turkey travel itinerary.

Knowing the characteristics and best tourist spots based on the season when you are going to vacation in Turkey will provide a pleasant holiday experience.
>> See the explanation here: Best time (month or season) to visit Turkey.

A thing not to be missed when visiting Istanbul Turkey during spring: Witnessing tulips from where they were originally grown.

A little has been mentioned in the previous section.

Especially in Turkey, what you shouldn’t miss during spring is witnessing the beauty of tulips firsthand.

Tulips that were originally wildflowers are now beautiful, exotic, and extraordinary flowers.

Even the existence of tulips today cannot be converted into a price. It means that tulips now are priceless.

The best thing to do during spring break in Turkey is to visit a place where you can see lots of beautifully arranged tulips. Tulips are a refresher after Turkey a few months earlier felt the winter chill. In spring, between late March to May, tulips are like painting Turkey in bright colors, which can give a cheerful feeling to those who see them.

Hence, tulips are often identified with the flower of love, royalty, joy, and feelings of joy.

Little fact stories about tulips in Turkey.

Many think that the tulip flower comes from the Netherlands. But it turns out, in fact, the tulip was first cultivated in Turkey.

Indeed, if we talk about tulips, there are three areas that have witnessed its historical journey, namely Central Asia, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Starting from several centuries ago, tulips were first discovered in Persia, which was then cultivated during the Ottoman Empire. The first time, in the 16th century, tulips were then brought to the Netherlands, in the province of Holland to be precise.

In 1952, a botanist from France named Charles de I’Ecluse wrote the first book on tulips.

He created the book because of his love for tulips. And apparently, at that time he had a beautiful tulip garden.

However, since then, unpleasant stories have come to him. His tulips keep getting stolen from his garden.

Today, the tulip is an important national identity for the Netherlands. And until now, Dutch tulips have been widely exported all over the world.

However, a fact that we should all know: Many kinds of tulips were cultivated and grew rapidly in Turkey long before tulips were introduced to Europe.

So if you are going to come to Turkey, especially during spring in April this year, make sure you witness the many kinds of tulips that are deliberately planted and arranged beautifully in a place that has been provided by the Turkish government in an international Tulip festival.

What is Istanbul Turkey famous for during the spring break in April and May?

In April and May every year, including 2024, Istanbul will turn into a very beautiful area. You will easily find tulips planted in public areas.

And the most famous and popular all over the world, from April to early May, The Istanbul Tulip Festival will be held here.

During the festival, the tulips will continue to bloom. But usually, tulips will reach their full bloom in the second week of April to late April or early May.

In one of the national parks in Istanbul, millions of kinds of tulips will be planted and arranged very nicely. Visitors who come here will almost certainly not want to leave the park quickly.

They can feel a unique atmosphere that is created here and they can capture this moment by taking pictures with various kinds of tulips as a backdrop.

Emirgan Park is one of the national parks in Istanbul on the European side, which is located not far from the Bosphorus.

The Emirgan Park will be home to many kinds of tulips that are grown here and ready to be enjoyed by many visitors who come to watch the International Istanbul Tulip Festival in April 2024.

Unlike the estimated blooming time of the tulips, this international tulip festival is held from April 1st to April 30th each year. While the tulips themselves are expected to start blooming at the end of March to May.

The time when the tulips bloom cannot be determined with certainty because it will also depend on how the weather is in the spring in Istanbul.

Back in the Byzantine era, the entire park area that you can see today was covered with cypress trees, which was then known as the “Cypress Forest.”

Precisely in the 16th century, this uninhabited land was then given to a Lord Chancellor during the Ottoman Empire named Feridun Bey. And since then this land has been known as “Feridun Bey Park.”

In the 17th century, the Ottoman sultan named Sultan Murad IV, who ruled between the years 1623-1640, then awarded this garden to a Safavid Persian commander who had surrendered without a fight and handed over his sieged castle to the sultan. The Persian commander was Emir Gûne Han.

The name “Feridun Bey Park” later changed to “Emirgûne” which has become known as “Emirgan Park.”

Over the centuries, the park has gone through several ownership changes.

Noted, in the late 1860s, this park was owned by Khedive Ismail Pasha, an Ottoman governor of Egypt and Sudan.

He had turned this land into the backyard of a large wooden house, which he built on the banks of the Bosphorus. And after that, he also built three wooden pavilions which you can still see today in Emirgan Park.

In the 1930s, the Khedives’ heirs sold the property to a very wealthy Turkish arms dealer named Satvet Lütfi Tozan.

And in the 1940s he gave this garden including the three pavilions to the city of Istanbul through the Governor and Major Lütfi Kırdar who served between 1938-1949.

Currently, the park which has an area of ​​117 acres or approximately 470,000 square meters is under the administration of the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul.

And here in Emirgan Park, in April each year, the International Istanbul Tulip Festival is held.

Conclusion: Emirgan Park is one of the most famous and popular places to visit in Istanbul Turkey for spring break in 2024.

In terms of comfort while on vacation, spring and autumn are the most comfortable times for you to vacation in Istanbul Turkey.

Especially during spring, the weather in Istanbul is cool so it is very comfortable to travel here.

In this season, you will have the opportunity to witness various kinds of tulips first hand in the country where they were first cultivated.

At Emirgan Park in Istanbul, in this historical park, you will be more able to feel how this tulip has gone through its long journey, from being a wildflower to finally becoming an exotic and priceless flower variant, which can then be brought back to Turkey.

Spring is the high season for Istanbul and Cappadocia.

Certainly, for a more satisfying experience, it is highly recommended for you to have your spring vacation not only in Istanbul but also visiting Cappadocia.

There are still many more tourist attractions in Istanbul that you can visit besides Emirgan Park. And in Cappadocia, you will see a different, unique atmosphere, which you can only find in Cappadocia.

If we can give you a suggestion, please allocate yourself a little more time so you can also visit Istanbul and Cappadocia while you are on your spring break in Turkey.

4 nights 5 days is a good time duration to tour both areas. With that time span, you can already visit top tourist spots in Istanbul and Cappadocia, and of course, you can experience the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

>> You can see the idea here: Turkey itinerary 4 nights 5 days exploring the beauty and uniqueness of Istanbul and Cappadocia.

For a more complete destination, you can also consider a 6 night 7 day Turkey itinerary visiting Istanbul, Bursa, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and Ankara.

With a longer time, still, by watching the tulips in Istanbul, you can also visit other interesting places such as tourist spots in Kusadasi. Kusadasi is a resort town in Turkey, where you can find tons of historical sites, beaches, and other family fun.

So how? Are you more sure to immediately take a vacation in Turkey in spring?

Make sure you include Emirgan Park on your Turkey travel itinerary.

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