Turkey Itinerary 7 Days: Visiting Popular Spots Of Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kusadasi, Pamukkale

Turkey Itinerary 7 Days 6 Nights Exploring Istanbul Cappadocia Pamukkale Kusadasi Bursa Ankara

Turkey itinerary 7 days can be a great choice for you. Here it is possible to visit mainstay tourist spots such as Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, and Bursa. And the good news is, this itinerary is perfect for the spring, summer, autumn, and winter holidays in Turkey.

Determining how long a vacation will be in Turkey can sometimes be a difficult one to decide. The number of good tourist attractions to visit is one factor in determining the duration of the Turkey itinerary.

Vacation in Turkey for 7 days 6 nights is a great choice for you to enjoy this two-continent country. During the duration of that time, you can visit cities which are indeed excellent for traveling in Turkey.

Another holiday duration in Turkey that is also loved by tourists is 5 days 4 nights. The time is shorter, but of course, there are fewer cities to visit when compared to the 7-day Turkey itinerary.

Our recommendation, if you only have a short amount of time to vacation in Turkey, a 5 days 4 nights Turkey itinerary by visiting only Istanbul and Cappadocia can be your choice. You need to note too so that your vacation is comfortable and not rushed, you must use a domestic flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia and also return from Cappadocia to Istanbul.

But if you can afford to spend a little longer on holiday in Turkey, then this 7 days 6 nights Turkey itinerary is definitely a great choice for you. There are far more tourist attractions compared to the 5-day Turkey itinerary.

If this is your first time going on vacation in Turkey, then the time you have to plan is 7 days 6 nights (one week holiday in Turkey). Because with this time duration, your vacation can already include popular tourist attractions in Turkey.

And even better, vacation time in Turkey for 7 days 6 nights is suitable for any season in Turkey, be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn.

Are you looking for a 7-day Turkey tour?

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Where have you been on the 7 days 6 nights Turkey itinerary?

Read carefully the explanation in the following sections. Don’t forget to prepare a notebook beside you.

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What is the best time to go with this Turkey itinerary 7 days?

Before we discuss the Turkey itinerary for 7 days 6 nights, it’s also a good idea to know when is the best time to vacation in Turkey.

If we talk about when the best time is, of course, what we will discuss is the season in Turkey, the best month to visit Turkey, and of course, how long it is convenient for us to have a vacation in Turkey.

Please note, Turkey is a big country.

Turkey has a total area of ​​783,356 km2, of which three-quarters of the area is maritime, including Turkey’s beautiful beaches which are very famous for their naturalness around the world.

And Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey.

From the information we got from Britannica, in fact, Turkey is a country that has a larger land area when compared to other European states.

Strategic location. Turkey is at the crossroads of the eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, Caucasus, and the Balkans.

According to its history, Turkey’s location, which is partly on the continent of Asia and Europe, previously played an important role as a bridge as well as a barrier to the two continents.

Now you can imagine how big Turkey is right?

Of course, to explore all of Turkey’s unique spots, it will take a relatively long time.

If we can suggest, if you have decided you want to vacation in Turkey, please don’t be in a hurry. Enjoy Turkey in comfort. You will be spoiled by the uniqueness of Turkey.

At least, take your time for 7 days 6 nights for a vacation in Turkey.

When you talk to people from the US or Europe about when they think the best time to visit Turkey is, they will most likely answer that summer is the best time. Summer will last from June to early September every year.

It is true because Turkey has a very beautiful turquoise coastline.

Tourists like to linger on relaxing holidays enjoying the beautiful beaches in Turkey.

Antalya, Fethiye, Mugla are some of the most popular areas for summer holidays in Turkey.

( click on the image to enlarge )

But apparently, not everyone wants to sunbathe and likes Turkey’s hot weather. There are many tourists who want to vacation in Turkey when the weather is cool, not too hot and not too cold.

If you are one of these types of tourists, then you might consider visiting Turkey in spring or autumn.

Spring in Turkey will run from June to early August, while autumn will last from September to November every year.

For spring break, consider visiting Turkey in April. In that month Turkey will be transformed into a very beautiful area because it will be full of tulips. Especially in Istanbul, there will be an international Tulip festival.

For the autumn holidays, apart from the very cool weather, in this season you can see Turkey’s leaves fall and change their color to orange, yellow, and golden. Very beautiful and natural. The colors of these leaves will be maximally beautiful in November.

One of the favorite places to enjoy fallen leaves in autumn is Yedigoller National Park in Bolu. You can find this park between your trips from Cappadocia to Istanbul.

( click on the image to enlarge )

No less interesting, Turkey can also spoil its visitors during winter.

Although there are actually many areas that can be visited, there are at least five areas that are popular for winter holidays in Turkey.

Winter in Turkey is synonymous with snow. This season is suitable for you to spend time skiing or just having fun with your family playing in the snow.

If your vacation time in Turkey is short, you might consider visiting ski resorts that are not far from Istanbul.

Of the several ski resorts, the most visited by tourists are those on Mount Uludag Bursa and those on Mount Erciyes Cappadocia.

( click on the image to enlarge )

From this little explanation, of course, we can conclude that at any time, whatever the season, we can have a vacation in Turkey.

And the good news is, we can use the 7 days 6 nights Turkey itinerary to arrange our holidays in Turkey.

Knowing when is the best time to vacation in Turkey is the most basic thing in planning your itinerary. From there you will be able to determine which tourist spots you will include in the itinerary, based on the season when you visit Turkey.
>> Read the full explanation here: The best time (month or season) to vacation in Turkey.

What can you see in 7 days in Turkey?

As explained in the previous section, every season in Turkey has its own uniqueness.

There are special spots offered for each season. Of course, to include these spots, adjustments need to be made to the Turkey itinerary 6 nights 7 days.

This 6 nights 7 days itinerary includes some most popular places in Turkey.

However, we see that from the many cities or tourist attractions in Turkey, some of which are superior, of course, must be included in a holiday Turkey itinerary.

And fortunately, the leading tourist destinations can be included in the 7 days 6 nights Turkey itinerary.

7 days is enough for a vacation in Turkey. With a good arrangement, you will be able to visit Turkey’s favorite highlights. Here are the popular cities you can see in 7 days in Turkey:

  • Istanbul.
  • Bursa.
  • Kusadasi.
  • Pamukkale.
  • Konya.
  • Cappadocia.
  • Ankara.

There are countless places to spend your vacation time in Istanbul Turkey.

Tourists sometimes not only visit tourist spots but sometimes they just staycation and enjoy a unique atmosphere like on Istiklal Street Istanbul Turkey.

There are also tourists who even make a one-week in Istanbul itinerary.

Then what do tourists usually do for the first time in Istanbul? Of course, they will look for the best hotel to stay in Istanbul.


This city is the largest city in Turkey. And even the largest in Europe with a population of more than 15 million residents.

Istanbul is ranked fifteenth for the largest city in the world.

The city, formerly known as Byzantium, is now the center of the economy, culture, and history of Turkey.

One of the uniqueness of Istanbul is that this city is located on two continents, namely Europe and Asia. Its separation is marked by the presence of the Bosphorus strait.

If you are traveling in Istanbul, make sure you take the Bosphorus Cruise. You will be able to see landmark buildings along the Bosphorus, complete with a unique atmosphere along the strait.

You can also consider staying at hotels in Istanbul that have sea views.
>> You can see the recommendations here: The best hotel in Istanbul with a sea view.

Data shows that in 2018 there were at least more than 13.4 million visitors to Istanbul. This situation has finally made Istanbul the European Capital Of Culture and Istanbul has been named the five most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Some of the famous places that you can visit in Istanbul are:

  • Hagia Sophia.
  • Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque).
  • Topkapi Palace.
  • Hippodrome Square.
  • Dolmabahce Palace.
  • Grand Bazaar.
  • Galata Tower.
  • Bosphorus Strait.
  • Basilica Cistern.

And especially during spring in Turkey, make sure you also visit the best tourist spot in Istanbul in April, namely Emirgan Park to witness the International Tulip flower festival which is only held once a year in Istanbul.

( click on the image to enlarge )

Here are some recommended things to do in Istanbul:


Bursa was the first major capital of the Ottoman empire between 1335 and 1363.

The city, which is the administrative center for Bursa province, is located in northwestern Turkey.

Bursa is the second-most populous city in the Marmara Region and the fifth most populous city in Turkey in general.

This city is one of the cities that have had good economic achievements in Turkey. Most of Turkey’s automotive production is on the Bursa.

But on the other hand, the city of Bursa also has its own charm so that it can attract many tourists to come to this city.

Bursa was formerly known as Yeşil Bursa or which means “Green Bursa”.

It is called by that term because there are many parks and forests around the city. One of them is Mount Uludag.

Mount Uludag turns out to be one of the magnets of the city of Bursa which can attract a lot of tourists, especially during winter in Turkey.

At the top of Uludag, there is a very famous ski resort.

Uludag Ski Resort is bustling with visitors who want to snow or ski. The location of the city of Bursa which is not far from Istanbul makes this ski resort the most visited by tourists in winter.

To get to the top of Uludag, you can use a cable car which you can access from the city of Bursa.

Apart from attractions such as ski resorts, you can also visit historical places here. Some of the Bursa famous places are:

  • Grand Mosque of Bursa (Bursa Ulucamii).
  • Bursa Green Mosque.
  • Green Tomb.
  • Close to the Green Tomb and Green Mosque, you can also visit the Silk Market where you can find Turkish quality silk products here.


Kusadasi is a large resort town located along Turkey’s Aegean coast. The location is very strategic because it is on the main route when we travel from Istanbul or Bursa to Pamukkale or Cappadocia.

The specialty of this city is that it is located on the seaside in the province of Aydin. 95 km south of Izmir and about 60 km from Aydin.

The famous beach in Kusadasi is Ladies Beach. It is not far from the city center. And this beach is often referred to as the main tourist attraction in Kusadasi.

Ladies Beach is one of the best beaches that you can visit during your summer vacation in Turkey.

So, if you want a summer vacation in Turkey, surely you can include Kusadasi in your summer Turkey travel itinerary.

Not far from Kusadasi, you can also find the ancient city of Ephesus.

This ancient Greek city was built in the 10th century BC. In the Classical Greek era, Ephesus was one of the twelve Ionian League cities.

Ephesus reached its peak when it was in the hands of the Roman Republic in 129 BC.

Until now, the ruins of the city are still visible, including the phenomenal Celcus Library and the Grand Theater.

Kusadasi has it all. Here you can witness history, beaches, family fun, and shopping experiences at the same time.

Kusadasi’s main industry is tourism. It will definitely be a priority if tourism-related properties get special attention here.

Most of the best hotels in Kusadasi already have international standards. It’s always a nice experience if you stay at one of the hotels.

>> Want to know more? Click here: Best places (top tourist attractions) to visit in Kusadasi.

Here are some recommended things to do in Kusadasi:


Holidays to Pamukkale is definitely an activity that many tourists who come to Turkey love to do, because here they can find a lot of unique tourist attractions and also history.

Pamukkale can be reached when we travel from Kusadasi to Cappadocia.

Pamukkale is a natural site in southwestern Turkey, precisely in Denizli, which is in the Aegean region.

In Turkish, Pamukkale means “cotton castle”. It is called this term because on this site you can see beautiful white pools like heaps of cotton.

“Cotton” is formed from the carbonate mineral content in the water in this area. The flowing water leaves carbonate minerals, and over time, the content becomes more and more so that it accumulates and forms the walls of the pool.

Here you can also find the ancient Greco-Roman city known as Hierapolis.

The city was once built on top of a travertine formation measuring 2,700 meters (8,860 ft) long, 600 meters (1,970 ft) wide, and 160 meters (525 ft) high.

Hierapolis can be seen from the hills behind the valley in the city of Denizli.

Thermal spring and its ancient city have proven to be able to attract lots of tourists to come to Pamukkale.

Tourism in Pamukkale has been formed thousands of years ago.

Pamukkale is declared a World Heritage Site.

Here are some recommended things to do in Pamukkale:


In the past, the Ottoman empire took over Konya from the leadership of the Karamanids in the 15th century. And after the Turkish War of Independence, Konya became part of the modern republic of Turkey.

Konya is a large city that is also the capital of Konya province in Turkey.

Konya is becoming a major city in south-central Turkey.

With its metropolitan population in excess of 2.2 million, making Konya the seventh most populous city in Turkey.

One of Konya’s attractions is that this city was once home to a Sufi figure, Jalaluddin Rumi, who is famous for his Whirling Dervishes.

Rumi used to teach and spread Sufi teachings where he is now buried, which is now known as the Mevlana Museum.

8 kilometers to the northwest of the Mevlana Museum, you can find the antique village, mosque, cave churches, and catacombs.

Konya is a clear proof of the combination of history, culture, and modernity in Turkey.

Here are some recommended things to do in Konya:


Everyone who is interested in Turkish tourism must be familiar with the name Cappadocia.

The attraction of Cappadocia is its unique atmosphere, where the majority of its buildings are made up of rock.

Cappadocia is a historical area in Central Anatolia, in the Nigde province of Turkey.

The name Cappadocia itself in its history was traditionally used often in Christian sources. The name continues to be used in its international tourism concept.

It is hoped that the name Cappadocia will give a clear picture of this area which is an extraordinary natural wonder, with its characteristics depicted from fairy chimneys and unique historical heritage.

Cappadocia is located in central Anatolia, which is now the heartland of Turkey.

The relief here consists of a high plateau with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.

Mount Erciyes is the highest at 3916 meters.

Today, Mount Erciyes is used for skiing in winter in Turkey.

Erciyes ski resort is one of the best tourist destinations for winter holidays in Turkey.

In the morning before sunrise, you can enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of Cappadocia from above by taking a hot air balloon. From this balloon, you can also watch the beautiful sunrise in Cappadocia.

There are a lot of things to do that you can explore here.

Some of the famous places in Cappadocia are Pasabag (Monks Valley), Pigeon Valley, Uchisar Castle, Devrent Valley, Fairy Chimneys, Derinkuyu Underground City, and much more.

The uniqueness of its geology, history, and culture is still the biggest magnet that can attract lots of people to come to Cappadocia.

( click on the image to enlarge )

Cappadocia is known for its unique atmosphere. Make sure you experience staying at one of the best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia.
>> You can see the best cave hotel recommendations here: The best hotels to stay in Cappadocia.

Here are some recommended things to do in Cappadocia:


Ankara is the capital of Turkey.

This city, which is in the central part of Anatolia, has a population of more than 4.5 million in its urban center, and more than 5.6 million in its Ankara province.

Ankara is the second-largest city in Turkey after Istanbul.

Apart from being the seat of the Turkish government, Ankara is also an important city that is home to many industries and commercials.

The leader of Turkey’s war of independence who is also Turkey’s first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is also buried in Ankara. You can find it at Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s mausoleum.

Here are some recommended things to do in Ankara:

Ankara is easily accessible from any part of Turkey. For those of you who are on vacation in Turkey, you can stop in Ankara when you travel overland from Cappadocia to Istanbul.

The Turkey itinerary 6 nights 7 days visiting Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Konya, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, and Bursa.

Planning the Turkey itinerary requires paying attention to important things such as the distance between cities that you want to visit while on vacation in Turkey.

Turkey is a very big country.

It turns out that to visit one city to another in Turkey can take a long time. And even when you are on vacation in Turkey, you need to move around the city and stay overnight in that city.

In fact, there are some cities that are more comfortable when visited by domestic flights.

In our opinion, a holiday in Turkey for one week is the most effective time.

With the 7 days 6 nights Turkey tour package itinerary, you can already visit top tourist destinations in Turkey.

Here is an itinerary idea that you can use for a vacation in Turkey for seven days and six nights:

Day 1: Istanbul – Ankara – Cappadocia.

Today is the first day you will start your tour in Turkey.

If you come from abroad, you could just look for flights that landed early this morning. Or it could be that you landed the day before so that today you won’t be in a hurry.

If you land in Istanbul at night, you might consider looking for a hotel near Istanbul Airport.

Today you are not going to tour in Istanbul yet.

Today you will take a road trip to Cappadocia via the city of Ankara.

In Ankara you can visit Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Mausoleum.

At certain times, if you are lucky you can see the change of guard by soldiers at the mausoleum. The changing of the guard ceremony can be an interesting thing that you can see here.

After finishing the Ataturk mausoleum, you can continue your journey to Cappadocia.

Close to Cappadocia, you can visit Salt Lake.

The lake which has an area of ​​1,665 square kilometers is the second largest in Turkey, and one of the largest hypersaline lakes in the world.

Arriving at Cappadocia, you will be treated to a unique view that you can only find here.

Today you spend the night in Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is known for its unique atmosphere.
Highly recommended for you to stay at one of the best Cappadocia cave hotels.

Day 2: Cappadocia.

This second day is one of the most eagerly awaited in this Turkey tour itinerary.

Today you have the opportunity to ride the Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia.

Usually, the hot air balloon provider will pick you up at the hotel where you are staying. You will be picked up early in the morning before sunrise.

By riding a hot air balloon, you will witness the unique atmosphere of Cappadocia from above. At the same time, you can also enjoy the sunrise from the balloon.

After taking the Cappadocia hot air balloon, you will be escorted back to the hotel.

At the hotel, you can have breakfast and get ready for a tour in Cappadocia today.

Today you can visit leading tourist attractions in Cappadocia such as the underground city of Cappadocia, Goreme panoramic, Goreme Open Air Museum, panoramic Uchisar Castle, and beautiful valleys in Cappadocia such as Devrent Valley.

If you also like to explore local products, in Cappadocia you might consider visiting a handmade carpet factory, a Turquoise agate craft, or a Cappadocia ceramic craft shop.

Today you will still spend the night in Cappadocia.

Day 3: Cappadocia – Pamukkale.

Today you will continue your journey to Pamukkale.

Depending on the route taken, the distance between Pamukkale and Cappadocia is 650 km with a road trip of approximately 7 hours 44 minutes.

The good news, this route passes through the city of Konya which is famous for its Silk Route.

You need to know, Silk Route is a historical trade route that stretches from Asia to the Mediterranean. More precisely, this trade route that lasted from the second century BC to the 14th century AD passed through countries such as China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Italy.

This historical trade route became known as the Silk Route because silk was the most traded commodity at that time.

One of the witnesses of this Silk Road that you can visit is Sultan Han Caravanserai.

This place was a resting place for merchants at that time.

Here later you can see the very magnificent main entrance portal, the square mosque, the kitchen, the rooms, and also the resting place for the traders’ horses.

After finishing here, you can continue the journey to Konya.

In Konya, you can visit the Mevlana Museum.

Mevlana Museum is a witness to how Jalaluddin Rumi used to teach and spread Sufi teachings. One of the famous ones is his Whirling Dervishes.

Today you spend the night in Pamukkale.

Day 4: Pamukkale – Kusadasi.

Today you will continue your tour in Pamukkale.

Here you can visit Cotton Castle and also the ancient city of Hierapolis.

Cotton Castle and Hierapolis are still in the same complex.

You can soak in the pools. It is believed that the water’s carbonate mineral content can cure various diseases.

The water here is warm. You can relax for a while and let go of fatigue here.

After that, you can walk for a while and see the ancient city of Hierapolis.

After walking in Pamukkale, you can continue your journey to Kusadasi.

As explained above, there a lot of things to see in Kusadasi Turkey. One of the most popular is an ancient city named Ephesus.

In Ephesus, you can see a phenomenal building which until now you can still see the front building complete with pillars that still stand majestically, namely the Celsus library.

Still in Ephesus, you can see the Grand Theater. This theater used to be the entertainment center for the people of Ephesus. They used to be able to see entertainment shows and gladiator fights here.

In Ephesus, you can see how the Greek gods were depicted here.

Besides that, you can also see how Ephesus, which reached its peak in Roman times, already had a very good city layout.

Today you spend the night in Kusadasi.

>> A few tips for you, considering that Kusadasi is one of the best resort cities in Turkey, there are many good and international class hotels here. It will be a pleasant experience if you can stay at one of the recommended hotels in Kusadasi.

Day 5: Kusadasi – Bursa.

Today you will continue your journey from Kusadasi to Bursa via the city of Izmir.

Arriving at Bursa, you can visit the landmark of this city, namely the Ulucamii Bursa Grand Mosque.

This grand mosque has a unique story behind its construction.

On top of this mosque, there are 20 domes where each dome is the number of wars won by the Ottoman sultan (the first Sultan Bayezid) who led at that time.

The interior of this mosque is unique and beautiful. You can see lots of calligraphy for the holy verses of the Quran here.

The Grand Mosque in Bursa is often also known as the Calligraphy Mosque.

Not far from the Great Mosque of Bursa, you can also visit the Green Mosque and Green Tomb.

Green Tomb is the mausoleum of the fifth Ottoman Sultan, namely Sultan Mehmed I. This place was built by the son of Mehmed.

The Green Tomb is the final resting place for Sultan Mehmed I’s family.

If you visit Bursa during winter or around December, January, February, or March, then you should take your time to visit Uludag Ski Resort in Bursa Turkey.

From Bursa city, you can take a cable car until you reach the ski resort.

Uludag Ski Resort is one of the most visited ski resorts in Turkey. Its easy access makes this ski resort popular as the best ski resort close to Istanbul.

Today you spend the night at Bursa.

When you visit Bursa in winter, for the best experience, you can consider staying at a hotel that is close to the ski resort.
>> You can see the recommendations here: The best hotels in Bursa.

Day 6: Bursa – Istanbul.

Today you will continue your journey from Bursa to Istanbul.

Bursa and Istanbul are not too far away. You can reach Istanbul by road trip and it only takes about two hours.

Istanbul is a great place to explore culture and modernity.

Culture and modernity can go hand in hand in Istanbul.

In Istanbul, you can visit important places such as the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome Square, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.

Don’t forget to get on the Bosphorus Cruise too.

By taking this boat you can see how the Bosphorus strait separates Istanbul into two continents, namely Europe and Asia.

While sailing you can see important buildings, as well as the luxurious atmosphere along the Bosphorus strait.

Today you spend the night in Istanbul.

There are many hotel criteria that are commonly used for tourists to determine their place to stay in Istanbul.
Most of them choose 5-star hotels in Istanbul, hotels close to Istanbul Airport, hotels that are located in the Sultanahmet area, hotels that are located on the European side of Istanbul, hotels that have a sea view, and there are several other criteria.
>> Do you want to know the hotels? Click here: Recommended hotels in Istanbul Turkey.

Day 7: Istanbul.

Today is the last day of the tour in the 7-day Turkey itinerary.

And today you can still walk around Istanbul.

Today if you still want to visit good places in Istanbul, you can consider places like Galata Tower, Galata Bridge, Camlica Hill, Basilica Cistern, or you can spend time on Istiklal Street.

Istiklal Street or also known as Istiklal Avenue is one of the most famous places in Istanbul Turkey.

It is recorded that at least 3 million people visit Istiklal Street every day. And even more at the weekend.

The avenue which has a length of about 1.4 kilometers is an elegant pedestrian street. Around it, you can find buildings in the late Ottoman era, complete with boutiques, music shops, art galleries, bookstores, cinemas, galleries, cafes, pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, historic patisseries, and much more.

Our advice, make the most of this last day in Istanbul.

Everyone may have different decisions about where they spend their last day in Istanbul. Everyone has different backgrounds and interests.

If you are from abroad, and on the last day you will fly back to your country, of course, you have to pay attention to your flight schedule.

Make sure you have enough time to reach the airport in Istanbul, according to your flight ticket.

To make your transportation easier to Istanbul Airport, on the 6th day of the 7-day Turkey tour itinerary you can also consider staying at a hotel in Istanbul that has an airport shuttle service.

A note that you might consider: To save time, you can use a domestic flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

The distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is far.

When viewed on Google Maps, the distance between Istanbul and Cappadocia is around 753 km – 759 km depending on which route you are going to use.

Road trip from Istanbul To Cappadocia can spend time about 7 hours 45 minutes and even it can take longer.

Image source: Google Maps. Click on the image to view it directly via Google Maps.(https://goo.gl/maps/VmzfwEA17CuyYtFB9)

Even though the distance is far and the travel time is long, the advantage is that you can stop in Ankara on your way from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

However, many travelers prefer to use domestic flights to reach Cappadocia from Istanbul. They preferred to have a longer time in Cappadocia, rather than spending their time on the road trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia.

The flight duration is relatively fast, you only need about 1 hour 20 minutes. And there are many scheduled flights in a day.

For your reference, here is a list of domestic flights from Istanbul to Cappadocia. Click on the link provided to get more complete flight details.

Now it’s all up to you. There are two options that you can use to get to Cappadocia from Istanbul, namely by land travel or using domestic flights.

Conclusion: Turkey itinerary for 6 nights 7 days exploring favourite places in Istanbul, Ankara, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Kusadasi, and Bursa.

This Turkey itinerary of 6 nights 7 days can be a reference or idea to determine your vacation plan while in Turkey, especially for you who are visiting Turkey for the first time.

This itinerary is also great for those of you who are visiting Turkey for the first time.

Turkey itinerary 7 days is the perfect duration to travel in Turkey. Time is not too short, but also not too long when compared to Turkey itinerary of 8 days, 10 days, or even 14 days.

And the good news is, with this itinerary you can already visit top tourist spots in Turkey.

As explained in the previous section, Turkey is a big country. Tourist attractions are also scattered in cities in Turkey.

So when you are going to determine your Turkey travel itinerary, you have to pay attention to the distances between the cities you will visit.

This 7 days 6 nights itinerary is suitable for all season in Turkey.

You need to make some itinerary adjustments, according to what season you are on vacation in Turkey.

For example, suppose you are going on a winter vacation in Turkey. It would be better if you include Uludag Ski Resort in Bursa in your itinerary.

Or, for example, if you are going on vacation in Turkey in spring, then you can include Emirgan National Park in Istanbul on your itinerary. Emirgan Park is the best tourist attraction in Istanbul during the spring break. It is the center of the International Tulip Festival which is held in April each year.

Or another example, let’s say you’re going on a summer vacation in Turkey. In this Turkey travel itinerary, you will visit Kusadasi where this city is a large resort city in Turkey. Make sure you also visit Ladies Beach, one of the best Kusadasi tourist attractions, which turns out to be one of the best beaches in Turkey that can be visited in summer.

Still on the same occasion, which is summer, you can also consider visiting the top beaches in Istanbul.

Besides that, you also need to pay attention to the time in Turkey.

Winter tends to have a shorter daylight time compared to other seasons. So maybe it will be more comfortable if you travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia using domestic flights.

Whenever the time, whatever the season, is the best time to visit Turkey. Write down all the tips and holiday guides in Turkey, and get ready to feel a memorable vacation here.

Make this Turkey itinerary 6 nights 7 days your reference for determining your vacation plans in Turkey.

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